Thursday, February 25, 2016


Book 4 is done. 

Things are somewhat better since Monday. I have a pretty long list of places I'm checking out over the next few days. Driving up for dinner with Drummerboy tonight after work, and then seeing 2 apartments in Central Valley, which is NOT Newburgh. :)

I have also quit smoking. 


  1. Woohoo!!!
    Super duper proud of you Mich!
    Finishing your book and giving up smoking?
    Not a bad mornings work
    Welcome to the smoke free world
    I won't lie to you
    There will cravings
    Cravings that will suck majorly
    But I promise you
    It's so worth it
    So so worth it x

  2. Congrats! Two big accomplishments. The smoking thing even more than the writing thing...

  3. Awesome!!
    And yay for quitting smoking! My dad quit when I was in college. I was so proud of him!!

  4. Fingers crossed on you finding a good place! (Congrats on giving up smoking...I gave up like five times before I finally put 'em down.)

  5. Fingers crossed on you finding a good place! (Congrats on giving up smoking...I gave up like five times before I finally put 'em down.)

    1. Here's hoping you find a place as wonderful as you are! Much love to you, my adorable Mich!

  6. Congratulations on finishing your book! And quitting smoking I guess. My understanding is finishing a book is harder.

  7. I need to do both those things: finish my book and quit smoking. I have a feeling the first will be accomplished before the latter.

  8. firstly, congrats.

    secondly, where do you have the time to write books, have a job, handle insanity and also, somehow manage to do all those puzzles?

    "I have also quit smoking." GOOD FOR YOU! you are one step into prolonging your life. i am actually somehow more excited about this than the book thing.

    good luck with the flat hunt! (i'm assuming it's a flat...)

    -Sam Lupin

  9. comment reply:

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pizza Hut. :)* I hate cheese, but I will eat Pizza Hut pizza by the truckload. Which makes me think it's not real cheese..."

    it isn't. but i like their fake cheese. i love it. i don't know why. but a stuffed crust margherita. i will kill for one of those. we also have one around here that's made with halloumi, feta, and something else. i can just about feel my arteries clog thinking about it.

    a girl named Rubella? well, in Latin, it means "little red" apparently. she should go as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

    god, i can't imagine going through life with the name Rubella. though in the woman's defence, it does sound pretty.

    oh, Tyrion. everything he says is... *bad joke time* gold.

    -Sam Lupin

  10. Huzzah for apartments where you won't get murdered! I don't "quit" smoking I just don't do it for a month or a year at a time. I got a pack on my birthday (Jamuary), smoked a few, and now it's in a ziploc bag in my glove compartment... In case of emergency, ya know :P

  11. Glad to hear you've got a new guy and a new book! Quitting smoking is quite an accomplishment as well. I've never done either so I cant say which is harder. (It's my experience that attracting a mate is the hardest of all)

    I'm confident your streak of success will continue and lead you to a new apartment that you're happy with, in a town you aren't ashamed to call home :-)

  12. Hibernating. Becoming a reclusive writer...who doesn't write. I've lost interest in my own words but I still read yours. I'll check in again :-)


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