Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shield wall!!!

This weekend is the Big Family Camping Trip. Tomorrow we all set off for the campgrounds for three days, and I am currently procrastinating in the packing department and trying not to be super-anxious about leaving my kiiiikiiiiiiiiiiis with their babysitter (a lady from church who loves cats). 

We have three sites at the campground. Lil Bro#2 and I will be hard-core-man-camping in a tent. Stepmom, Dadum, Lil Bro#1, and his weird girlfriend will be glamping in the camper. And Big Sis#2, Useless-in-Law, and Niecey G will be not-quite-camping in a cabin with running water, bathrooms, and air conditioning. 

I think it's safe to presume that Lil Bro#2 and I got the highest concentration of viking blood out of everyone. 

I received my first electric bill of the high summer today and nearly fell over.  Running the air conditioning all day multiple times a week is effing expensive. However, I would rather have cold air than eat regular meals, so I shall be cutting down on groceries in order to pay for the continued running of the air conditioning. 

The next person who tells me this weather is better than bitter winds and -20 degrees F will have my heat rashes RUBBED ALL OVER THEIR EFFING FACE. 

I HATE the summer when it gets this hot. Absolutely fecking hate it. I would rather it snowed every day of the year. I would rather sit outside in temperatures of such extreme cold your skin actually hurts. My body can't take this heat. I am covered in one giant heat rash. I have a headache that never goes away, just varies in its severity depending on how hot it gets. And my appetite has plummeted to the point where I have apparently lost enough weight to cause my family to voice concerns about an ED relapse. 

If I ever make enough money, I'm moving to Svalbard

Hope the rest of you are handling the weather better than I am. I'm going back to my Pokemon stalking.....

Monday, July 18, 2016

To the pain!

I can still see, so I don't think it's that bad. 

I've had this song on repeat all weekend. 'Tis good stuff.