Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Inch Worms

Spring should be a time of flowers and new life and sneezing fits. But for me, spring is a time of terror. A time of becoming a total shut-in. Of never leaving the house without a massive umbrella even when it's sunny.

Especially when it's sunny.

Why, you may ask?

Because in spring, inchworms start falling out of the trees.
[I tried finding photos of this, but the google image search made me feel a bit nauseous so sorry but no]

Guys seriously. You don't understand how awful this is. I have a worm phobia, and it is ten times worse than all of my other weird phobias and pet peeves. In spring I have to deal with WORMS RAINING FROM THE F*CKING SKY. And this can go on for half of the summer.

I would rather it rained spiders. I would rather it rained cheese. I would rather it rained fecking Kevin Bacon if that meant it would stop raining worms.

So cheers to staying indoors for the next 4 months.


  1. It's raining Kevin Bacon, halleujah! I'm gonna go out and let myself get ABSOLUTELY SOAKING WET!

  2. I wouldn't mind if it rained jelly beans

  3. I haven't seen an inch worm storm in years, but I know what you mean, bit I would prefer them to a spider storm.

    Funny...sorry to laugh at your phobia, but raining Kevin Bacon is is Addman's comment.

  4. I never realised these were a thing, and now I just feel bad for anyone who has to deal with them. Trees? Yes. Worms falling from them? NOPE.

  5. I used to think those things were cute until one bit me. THEY BITE, MICH.

  6. Once when it rained? I opened the garage door? And an earthworm fell in my hair.


  7. Okay, that would just creep me out. I don't want worms or anything else falling out of trees on me.

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  8. Oh, Dear Mich, your blog gives me hope i am the fattest i have ever been, but i can always come here for a smile and a story.........thank you, sweetie. :)

  9. I could go with the cheese thing... as long as it isn't Limburger.

  10. Worms raining from the trees. . . NOT COMING DURING THAT TIME OF YEAR,

    And will never force you to go see titiwai with me :)


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