Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nothing

I had a vlog planned for "N," but for a number of reasons, the vlog was never made. 

(As y'all may have noticed from the vast number of vlogs I have made in the past, I clearly am totally awesome at vlogging.*)

I had hoped to get an alternate post done in the event that I did not actually finish the vlog, but that never happened either. 

Apologies in advance for getting overly serious from this point on.

The middle of April (and spring in general) marks a number of death anniversaries, two of which have not really gotten any easier to deal with than when those individuals died. So my ability to function has suffered, and it eventually ground to a halt on Sunday night. Monday marked a death that continues to haunt me, and so I was kind of a huge mess on Monday. Consumption of booze has tripled since then, so I'm still feeling kind of brittle and raw. 

Which brings me to today's post. 

For N, we shall be having a virtual moment of silence. A moment of silence for those we have all lost to the Long Silence.  



  1. Now I know why you were ready to throw in the towel on A to Z. Sorry this is such a rough time. It's nice of you to take a moment to remember those you've lost.

    Hope you're feeling somewhat better now. Don't hit the bottle too hard. And give us a vlog, dammnit! :P


  2. Sorry that you are going through a rough time...April is a rough time for me as well, dealing with the passing anniversary of my best friend of almost 30 years so I have a bit of an idea of what you are going through. Even 3 years later I still basically hook up an IV of alcohol on the weekend following the date.

    I linked to your participation in the #AtoZChallenge on my post for N:

  3. It's heartbreaking losinf someone you love....especially at thre time of year of that lose. I'm so sorry Mich. Please take care of you, okay?

    PS i hate Spring because that's when i lost me.

  4. *Dumps a cat in your lap and sits down*
    ^Acceptable alternative to a hug?


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