Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Every M. Night Shyamamamamammaalan Film Ever

Except for the Sixth Sense; that was a good film.

Unbreakable was okay. Kind of confusing, but okay. I don't tink it had a plot, but it kept my attention. 

And then there was Signs. Seriously? Aliens that are allergic to water?? So they're genius enough to build a spaceship that can travel faster than the speed of light (for argument's sake let's say they did because there aren't any planets close enough for their ship to go any slower than that), and yet they think it's a good idea to land on a planet that is 75% FECKIN WATER.

Or The Village. I wanted monsters. I wanted real carnage. I wanted everything they advertised in the effing trailers, not the anticlimactic trash that I saw.

The Happening was just retarded.

I don't even need to explain why Devil was awful; IMDB's description more or less did it for me: "A group of people are trapped in an elevator and the Devil is mysteriously amongst them."

How the heck does he get funding?!?


  1. I mostly agree with you, though I never saw The Happening or Devil. It's funny how he was such a big deal back in the day and now you don't hear much about him. At least I haven't. Is he still relevant?

  2. I loved the sixth sense. Signs is always on cable, therefore it is always on the TV that I never get to watch.

  3. Yeah, "The Village".......what a dud. I do so love his name tho.

  4. i don't understand why no one seems to be commenting on this post....too many M. Night fans out there.....?

    Whatever, Hi Aisling and i am now proud to know the correct pronunciation! :)

  5. Ha, ha i can't shut up tonight.......guess why? i am naming my next child (i will not ever have one) M Night Shamalan......Help? ;)

  6. The Devil was a good idea but poorly executed!

  7. Shylaman wrecks everything he touches.


  8. Signs is a great movie if you ignore the plot. And Mel Gibson.

    Alright, Signs has a few really good scenes (such as the camera footage at the kid's birthday party), but is otherwise shit.

  9. lmao no my favorite part of Signs was the fact that these aliens come all the way here and then decide to crash some 8 year olds birthday party. superior race obviously


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