Monday, February 1, 2016

And they inquireth unto the Lord, 'Do you do children's parties?'

Another workweek begins.

Some thoughts for the day....

1. I have become an expert at bag-packing and living out of several travelling bags. I realized a few weeks ago that my life is much easier if I just never completely unpack. Clean laundry comes straight out of the dryer and into the duffel bag. Hair and makeup products now all live in a bag on the bathroom floor. I still cannot find an apartment I can afford. 

2. We have finished another puzzle. Harleyquinn helped. 

The sky took like 3 days. 

3. My family is now hooked on colouring. I know a few of you out there have gotten into this colouring book craze as well. We're working on the enchanted forest and a Bible verse book. In between, I sometimes draw something pretty all by myself. 

Like the topless mermaid:

Niecey G was mildly offended by this. I said it's a bloody fish, when was the last time you saw a fish with a shirt on? Niecey G conceded I had a fair point. 

4. Tonight, I am going to attempt to make Indian food. Drummerboy and I had lunch at the Sugar Shack in Warwick yesterday, where I had one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten. It was the breakfast special, and after hearing the description I admit it is not something I would ever have ordered. But this place makes such good food they had actually run out of pretty much everything else by then, so I tried it. It was chopped zucchini and onions, curry, and mango chutney all scrambled with an egg and then rolled up like a burrito. 

So tonight, I am going to attempt to make something similar for dinner, served with chicken instead of making a burrito. A recipe may be forthcoming. 

5. Also this weekend, while hanging out with Drummerboy on Saturday, I purchased a new guitar strap because it PERFECTLY matches my awesome sweater

It is mighty uncomfortable, as it's not really designed to hold something as heavy as Rollo, but pain is beauty. 

6. Los Huevos. I saw these guys play on Saturday night, they are hilarious. Give them a listen. 


  1. Me, too! Especially her scales. I have the enchanted forest coloring book and it's pretty fun.

  2. Tell Niecey G if it's that offensive, you can put shells over Her Boobies. (The lovely Mermaid, that is!)

  3. I think I would like one of those coloring books, except I did so much coloring in the "Home", wonder if I ever want to color again!

    1. Get colored pencils and they have many adult coloring books at JoAnn's! I have one all cats, and one ocean themed. I love seahorses...

    2. (Whispers) "Seahorses...") I might just try......thanks!

    3. You should have seen the complicated patterns at "The Home"...I stuck with horses I could trace and get staff to make copies of...that and a few kids books...ha!

    4. And they thought we were crazy before.....I really need to get my thoughts all in one reply...sorry Mich!

  4. I own a home and still have yet to fully organize or unpack. That was how my apartment had gotten messy, not unpacking + not labeling boxes. My man wants to get a puzzle with 358742378974268 pieces, while I can't even finish a kids Disney's Frozen puzzle. I'm totally getting him a puzzle for Valentine's Day inspired by this post, and my mans speech of puzzles last night. Haha.
    Your guitar strap is slick! Pattern of a jester or harlequin. I was confused when you said Harleyquinn helped, since my Twitter is "@HarlynnQuinn".
    Let us know how the cooking goes!

    - Harlynn

  5. I love the Mermaid (not surprisingly) but wonder why Niecey G didn't suggest scallop shells...

    Scrappy would never help me with a puzzle. He'd get bored and hump my arm or something.

  6. Indian food... burrito. Burrito... Indian food.

    It's tough to do a burrito wrong. Indian food, on the other hand...

    Good luck and tell us how it went!

  7. number one made me smile. i don't know why. i can't deal. it's one of those things that i'd love to know about someone and it would make me smile.

    Mich, you are way way way way too GOOD LOOKING to post a picture of yourself. you've just induced some sort of self-esteem issue in me. oi, oi. no matter how hard i try, i will never look like a Disney princess. not even Jasmine.

    you should've glued it all together, and kept it up on the wall as a reminder of your various accomplishments.

    keep some talent for the rest of us, Mich. sheesh.

    i think Indian food all tastes the same after some point... whoops.

    i just clicked on the link that lead to the awesome sweater. your awesome sweater is indeed very awesome and you have amazing taste.

    aye. when you say colouring book, this doesn't come into mind does it?

    -Sam Lupin

  8. Topless fish.
    In all my years, I never considered that.
    Who says you can't learn something new each day?

  9. Pretty puzzle! That sky, though...

    I hope your curry chicken creation turned out well. I'm definitely intrigued, to say the least. I'd love to see a recipe (maybe even a photo or two?).


  10. Wait you mean fish have been naked all this time? I had absolutely no idea. I can't look at fish again. Congrats on finishing the puzzle. It looks not all that difficult except for the sky.


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