Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Boots That Should Not Cost $150.00

Last winter, Lil Sis insisted that she absolutely positively had to have a pair of good rain boots. And she proceeded to spend $150.00 of Mum's well earned money on a pair of wellies.


I didn't find out they cost $150.00 until Lil Sis shouted at me when I borrowed them to do some gardening, and got them muddy.

They're wellies. As kids, we had closets full of wellies, and none of them belonged to anyone in particular--you just grabbed a pair and the slowest person got stuck with the crap wellies that had holes in the bottom. You can get a pair of wellies down the shops for $15.00. But because someone stuck that little logo on them, people pay $150.00 and call it fashion.


I feel like this is false advertising. Wellies are not for looking trendy. They're for gallivanting around in the bogs and farming and herding your sheep. They should opt for a more honest ad campaign I think.

I am so getting sued for this.


  1. Yes, wellies have been fashionable here for a few years. Hunters are the worst, since they are just normal wellies with "Hunter" on them, and they charge three-figure sums. I don't get it myself.

    Over here people have started wearing those jelly sandals you used to wear at the beach, with socks. As adults. It's a shameful state of affairs.

  2. they're HUNTER, its like the Gucci of wellies !!!

  3. Dang it - I think the comment I left imploded. What I was TRYING to say was that I totally agree. I purchased a stylie pair of rain boots with pretty graphics all over them (I live in the Portland area, I guess that's my excuse) and they weren't cheap. After 5 wears, the rubber started to crack and fall off the boot lining! Turds. I'll be buying $15 rubber boots from the hardware store from now on.

  4. "another wet summer." i cannot with the innuendo in this.
    "But because someone stuck that little logo on them, people pay $150.00 and call it fashion." that's it. that's life. this is it.
    are we just going to ignore the HUGE PERFECT POTATO AT THE BOTTOM PICTURE are we

    -Sam Lupin

  5. Yeah, there's really no point in spending so much money on shoes that you buy specifically for walking in the mud. I mean, really. They're going to get ruined either way.

  6. As a woman who happens to love shoes...I still wouldn't spend that much on a pair of them! Great post and good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  7. I guess if I wanted a pair that bad I'd buy them but...

  8. So people are wearing them out and about, when there's no need to be wearing them? Ridiculous! I mean, even when it's raining heavily, it's not like wellies are the only things that'll keep your feet reasonably dry.
    Also, in Australia we call them 'gum boots'. The first time I heard them called 'wellies' it was just like wtf?

  9. I think I paid $30 for mine, and the only reason I went that steep is because they are plain bright red rain boots and I have wanted exactly that for as long as I can remember, but didn't find a pair til my mid-20s. I don't wear them much, but they're holding up well.


    I WANT TO SEE THAT POTATO MADE INTO CHIPS!!!!!!!!!! I want a potato chip the size of a spare tire.

  10. $150. . . on a pair of gumboots.



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