Monday, August 29, 2016

Some things I accomplish when both bosses are away on vacation:

A month's worth of backed up filing.

Making jewelry.

Took me a while to get the hang of it because the tutorials I found online be like:

I found this cool pair of antique scissors in the tin of embroidery thread I bought 3 years ago and forgot about.

I fixed my sunglasses.*

And I made this totally sweet sculpture out of white-out.

In other news.......

One of my best friends got married Saturday. She began planning it the Monday before. (They've been engaged for like 6 years.) It was just for immediate family; I was the only friend present because she wanted me to take photos.

Quote of the day: "This is really just about having a photo shoot for my nails."

She did them herself and they perfectly matched her dress. (She wore black, he wore white.)

On Sunday I tried chatting with the Pesto Man. He does not seem remotely interested, which is not surprising at all because it's me and good things never ever ever ever happen to me where boys are concerned.

This coming Saturday, Loud Auntie and Anorexic Auntie are coming to stay for a week.

 Lil Bro#2 also comes home forever on Wednesday. I'm super excited. We've already planned our first trespassing adventure.



Which means summer is almost over.

And pumpkin spice season will soon be upon us.

:D :D :D

But perhaps most exciting of all, WOVENHAND'S NEW ALBUM COMES OUT ON SEPTEMBER 5TH. 

They just released another single from the album and it's really freaking amazing. I've already pre-ordered the album on vinyl. 

What did y'all get up to over the weekend?

*I sat on them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In Which Mich Reveals Her Insanity, Again

Once upon a time, like 10ish(I think?) years ago, Mich went to the Warwick Valley Farmer’s Market for the first time. And Mich fell in love with The Pesto Man.

We have known him as The Pesto Man ever since. Every Sunday, he is there, selling pesto next to one of the bakers. (Buddha Pesto, to be precise; it is rather delicious). And pretty much every Sunday after church, I spend approximately 15-20 minutes on touching up my hair and makeup,

(How I'd like to think I look:)
yes I do actually walk around with a parasol*
(How I probably look in real life:)

....and I convince myself that I need pesto just so I can try and work up the courage to ask The Pesto Man if he’s single.

(Naturally, I have not.)

But then a couple weeks ago, when I was not buying pesto, nor anywhere near the Buddha Pesto stand, but walking on the other side of the market with Stepmom, The Pesto Man caught my eye and smiled.**

Following that incident, Mich attempted to stalk him out on facebook. After spending far too much time on the Buddha Pesto website and Facebook page, it was surmised that The Pesto Man is not in fact directly involved with the family who own Buddha Pesto, but just works for them. I managed to find one single photo of him from 2012 posing with the owner and another dude, but he wasn’t tagged in it, and is listed only as “Third Mann.”

he's the one on the right; this will probably get deleted after 24 hours for the sake of privacy

Not to be defeated, Stepmom decided on a course of action this past weekend. On Sunday after church, we went to the Buddha Pesto stand as always, I got a smile from the Pesto Man and was naturally rendered incapable of speech,

and Stepmom said to him, “you know we’ve been seeing you here for years and we don’t even know your name.”

So we exchanged formal introductions, and as luck would have it, he has an extremely uncommon first name.

Armed with that single piece of information, Mich returned to Facebook and went into full blown Super Stalker Mode.


After a lot of internet stalking, 

I discovered he is a musician (a fairly good one, though he only released one album in 2007), he has at least one motorcycle, and as far as social media goes, he is pretty well off the grid.

And my super-stalking did not prove whether or not he is single. There are no photos of him with women, no female friends on his facebook with his last name, and no female friends with his last name that are friends with friends of his friends.***

I am incredibly tempted to get our PI to do a professional search on him, but I shall restrain myself because I feel like that’s too psycho even for me.

Big Sis#2’s advice: “F**k it, send a message to his facebook page and tell him you like his music.”



In other news, there are currently people from 3 news channels and 2 newspapers packed into my office because one of our cases sort of went viral. 

*I can't go getting a tan, people will think I'm poor.

**miracle of miracles, Mich did not fall over

***Not kidding with the super stalking. This is what happens when you’ve been working with attorneys and private investigators for 8 years.