Friday, May 27, 2016

The Joys of Moving

It's insane how much rubbish you can accumulate in less than two years. Someone gives you something you don't really need or want, but you take it because hey you don't turn down a gift from a friend. You bring it home and you toss it on your desk or your dresser or on the counter or in the closet. After some time goes by, you have accumulated lots and lots of  .. ...I don't know how to spell the Irish word for knickknack (pronounced die-sheen, RUBY HELP ME OUT HERE), but yeah things from friends and family that you don't want or need, but now it's time to pack up your shite and move and you've got a ton of crap to get rid of.

Some of you have been with me long enough to remember my older hoarding habits. The fleas in the old apartment mostly cured the hoarding tendencies, but I've still amassed a couple small mountains of stuff I really don't want.

So far I have managed to box up about 50% of the stuff on my desk (and like 50% got thrown out). I have until next Friday to pack up the rest of my belongings.

Now that my living space has filled with boxes, the Simple Cat's level of Concern is at its peak.

Harleyquinn, on the other hand, does not care in the slightest. Yesterday when one of the movers came to give me an estimate (a reasonable one, finally), HQ followed him around like some kind of supervisor. She does that with anyone who comes to the house--plumbers, the cable guy, Mumsy's cleaning lady. She's also the only cat I've ever met who goes running TO the door when strangers come over instead of running away to hide under a bed.

I've no other news........... have a good weekend y'all!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm going to complain now, Episode 71

Where the hell is all of our money going when it comes to health care? My friend just had her appendix out (because appendicitis can, you know, kill you) and her health insurance is refusing to pay for the surgery and hospital bills because her appendix hadn't exploded yet.

As in, "Sorry, that's not covered because you weren't actively dying."

Kind of like the time I went for x-rays and the place charged me for a hospital visit ($350.00) instead of just charging me for lab work ($12.00). How is this place getting away with insurance fraud? They're Officially associated with Englewood Hospital, so they can charge me as visiting the hospital even though I didn't. The same thing happened to Bossman a few years ago. Also at a place associated with Englewood Hospital.*

I didn't pay. I let it go to collections first so at least those a-holes aren't getting the full balance because now they have to pay the collection agency a chunk of it.

Bossman pays something like $2,600.00 a month for three of us to be covered on the health insurance. That's about $866.67 per month if I had to pay it. I couldn't afford that even if I had no other bills to pay. Oh and that doesn't cover dental issues (which is why I have a wisdom tooth sticking out the side of my jaw) or eye care (which is why I will never get the new stronger glasses that I need to see things that are far away).

In other news, trying to find a moving company that doesn't charge a small fortune is proving difficult. I tried using the guys we became friends with after Mumsy's move to the condo, as they gave me an amazing deal on getting my belongings from the Pod to the condo. Now, however, they quoted me an estimate of $1,100.00 for the move to the apartment, which I definitely cannot afford. Trying a different mover, and keeping their job to moving only the large pieces of furniture. I'll deal with everything else myself one bit at a time.

Out to dinner with Big Sis#2 tonight. I think this will be the first time I've hung out with her without Niecey G and Useless-in-Law in..... .................... wow. Years. 

In all honesty that's the reason I wanted to get her alone. Something is up in that house and it's been getting gradually worse. I've been after Big Sis#2 to have dinner, just the two of us, for like a year. The few times she agreed, she ended up cancelling at the last minute. Fingers crossed she doesn't do that again.

*Pro tip: for anyone in this area of New Jersey, stay the hell away from Englewood Hospital and anyone associated with them. They will drain your wallet.