Saturday, February 20, 2016

I feel like I have a social life now sort of

Drummerboy is back :D :D :D

I did some serious anxiety shopping today, since he did not get back to me immediately when I called him after band practice. It all turned out well in the end, because right after I spent an enormous amount of money in Kohl's, he asked if I wanted to go out tonight.

So I'm wearing my fabulous new bra (he won't see that, but still it makes me look very shapely and I enjoy it), and new shirt and sweater.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend. <3


  1. It's always great to have a night out. May yours have gone well!

  2. Awww yeah, enjoy your time out while looking sharp! I, meanwhile, am going to break in these new sweatpants for a wonderfully reclusive weekend in.

  3. ""because right after I spent an enormous amount of money in Kohl's, he asked if I wanted to go out tonight." as you should. you should spend an enormous amount of money on yourself because YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT YOU CUTIE.

    oh hell. Daenerys, is that you? i never realised you looked so bloody good outside of Game of Thrones.

    -Sam Lupin xxx

  4. You look great! Beautiful! This almost makes me miss getting dolled up for someone special.

  5. Replies
    1. You are soooo beautiful and thin!

    2. You are far too kind, but thank you!!! <3 Luv you loads m'lady.

  6. I didn't enjoy mine so much, but I'm glad yours went well. You look great.

  7. That shirt looks amazing on you! Kohls and Target are my top clothing stores to shop at. Kohls for bras.
    Hope you enjoy the date!

  8. Yay!! You look gorgeous, I absolutely love your style. Hope you enjoyed your date <3



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