Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some Motivational Books Written by my Mother.

.....Mumsy's actually not as bad anymore. Except for that last one.^

I'm bored at work. I'm getting paid to sit here and eff around on MS Paint. 

I'm thinking of doing the A - Z Challenge this year, but I'm torn between themes: a second round of I'm Going to Complain Now, or Bible Stories as Told by Mich (with MS Paint). What say ye? I'm willing to let y'all vote. 


  1. I'm thinking of doing the challenge too Mich
    And in fact signed up for it yesterday
    I'm still not 100% sure what it's all about
    And I have no theme yet
    But it sounds like fun
    And I'm excited to meet new bloggers
    And read new blogs
    Can the theme be anything at all?
    I have two ideas and just trying to settle on one
    Glad you're doing it too though

    Love the book titles
    My family could write an encyclopaedia in dysfunction

    Love ya x

    1. I shouldn't speak ill of the dead, (sorry mum), but maybe mine could have had a hand in these? Anyway, love them!

      I vote Bible Stories By Mich, totally! Love you!

  2. Oh yes. I definitely have that lazy ass disorder. I just call it "lazy ass disorder" though. I always tell Military Husband I don't feel well, which means lay around in bed all day. Hahahaha

  3. "a fake illness for lazy people" haha. I believe we all have depression, while others have additional disorders along with.

    - Harlynn

  4. Well the Bible stories will be better for us all, but more work. The other is less work, but Cathartic. Maybe you could mix the two?

  5. "With Foreword by Donald Trump" cracked me up. I wish I had your MS Paint skills!


  6. I signed up for A-Z and I'll read whatever theme you choose :)

  7. Ha! My mom's would be called 'It's Not You, It's About Me'.

  8. I think for your sake you should go with the complaints. Assuming you have that many complaints in you. When I'm a parent I want to learn from mine, and be a super cool parent. But I know I'm going to make the same mistakes they did. The same mistakes every parent does.

  9. Haha! These titles are ace :D Yey for fake illnesses for lazy people!

    Anything with paint is fun!


  10. A fake illness for lazy people, that could have been written by my mother, until she herself was hit with depression. She almost apologized to me, which was a big step forward in our relationship.

  11. oh my gosh, i'm dying.

    i'm laughing so hard. bad Sam. you shouldn't be laughing. but it got to me. Mich > everything else.

    -Sam Lupin

  12. "That Never Happened", sequal to "You Just Have a Vivid Imagination"

  13. I'm trying to learn PSP. And I'm going to do the A-Z this year. I look forward to whatever topic you choose.

  14. Bible Stories! That would be a hoot.

  15. Bible Stories! That would be a hoot.

  16. These are fantastic. The Major Depressive Disorder one especially gave me a pretty good out loud chuckle.

    I'm thinking about not doing the A-Z this year. Then again, we think that every year. I'd vote for the Bible one, but I also wouldn't wish drawing once a day upon anyone.

  17. Encourage Your Child By Invalidating Their Negative Experience (They're Being Too Sensitive), a sister guidebook by my mother. She's written a lot of books :/

    Bible stories!


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