Thursday, February 25, 2016


Book 4 is done. 

Things are somewhat better since Monday. I have a pretty long list of places I'm checking out over the next few days. Driving up for dinner with Drummerboy tonight after work, and then seeing 2 apartments in Central Valley, which is NOT Newburgh. :)

I have also quit smoking. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Mishmash of Drama and Mommy Issues.

Not much of a fun mishmash this Monday, I'm afraid. Too many angry and upset and depressed feels.

I had an amazing weekend. Drummerboy and I went for nice long walks both Saturday and Sunday. We had dinner Saturday night and went to see some live music. Later Sunday afternoon, we watched one of my all time favourite movies (Stardust).

When I left Dad's to drive down to see a friend for her birthday so me and M. could take her to dinner, I was in such a happy place I was singing opera in the car.

And then my f***ing mother ruined it.

Since I usually return to hell Bergen County in the late afternoon, I texted Mumsy to let her know I would be home later than usual, because we were taking Mel out to dinner for her birthday. The following bullshit ensued:

After she accused me of lying, I got too flustered to type, so I pulled over and called her. I was also too flustered to even form coherent sentences. I tried to explain that I was really confused as to why she needed me to call and tell her I was coming home a little later than usual, which is when she denied ever receiving the text message informing her of same. 

Then she started yelling and said I'm taking advantage of her, she will not be watching my cats on the weekend anymore, and then she hung up on me, leaving me kind of stunned for a few moments before I started crying hysterically.

I know I'm asking a lot for her to feed my cats on the weekends (I think? I personally don't think opening a couple tins of cat food twice a day is a lot, but okay....).

I also ask her EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY if she is absolutely sure she doesn't mind feeding my cats for the weekend, and thank her profusely for looking after them, and try to insist that she tell me if there is ever a weekend she doesn't feel like doing it.

If she refuses to take care of Harley and Ivy, I can't spend the weekends at dad's. Dad is allergic to cats, so I can't bring them (plus I think it would stress the kitties out a lot more if they're being carted from one house to another twice a week).

This means I can't play in the band at church anymore, which is one of the only two things currently keeping me from shooting myself in the f**king face. (The other thing being Drummerboy, who also lives up there and who I'd have to see much less if I can't stay overnight at dad's Friday to Sunday.)

So poor Mel and M. had to deal with me being a soggy weepy mess in the middle of the restaurant when we were supposed to be celebrating Mel's birthday.

I need to get out of my mother's house. Like now. This leaves me with one option as far as finding an apartment I can afford, and finding one fast.


Newburgh, NY, the Murder Capital of New York State.

I'm going to see a few apartments this coming weekend. Hopefully I won't get shot.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

I feel like I have a social life now sort of

Drummerboy is back :D :D :D

I did some serious anxiety shopping today, since he did not get back to me immediately when I called him after band practice. It all turned out well in the end, because right after I spent an enormous amount of money in Kohl's, he asked if I wanted to go out tonight.

So I'm wearing my fabulous new bra (he won't see that, but still it makes me look very shapely and I enjoy it), and new shirt and sweater.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend. <3

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Blob.

Do y'all believe in ghosts? I do. I didn't until I met M. and began spending a considerable amount of time in his house, but when some unseen presence is frequently throwing things across the room and slamming doors, you kind of have to accept it when there is no scientific explanation for it. 

In Philadelphia, at the corner of Broad and Pine Streets, there is a very old building that currently houses freshmen at the University of the Arts. Prior to this, it was a "school" for the deaf (read: asylum), and was also supposedly a "home" for fallen women (probably an even worse asylum). So prior to it becoming a college dorm, the building was probably not a place where you would have wanted to find yourself residing. 

On the second floor of one of the wings, at 6.00 every single morning, you would hear a door slam and footsteps running down the hallway. 

In my friend's room on the third floor, you could hear what sounded like someone tapping their nails on the window in the living room (yours truly got to discover that in the dead of night while trying to sleep on the couch). Their bathroom sink was also constantly getting turned on full blast when there was no one in the bathroom. And my personal fav? When you were sitting on her toilet, you could hear whispering coming from the direction of the bathtub. 

Another friend once saw a man standing in her bedroom doorway--a man whose clothing did not look like it belonged in the 20th century. When she stopped freaking out and went to investigate, there was no one in her bedroom or living room or kitchen, and the door remained locked. 

One apartment on the first floor got so bad they gave up trying to make people live in it and just used it for storage. 

My 2 roommates and I lived on the top floor. Most people think "dorms" and imagine a shoebox with a shared public bathroom down the hall. Not at the University of the Arts. There were a few studios, but in all the dorm buildings, most of the housing was 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with their own bathrooms and kitchens. Mine was a one-bedroom, and because we were in the top floor of that nice old building, we had the super high vaulted ceilings and skylights. 

We also had The Blob. 

At first we took no notice of it. Just a stain on the ceiling or something. Until

Psycho-Roomie and I shrugged it off, but not Supermodel-Roomie. She kept track of The Blob every day, and it was indeed moving about the room. 

If something does not have an explanation but keeps happening anyway and is not doing any harm, I have the ability to keep shrugging it off. Yes, The Blob was moving around on a daily basis; no, we never actually saw it moving; and yes, it was very strange; but it wasn't causing any of us harm; so I really didn't care about it. But Supermodel-Roomie could not just let it go. 

She tried using a super zoom lens on my video camera to get a closer look at it, but as luck would have it, all three times she tried to do this, The Blob had relocated to the highest and darkest part of the ceiling. All we could see was that it was in fact a black blob of....... something.

Then one day I came home from class and

A week later, I came home to find Supermodel-Roomie pushing the refrigerator across the bedroom, positioning it directly underneath The Blob. She had also made a long chain of wire hangers. 

She climbed onto the fridge and proceeded to jab The Blob with the wire hangers.

It wouldn't budge. Like it had been superglued to the ceiling. Supermodel-Roomie said it felt--as well as she could tell through the wire hangers--almost rubbery. She kept poking it, determined to pry it off of the ceiling, but eventually she had to admit defeat. 

The next day, The Blob had relocated to directly above Supermodel-Roomie's bed. She slept on the sofa that night. 

So The Blob continued to move around and Supermodel-Roomie continued to glare at it for the rest of the year, but she gave up trying to get it off the ceiling. We never figured out what it was. I'm tempted to go visit the dorms and see if it's still there....

What about the rest of you? Share some fun ghost stories!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quickly, summon forth some bitches from Accounting for a pansexual adventure THROUGH TIME!

Happy Valentines Day, kids. 

You know in all my 31 years, I have only ONCE had a valentine on Valentines Day (2003). I might have had one this year, but he's in the mf Caribbean. >:(

I'm not that bothered, to be honest. I've never been one for romancey stuff. But I made him a card anyway:

M. and I are going to the cinema to see the new Coen Brothers movie and then have dinner, so for me that is a Valentines Day well spent. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Sometimes all you need is the ridiculous logic of a very small child.

Y'all might remember that this past Halloween, I attended the church party dressed as Elsa.

Pretty much all of the smaller children were super excited about this (even the boys, which surprised me).

One of the little girls and her parents have been coming to church every Sunday since then. Stepmom has gotten friendly with the little girl's mother, and yesterday she called to tell me that it was the little girl who insisted that they all go to church on Sundays, because Elsa goes to that church. 

Apparently, the little girl was also THRILLED that Elsa plays in the church band. She has been telling everyone in her pre school that Elsa goes to her church and plays in the band (much to the confusion of her teachers, I'm sure). She is convinced that I am actually the real life Elsa.

This is probably the biggest compliment I have ever received in my life. And I really needed it this week. 

This week has DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGED. Next week, both bosses are away, so the days shall pass equally slowly. Yes it's nice showing up whenever I feel like it and taking 3-hour lunch breaks, but the boredom is still torture. I have tried to let the filing pile up to a critical level so that I have something to do at least for the first half hour on Tuesday.

Happy Friday, friends.

Monday, February 8, 2016

You see, now I possess the one Darwinian advantage that humans have over other animals: the ability to BS my way through anything.

1. Ugh. 
I guess you know you really like someone when the prospect of 2 weeks without them (Drummerboy is on holiday in the Virgin Islands) seems bleak and horrible.

Dadum finally broke down and expressed concern with regard to the age difference. I imagine he is also concerned that his last unmarried daughter is going to go the same way as his other 2 daughters (i.e., marrying someone he absolutely does not want them to marry). 'Twas a short and awkward conversation. 







2. The Glamorous Life of a Musician. 
As with many physical activities, playing a musical instrument eventually takes its toll on your body. 

The bass guitar and the upright bass, for example. Keeping your nails too long will inevitably lead to said nails breaking REALLY CLOSE TO THE NAIL BED T.T

Also, hitting the strings eventually builds calluses on your fingers. In winter, what with all the dry air from the heat running all day, said calluses tend to split and peel and flake off. 

you know what really friggin hurts?

I do not advise clicking on that to make it bigger.

Playing through 2 church services with half of the skin missing on the fingers you use to play. 

The problem is, I can't let the calluses build up because then I can't feel anything, which means I can't feel how hard I'm hitting the strings. So at some point, I'm going to have to scrape off the bits of my fingers that don't hurt yet. 

Currently both are wrapped in bacitracin and bandaids. 

3. More puzzles.
We finished this 1500 piece puzzle this weekend. 

We identified most of the fairy tales, but the little dude floating in the upper left corner, the dude arguing with the fish, and the 2 women vomiting snakes and flowers remain a mystery.  I've ordered another one by the same artist, this time with nursery rhymes. 

4. Art.
I have started a second tiny kingdom.

The dragon is not spotted; I have given him tiny scales. It will probably take me the rest of my life to colour them in. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I hear yeh made a good ferret, Malfoy.

I have another cold.

I also have a recipe. 

Mich's Chicken Curry Whatsit:

This recipe is still in its early stages, so there are no exact measurements for anything yet. 

You will need:
- Chicken pieces 
- Eggs
- Butter
- Zucchini
- Onion
- Mango chutney
- Curry sauce

There is only one curry sauce you should ever use (Ruby, back me up on this).

And that's the chutney I used, as it was the only one they had at the store. 

First I made the curry sauce on the stove, and then set it aside. I mixed some of it in a bowl with the chutney and brushed that on the chicken pieces, then baked them in the oven.

I cut up the onion and zucchini into very small and sauteed them in butter until they were nice and browned. 

Then I added some chutney and curry sauce, and then the chicken. When it was all nicely mixed together, I made a space in the middle and added an egg, let it cook a bit, and then scrambled it in with everything else. 

The final product looked kind of like vomit, so I did not take a photo. It was, however, quite delicious, though next time I'd use less chutney so it's not as sweet.

If any of you decide to try making this and it comes out well, let me know measurements and/or modifications you used.:)

Monday, February 1, 2016

And they inquireth unto the Lord, 'Do you do children's parties?'

Another workweek begins.

Some thoughts for the day....

1. I have become an expert at bag-packing and living out of several travelling bags. I realized a few weeks ago that my life is much easier if I just never completely unpack. Clean laundry comes straight out of the dryer and into the duffel bag. Hair and makeup products now all live in a bag on the bathroom floor. I still cannot find an apartment I can afford. 

2. We have finished another puzzle. Harleyquinn helped. 

The sky took like 3 days. 

3. My family is now hooked on colouring. I know a few of you out there have gotten into this colouring book craze as well. We're working on the enchanted forest and a Bible verse book. In between, I sometimes draw something pretty all by myself. 

Like the topless mermaid:

Niecey G was mildly offended by this. I said it's a bloody fish, when was the last time you saw a fish with a shirt on? Niecey G conceded I had a fair point. 

4. Tonight, I am going to attempt to make Indian food. Drummerboy and I had lunch at the Sugar Shack in Warwick yesterday, where I had one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten. It was the breakfast special, and after hearing the description I admit it is not something I would ever have ordered. But this place makes such good food they had actually run out of pretty much everything else by then, so I tried it. It was chopped zucchini and onions, curry, and mango chutney all scrambled with an egg and then rolled up like a burrito. 

So tonight, I am going to attempt to make something similar for dinner, served with chicken instead of making a burrito. A recipe may be forthcoming. 

5. Also this weekend, while hanging out with Drummerboy on Saturday, I purchased a new guitar strap because it PERFECTLY matches my awesome sweater

It is mighty uncomfortable, as it's not really designed to hold something as heavy as Rollo, but pain is beauty. 

6. Los Huevos. I saw these guys play on Saturday night, they are hilarious. Give them a listen.