Monday, February 8, 2016

You see, now I possess the one Darwinian advantage that humans have over other animals: the ability to BS my way through anything.

1. Ugh. 
I guess you know you really like someone when the prospect of 2 weeks without them (Drummerboy is on holiday in the Virgin Islands) seems bleak and horrible.

Dadum finally broke down and expressed concern with regard to the age difference. I imagine he is also concerned that his last unmarried daughter is going to go the same way as his other 2 daughters (i.e., marrying someone he absolutely does not want them to marry). 'Twas a short and awkward conversation. 







2. The Glamorous Life of a Musician. 
As with many physical activities, playing a musical instrument eventually takes its toll on your body. 

The bass guitar and the upright bass, for example. Keeping your nails too long will inevitably lead to said nails breaking REALLY CLOSE TO THE NAIL BED T.T

Also, hitting the strings eventually builds calluses on your fingers. In winter, what with all the dry air from the heat running all day, said calluses tend to split and peel and flake off. 

you know what really friggin hurts?

I do not advise clicking on that to make it bigger.

Playing through 2 church services with half of the skin missing on the fingers you use to play. 

The problem is, I can't let the calluses build up because then I can't feel anything, which means I can't feel how hard I'm hitting the strings. So at some point, I'm going to have to scrape off the bits of my fingers that don't hurt yet. 

Currently both are wrapped in bacitracin and bandaids. 

3. More puzzles.
We finished this 1500 piece puzzle this weekend. 

We identified most of the fairy tales, but the little dude floating in the upper left corner, the dude arguing with the fish, and the 2 women vomiting snakes and flowers remain a mystery.  I've ordered another one by the same artist, this time with nursery rhymes. 

4. Art.
I have started a second tiny kingdom.

The dragon is not spotted; I have given him tiny scales. It will probably take me the rest of my life to colour them in. 


  1. It's called suffering for your art. There doesn't that feel better? Hmmm probably not.

  2. I am a puzzler too Mich
    I made many while in hospital
    They kept me sane
    For a while at least.... X

  3. EEEEP! I looked at the picture and then read what you wrote...and now my fingertips are sympathizing!

  4. Yikes. I like to tinker around on the piano and I am so, so happy to know that I could play for 24 hours straight and still never have fingers like that. Ouch!

  5. As much as it sucks that he'll be away for two weeks, I did get kind of excited reading #1. Definitely a good thing!

    Your poor fingers! I feel for you. I compulsively pick at my skin, sometimes for hours a day, and have no cuticles or skin around my nails left. Maybe a gentle pumice each day will help gradually get rid of the calluses, or maybe even one of those Scholl things meant for feet?

    I love your puzzles! I bought one a few years ago, but evidently my brain doesn't work well with jigsaws. Please tell me you cover them with book contact and don't just pull them apart afterwards!


  6. Now that looked like a lot of future pain!

  7. Ouch! Your poor fingers! Way to go with the Bacitracin and staying away from e v i l Neosporin! Love your dragon...beautiful! And your puzzle as well. Hope Drummer Boy comes back soon...he should have taken you with Him. <3

    1. Of course, I had to enlarge the pic of your know, because advised not to.....

  8. The Ugh picture with the phone is so sad. (It's the frown, I think.)

    The finger picture is sad, too, I suppose.

    Both situations will get better!

  9. Ewww! Haha I totally looked tho. Hope they feel better soon.

  10. I have quite literally hopped around in excitement more than once about October! I'm poking around websites on local (in my state, within an hour or three's drive) hikes and on Appalachian trails and such. I wished we'd had more than 24 hours because I had just enough time to feel like I was stealing your last beer and half of your hotel room and not get past a major anxiety hump. It WAS lovely, nonetheless. I'd watch an eclipse and feed stray kitties with you any night of the year.

    I am up and down. Planning to post again on an up day.

    Your fingers get to me on an "I feel your pain" level, but not even close on a nursing level. Perhaps I am getting desensitized ;) One of my favorites for dry cracking nursey hands is Burt's Bee's "a farmer's friend" hand salve. I also do vapor rub at night sometimes because I find the coolness soothing on raw places. Gooping up at night then putting gloves on (I know they say cotton, but I'll put on anything. Even socks work) really helps me. Perhaps a pumice stone once you are healed, to exfoliate the callus off as it appears?

  11. 1. two weeks is a long time, unless you're in the Virgin Islands.
    2. Owch! My son used to bite his fingernails down so much they would bleed. And he plays guitar. I shudder just mentioning it.
    3. What an awesome puzzle!
    4. I love your tiny kingdom. I keep thinking about posting some of my art...

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog amd leaving a comment. Enjoyed your mismatches, cute! Married to a classical guitarist, he worries more about his nails than I do with mine.


  13. Perhaps a manicurist with medical knowledge can help with your skin. My manicurist has helped me a lot. I also use hemp hand protectant from The Body Shop (online). My parents thought I married someone great who would take care of me for the rest of my life. Good thing they died before the psychosis developed.


  14. no reason to live but you're holding a phone? awww, Mich. we can sleep our way well into the next month if you like.

    that cat is looking awfully happy.

    "I do not advise clicking on that to make it bigger." see, i wasn't, but since you advised me not to, i totally will.

    ouch, that looks painful. i hope you feel better soon. poor fingers.

    bacitracin? the only time i've heard that word is when i'm distinguishing between two different forms of strep:

    also, thank you, by making me look for bacitracin, you helped me find that amazing diagram that sums up just about less than 140 slides.

    "Bacitracin ointment is used for:

    Treating or preventing infection in minor skin wounds."

    "We finished this 1500 piece puzzle this weekend." you have more dedication to this puzzle thing than i can have for anything in my life.

    oh God, that puzzle is absolutely awesome.

    do you leave no talents for anyone else???

    -Sam Lupin

  15. comment reply:

    "Your staph/staff joke was pure genius. Truly on fleek." i'm blushing. honestly, i still don't know why you bother reading my blog because you're #Mich. as in completely awesome.

    oh my gosh. the thing about my notes is that i use them. everyone else asks for them and maybe use them for like 1 setting and then never use them again. which is confusing. unless you're counting Foundation year. someone once told me that i should charge for my notes in Foundation year. i'm much past Foundation, but from what i've heard, people are /still/ using my notes!

    "Things like glazes and non-opaque white icing are naughty because they remind one of semen." funnily enough, that's all the day where i mentioned gonorrhea. which, in some cases (i hope you're not eating anything when you're reading this) includes non-opaque whitish fluid being discharged from the vagina or the penis. double meanings, eh?

    "I'm pretty sure I'm hovering around 60 kilos. Although in fairness I like to believe I weigh 40 kilos and my boobs weigh 10." i am trying to tell myself that my thick head alone weighs more than 20 kilos. unfortunately, not from serious information. mostly from fanfiction and Harry Potter books.

    "The payment for this is increasingly bad back and shoulder pain, bras that must be deforming my ribs based on how they make me feel, and never finding shirts that fit right." aye. agreed. i know that they look nice, but that's just about where the advantages end. that, and it isn't hard to try and lick your own nipple (unless i'm the only one that's ever tried to do this). i had to rearrange my vertebrae to attempt to do this.

    oh my gosh. really? i'm chuckling. i don't think my daily diet has had any consequences on my digestive tract, though recently, it has been more liquefied, but i think that's the coffee.

    "Perhaps weighing once or twice a week would be better? I remember when I was weighing 4+ times a day, my weight could fluctuate 3 or more pounds throughout a 12 hour period. Thus the daily weighing only ever succeeded in making me crazy."

    oh Gosh, weighing in multiple times a day is a recipe for severe distress. i mentioned this to Ruby, but i think that weighing in once a week is a recipe for disaster when it comes to me. mostly because i don't feel the need to weigh in during the week, but then i'd break after a day where i ate enough to feed 3 grown men. of course i'd have put on weight. of course, it'll be a lot of (water and food) weight. of course i'd have a breakdown after. daily weigh-ins make me less crazy. surprisingly, it's also made a lot of my "oh my God, what am i going to eat" feelings go away. mostly because i know i'm not going to put on +20kg overnight if you get what i mean. if i put on a little, i know it'll go away the next day and what have you.


    -Sam Lupin

  16. Wow that hand situation is dire. I write song lyrics but can't sing. At least it's a painless process. I freaking love puzzles! I want to come to your house and do that one from scratch!

  17. Ouch! Your poor fingers!
    I love the puzzle and tiny kingdom:)

  18. Virgin Islands.... (grumble mutter grumble)

  19. I clicked on it, made it bigger.

  20. I clicked on it, made it bigger.

  21. I hope your dad eventually saw the light. That's pretty much the kind of dad I'm going to be so I also hope you can understand that he just wants what (he thinks) is best for you. Parents sometimes get it wrong and there's not much wrong with that. Sometimes they're right too. What matters though is that this guy makes you happy. Which he does. Unless he goes away of course.

  22. Poor thing! I have a friend who is a percussionisst and her hands are often bleeding and always calloused like yours. :( On another note, that's a cool puzzle. I don't think I would have the patience to complete it. My ADD would sure to kick in.


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