Friday, September 20, 2013

You know, when I heard that Eddie was pregnant, I told her to abort! ABORT, ABORT, ABORT!

Some sneak-peek photos of the apartment (I'm not done decorating, and I am still in desperate need of more furniture):
the kitchen and living room, and the candles in my fireplace
And a close-up of the fireplace, because I rule:


....I wasn't going to post this because I was kind of ranty and ravey when I wrote it, but I feel the need to say it.

Recently someone insisted on getting into an argument with me about abortion.

I don't like arguing. I especially do not like arguing about that kind of subject matter (where everyone has a very strong opinion and an equally strong belief that their opinion is infallible).

I am not pro-choice. I am not pro-life either. I am pro-we-should-never-have-had-the-need-to-invent-this-in-the-first-place.

But of course it's a bit late for that.

I guess I am also both pro-choice and pro-life. There are very valid points in the arguments for and against them, and I have seen extreme cases on both sides.

I know someone who was raped and had an abortion and felt totally fine with it and has since also gotten past the rape. I know someone else whose mother almost aborted him after she was raped, but changed her mind at the last minute, and his father (his mother's husband) has always treated him like a son and they have a great relationship, and his mom also managed to heal from it and accept him as her son and not her rapist's son.

I know someone who had an abortion because she had to choose between treating her leukemia or having a baby, and she ended up beating the leukemia and now many years later has 3 happy, healthy children and is still healthy herself. One of my best friends (since we were babies)

 is the daughter of a woman who was encouraged by all her doctors to get an abortion so she could begin chemo for her breast cancer. She refused, because she wanted her baby. She died only a few months after my friend was born.

I know several people who have had multiple abortions because they refuse to use condoms or go on the pill (this makes me so angry I can barely form words).  I know a girl who had an abortion because a pregnancy would have disrupted her plans of joining the army (which was the only way she would be able to go to college) and even though she had been totally ok with it and had considered all her options, she ended up sinking into an epic depression afterwards. 

I had a friend in college who got pregnant and her family kept telling her abortion was murder, but she was manic-depressive (among several other things), in an abusive relationship, and anyone who knew her could have told you that she would not have been mentally able to carry a child for 9 months and then give it away. She was already suicidal. So she had the abortion, and now over ten years later she is in a healthy relationship with a nice guy, and seems to be managing her emotional issues pretty well.

There isn't one right answer to this debate.

Do I want kids? F*CK NO. But could I have an abortion? Probably not. WHICH IS WHY WE USE CONDOMS AND BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. Or in some cases, the morning after pill, because accidents do happen, and there really is no need for them to turn into accidents that lead to you begging Lil Sis to push you down the stairs several months later.

In the cases of things like treating serious illnesses, that is no one's choice except the woman who MIGHT DIE if she does not have the abortion. 

And as for rape cases, it is my opinion that anyone who has not been raped should shut the fuck up.

Ok I'm done.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Take a moment to stop and listen to this song. All of it. (It is crucial that you experience the whole thing. Also it's only a minute and forty seconds long).

Because the Shack Shakers have managed to take my entire personality and sum it up in a song in less than two minutes.


...well, not so much for the actual moving of stuff. Harry Potter needs to get over here like now and vanish all my things to the new apartment. 

Or I could do what my friend M suggested and tell the Make a Wish Foundation that I'm dying and all I've ever wanted is for John Cena to move my furniture. 

I feel like I'd go straight to hell for that.

Will hopefully be meeting some kitties over the next few days. I want Harleyquinn to have a friend her own age, so she's not lonely at home alone all day. I have already named the cat and I don't even have it yet (Poison Ivy).

Harley's excited!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

you're looking happily deranged

I am about to complain. (Just be forewarned...)

I don't understand how the music industry reached the point it is at today.

Actually no, I do understand. The people making the decisions that end with Taylor Swift getting spewed all over the airwaves like projectile noisevomit just want to make money. They don't give a crap what they're selling, because it sells. Like you can just grab any post-lobotomied schizophrenic out of the nearest state run funny farm, throw her in a cheap hooker's wardrobe and make her repeat a bunch of nonsensical syllables that rhyme and BAM your record company is now making millions.
(Don't even get me f*cking started on Rihanna. Back to Taylor Swift.)

MY POINT here is that Taylor Swift cannot sing.

Like I don't get how she got so popular.

She can't sing.

At all.

Tarja can sing.

(Why the multitudes are not gathering around her to worship her and rejoice I will never know.)

Dolores O'Riordan can sing.

Taylor Swift cannot sing. Her voice is the equivalent of a jackhammer drilling straight into the eardrum.

AND SHE IS NOT A MF COUNTRY SINGER. Her music is not even remotely similar to country music. These are country singers:

Seriously I got all excited a few weeks ago when a friend told me we have a country station here now (we used to have a legit one years ago, but it was replaced, like all the other good stations, with rap and/or Spanish music). So I found it

and it's not bloody country music. It's Taylor Swift and Keith Urban and all those other a-holes who like calling themselves country when they are just pop singers who think they can sing and play a guitar at the same time and that makes them country singers.


Also I realize this is old news now, but wtf is the big deal with the Miley Cyrus thing?? I mean yeah it was ridiculous and the facial expressions on Will Smith's family were priceless

But singers have been getting up to these sorts of shenanigans for decades.

Remember when people were getting all worked up over Marilyn Manson?

(His music may have sucked towards the end, but he still puts on a damn good show.)

Everyone gets all up in arms because Miley is hardly wearing any clothes and dancing like a stripper (that kind of sums up the entire pop music industry, no?). Honestly when I watched that video, I was way more disturbed by the lyrics of that dude's song. It sounds like he's admitting that ass-raping women is one of his fav pastimes. 

(Also, what in the hell is twerking and when did it become a thing??)

News flash--people like Miley Cyrus do those sorts of things to make money. Anyone else notice that Lady Gaga has kind of disappeared? It's because she's not out and about being completely over the top ridiculous in front of cameras in her meat suit.

Lol the song that just came up on my Spotify says: "you won't find no country on country radio."

Spotify is like the greatest thing ever. I'm not exactly up to date with all these new fangled internets things, but I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Spotify. It is how I discovered the Pine Box Boys.


(actually it's closer to bluegrass, but you get my point.)

(Taylor Swift sucks. That is all.)

....also just found out I GOT THE APARTMENT.   :D :D :D