Tuesday, May 20, 2014

hello friends

I'm still here; I know it's been a while.......

Between work, weddings, etc., I've not had much free time for blogging. At the moment I'm sick AGAIN and trying to remain both conscious and coherent while a fever addles my brain. Took yesterday off work, but we know how Bossman feels about sick days, so I am now back at the office.  

I am no longer sure what hurts and what doesn't.

Also don't think I have enough money to pay the co-pay at the doctor, so I shall have to remain sick until I get paid on Friday. Mumsy has not stopped harping on about going to the doctor since Sunday evening. If the fever doesn't drive me to complete insanity, she will.

Good times.

*~*an update*~*

Bossman, who is possibly the biggest hypochondriac that ever lived, chased me out of the office with the Lysol spray, threw $20 at me, and demanded I go to the doctor. According to the doctor, I have a "severe upper respiratory infection." Since my medical history shows that I am prone to going straight from upper respiratory infections to bronchitis to emergency room, I was prescribed very strong antibiotics. They make me nauseous. 

I give up. It is now ten past seven in the evening and I am going to bed.


  1. hope you feel better asap!
    my mother reacts the same when i'm sick too haha x

  2. So happy to hear from you, Mich, i have been worried. Hope the Gleep leaves you soon, no fun feeling yucky and having to work!

    Love, love, love the video!

    <3, tracy

  3. Re the update. Sleep well, my sweet. No nightmares, only lovely dreams.

  4. get better soon, Mich. :(
    and take care of yourself. i'm glad the boss has chased you! you need to take care of yourself, alright?

    -Sam Lupin

  5. Oh shite that sounds awful! I'm glad Bossman made you go home this time instead of making you come in early whilst violently ill, but I'm wondering what the $20 was for? And where did you find that Shaq & kitty video. Is that from a commercial?

    Hope you're taking humpday off to rest. Feel better soon!


    1. For the co-pay ay Doc's?

    2. No idea where that gif came from originally. I found it on tumblr....

  6. Oh, dear Mich, i know you hate talking about this, but if you have a second, could you help me (like you don't have enough going on). How did you get a healthy relationship with food? i have become a lardo in the last few years and could use your advice, bit i DON'T want to trigger you!

    tracy.barnett17@gmai;.com Thanks, luv

  7. Hope you're feeling better, M. and that you managed to give the I.C.U. a wide berth! :D


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