Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zits

I thankfully did not have much of a problem with acne as a teenager. But I still had this notion that once I reached adulthood, I would magically never get zits again.

I get more zits now than I ever did in high school. And they are no longer limited to my face. I've gotten random tiny ones on my arms and chest. I've gotten the shoulder ones (usually in summer) and every time one of those pops up, I go into a blind panic, Viking Roomie's words ringing in my ears from the times she got pimples on her shoulder ("ONLY FAT PEOPLE GET BACNE!!").

The zits seem partial to my jawline. You know what happens when a person with no willpower gets a zit on their neck? That person MUST pop it (sewing needles work best), and because zits are assholes, that person will end up looking like they got bitten by a vampire.

Do y'all know how hard it is to cover up little scabs with foundation? And do y'all know how impossible it is to NOT pick those scabs?? 



  1. PCOS = Never-ending battle with acne (and backne, and everywhereelsecne). I have access to Real Needles and antiseptics, but I still end up looking like I've taken buckshot to the face. And I still pick them :/ Oh well, it contributes to my apparent look of eternal youth.

  2. I had pretty bad acne as a teenager. Although I grew out of it, parts of me more closely resemble the surface of the moon than a human being. NASA are still planning to send a couple of rovers to explore me.

    1. P.S. Well done on finishing the challenge!

  3. I NEVER EVER got zits on my back, shoulders, neck, or chest until I went off birth control 2 years ago. Now it's a constant battle. :(

  4. Life WILL find a way to get you. I had almost no pimples through puberty, 20's, 30's, etc., but life saw fit to toss me a case of chicken pox when I was 46. I'm still blessed, because the scars that were left on my face and neck are (at least, according to MY WIFE) utterly invisible to everyone who is not me, but I see them whenever I shave and I go "Sigh..."

  5. I get them along my hairline under my work hat, where sweat collects.

    Also along cheeks where the helmet presses in summer.

    Fucking disgusting.


  6. Oh, Mich, i am so sorry you are sooooooo sad, So am i.Life sucks, diesn't it? i don't know what to do either. Should you and i and Peri grab hands and jump in to the Home for the such, no booze there!

  7. I had really bad acne in early highschool. It wasn't until sophmore year that I finally found a regimen that helped clear my face up. But I was also promised no zits after a certain age and nearing 30 (okay I'm going to be 27 but still) you'd think they would be a thing of the past. But no! Here they are and like you sometimes I get them places other than my face =S

  8. P.S.
    I could do some limited potplant gardening stuff, but I'm only really good at growing shit in my local climate/ecology zone. Fucked if I know what grows in NY/NJ. Garden shop people MIGHT be able to help, depends on how much they're paid to know. Your best bet is to google-fu the fuck out of it or find a local grandparenty type person with a vege garden and bribe them to take you on as apprentice to their Sith Lord. (The older they are, the more experience they tend to have. Plus that generation dealt with the Depression and HAD to learn to grow their own food as much as they could or starve)

    BLANKET UPDATE: 2 more strips to go, then its sewing time. Dralion has already been softening it and adding cat hair as I work on the bits, and I accidentally knitted in a strand of hair that was still attached to my head. It's not in the blanket (or my head) any more ^.^; Thats what I get for watching Sherlock while I knit >.<

    Take care up there, DragonMich!

  9. My back is an absolute disaster for this. And it's even worse because with my long arms I can reach back and pick at the scabs.

    And due to my increased workout regiment, I've been paying more attention to what I've done to my back over the years and I am appalled.

  10. i miss you so much Mixh. We must under the same dannm sufferining depression. i know,because my mom just "YELLED" at me to go to be ay 52 Fuck my life!


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