Friday, April 7, 2017

I can't think of a title

Sorry for the long silence, I just haven't really had anything to talk about. The med situation hasn't changed. My doc (who still can't remember how to pronounce my name after a year and a half of seeing me every month) dismissed any possible notions of antidepressants causing writers' block, and then suggested INCREASING my dosage. 

I've shopped around for other psychiatrists, but there aren't that many nearby covered by my insurance, and I would have to wait another month and a half anyway because I can't afford the co-pay to see another doctor so soon. Also my doc will not question me when I want more xanax, a trait that is getting increasingly difficult to find in doctors.

When I went to see the psychiatrist this past week, there were only two chairs left in the waiting room, so I chose the one that was not beside the smelly dude who looked visibly insane. Ten seconds later, when I actually started listening to the conversation of the five men next to me, I questioned my decision. They were in a deep discussion about their encounters with aliens, how many time they'd been abducted, and apparently one of them had aliens living in a cave in his backyard. That one then started complaining how long it was taking to complete the process to receive his handgun license.

I have managed to write a few more pages of the YA book I've been working on for the last few years, and the book itself is nearly finished. This is due solely to continued harassment from Guitar Teacher demanding that I finish it so he can read it.

There is no emoji to describe my current mood, so I made one.

In other news.........

Last Saturday, I managed to catch Eleven and drive her to her temporary foster home, at a friend-of-a-friend's house. Because Eleven is pregnant and I don't want a load of kittens running around the village potentially getting run over or freezing to death next winter.

Eleven was none too happy about this. That was possibly the most stressful car ride of my life.

I miss my Eleven. :**(

But I am trying to keep reminding myself that this is for the best. She will eventually warm up to her foster mother, her kittens will go to good homes, and Eleven will get her shots, get de-wormed, get spayed, and eventually come home to me, probably inside.*

Now listen to this hilarious video. All the way to the end. 

*Which will be another fun-filled few weeks of getting Harleyquinn and the Simple Cat to get along with her.