Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas ... with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.

Living with mental illness often feels like trying to find your way out of a haunted house at a carnival, only no one told you that the haunted house has no exit. Some days are just

(Of course, sometimes that's my own fault.)

My drug dealer took me off of Lexapro because I was experiencing pretty much all of the bad side effects. He put me on Zoloft instead. I think it's working. Sort of. Mostly it has gifted me with a Nothing Box of my very own, a thing which God has denied us women. The Nothing Box is my favourite thing ever. Now instead of my brain feeling like an internet browser with 65985874748 tabs open at the same time, I can settle into a comfortable state of zero brain activity.

Follow up appointment with the drug dealer in two weeks. I'm hoping he increases the dosage.


  1. Exactly Mich!
    It's so hard to explain mental illness
    But I think you hit the nail on the head

    I hope the new meds work out
    My own drug dealer is away at the moment
    He thinks we will be reducing my meds when he gets back
    But I've decided he's off his head
    And I need my meds x

  2. Hope the Zoloft helps. My ex-wife used to say, "you have no idea how hard it is to live in this head!" What she didn't realize was how hard it was to live with her, given what was in her head.

    Your cartoon is a riot! Keep your sense of humor.

  3. i hope the Zoloft works for you better at a higher dose.

    i love you so much... oh! i just noticed the spiffy autumn background. was this always there? because i was sure it was more pink before. and i was pretty sure you were in a beach. seasonal changes, my love? that's so cute.

    dear God, i love you.

    -Sam Lupin

  4. I love your comics. I can just imagine me demonically screaming "YEEESSSS!" when I've forgotten my meds.
    I hope the Zoloft helps. As long as it's not causing negative side effects, that's an improvement. I had a bad reaction to Prozac when I was a kid and holy shit, it put me off antidepressants for years.


  5. I. Would. KILL. for a nothing box.

    Closest I've come are good books and the Nintendo games of my childhood (though the Nintendo box involves very sweaty hands and occasional yelling).

  6. I remember Zoloft. It made me go into bipolar disorder - then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Both BP and hypothyroidism together were fun - it felt like those meds killed my thyroid. Now I just treat thyroid disorder. I'm healthier, but some days I still do feel depressed. I wouldn't go back on those medications again, though... it wreaked havoc on my thyroid.

    I hope you have luck with Zoloft! Sometimes I do miss the nothing box!

    1. Oh my dear Mich, I wish I could tell you I feel exactly the same way, but that would'nt
      be fair life sucks in so many different ways wish I jknew what to say except please feel better and I love you! Cuddle your kitrties! I love you!

  7. It's good to hear that things are better!

  8. I hope the zoloft works wonders for you. I think Samantha Ronson said she was glad for hers. No I'm not obsessed with her still hey why are you looking in my closet there is nothing to see here LA LA LA :p

  9. So, I can load up and drive to Vegas? Sounds better than driving to the Jersey Shore.
    On many levels.

  10. I like how you refer to them as your drug dealer. Unless you actually aren't on prescription meds and you're hiding it from us. Which I doubt. I hope the new pills do a better job. It sucks the old ones got taken away from you, especially because it was because of all the bad side effects. Also, you make an adorable giant monster that destroys cities.

  11. -love the quote at the top. It's been a long while since I read that book. May the drugs do their thing, in a good way! Also: the look on the pinky zilla's face in the fourth panel is priceless.

  12. I need to stop my brain from thinking too. I will take your drug advice to my next psych meeting, I would like to be empty, yes I do.

  13. Is Lexapro the fun one that enlarges your pupils? Scary look.

  14. This is one of the coolest blogs I have ever seen. You can't see, but I'm giving you a standing ovation right now.

  15. Would love a follow up on how the zoloft is treating you.

  16. Whenever I take medication I always seem to get the bad side effects. Never the good, like, you know, it actually working. Glad to hear the Zoloft is working for you. The Nothing Box - it's pretty great, yeah?

  17. I just giggled out loud at the final picture. YES! What of it?

    Also, hope the new meds help. :(


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