Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Blob.

Do y'all believe in ghosts? I do. I didn't until I met M. and began spending a considerable amount of time in his house, but when some unseen presence is frequently throwing things across the room and slamming doors, you kind of have to accept it when there is no scientific explanation for it. 

In Philadelphia, at the corner of Broad and Pine Streets, there is a very old building that currently houses freshmen at the University of the Arts. Prior to this, it was a "school" for the deaf (read: asylum), and was also supposedly a "home" for fallen women (probably an even worse asylum). So prior to it becoming a college dorm, the building was probably not a place where you would have wanted to find yourself residing. 

On the second floor of one of the wings, at 6.00 every single morning, you would hear a door slam and footsteps running down the hallway. 

In my friend's room on the third floor, you could hear what sounded like someone tapping their nails on the window in the living room (yours truly got to discover that in the dead of night while trying to sleep on the couch). Their bathroom sink was also constantly getting turned on full blast when there was no one in the bathroom. And my personal fav? When you were sitting on her toilet, you could hear whispering coming from the direction of the bathtub. 

Another friend once saw a man standing in her bedroom doorway--a man whose clothing did not look like it belonged in the 20th century. When she stopped freaking out and went to investigate, there was no one in her bedroom or living room or kitchen, and the door remained locked. 

One apartment on the first floor got so bad they gave up trying to make people live in it and just used it for storage. 

My 2 roommates and I lived on the top floor. Most people think "dorms" and imagine a shoebox with a shared public bathroom down the hall. Not at the University of the Arts. There were a few studios, but in all the dorm buildings, most of the housing was 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with their own bathrooms and kitchens. Mine was a one-bedroom, and because we were in the top floor of that nice old building, we had the super high vaulted ceilings and skylights. 

We also had The Blob. 

At first we took no notice of it. Just a stain on the ceiling or something. Until

Psycho-Roomie and I shrugged it off, but not Supermodel-Roomie. She kept track of The Blob every day, and it was indeed moving about the room. 

If something does not have an explanation but keeps happening anyway and is not doing any harm, I have the ability to keep shrugging it off. Yes, The Blob was moving around on a daily basis; no, we never actually saw it moving; and yes, it was very strange; but it wasn't causing any of us harm; so I really didn't care about it. But Supermodel-Roomie could not just let it go. 

She tried using a super zoom lens on my video camera to get a closer look at it, but as luck would have it, all three times she tried to do this, The Blob had relocated to the highest and darkest part of the ceiling. All we could see was that it was in fact a black blob of....... something.

Then one day I came home from class and

A week later, I came home to find Supermodel-Roomie pushing the refrigerator across the bedroom, positioning it directly underneath The Blob. She had also made a long chain of wire hangers. 

She climbed onto the fridge and proceeded to jab The Blob with the wire hangers.

It wouldn't budge. Like it had been superglued to the ceiling. Supermodel-Roomie said it felt--as well as she could tell through the wire hangers--almost rubbery. She kept poking it, determined to pry it off of the ceiling, but eventually she had to admit defeat. 

The next day, The Blob had relocated to directly above Supermodel-Roomie's bed. She slept on the sofa that night. 

So The Blob continued to move around and Supermodel-Roomie continued to glare at it for the rest of the year, but she gave up trying to get it off the ceiling. We never figured out what it was. I'm tempted to go visit the dorms and see if it's still there....

What about the rest of you? Share some fun ghost stories!


  1. No no no. This is why I insist on living in buildings that are no more than a few years old. Somewhere that wasn't a cemetery or something before that.

    People from Pakistan and the Middle East call these things djinn and I think that as a Muslim, I might be required to believe they exist.

    But that doesn't mean I shouldn't do everything to keep them away and never think about them. Ever.

  2. Ooooh how spooky!!
    I love all things supernatural
    But am yet to see or experience any paranormal activity
    I'm hoping I will one day though
    Because I do believe x

  3. I grew up in a haunted house. For real tho, I didn't like it one bit. Lol those ghosts need to stay away...

  4. Have to admit, I got nothing for this one...

    I don't believe in ghosts per se, but there are more things in heaven and earth, etc. Before straightening myself out, I dabbled in Rune magic and I know there are certain things that don't explain away easily. Unfortunately, I got rid of my mythical bestiary and thus cannot help with your blob.

  5. I have had a few paranormal experiences, but to keep this brief... The home I own now is, let us say, 'occupied' by more than just my sweetheart, myself and our critters. Said occupant does odd things like leaving me dimes; I've found a trail of them down the stairs... all heads up... found them perfectly balanced on the edge of my seat, or the table. I even found one balanced on the edge of the bathroom counter. Never less than three at a time show up. It always occurs when I'm home alone.
    The critters often take turns staring at a particular corner of the living room... oh, and occasionally things get rearranged inside the kitchen cabinets; you can hear the thumping and banging all over the house. Nothing has been broken, yet.

  6. No, no, no, never. I have no such experiences and don't intend to do so. Everything has a logical explanation.


    1. Thanks for this blog Mich, if for nothing else but for cheering me up from ths horrible depression.

      Anyhow, I loved your story....when we lived in CT, oh, those glorious days about 12 years ago, I am pretty sure we had a ghost cat...not scary, but pretty, a sort of calico and white mix...I only saw it when I was at the top of the stairs on the second floor....but all of CT is a happy blur for me.

    2. We had a ghost cat in my old house. I spent the first month there thinking I kept running into one of our cats downstairs until I realized both cats were asleep upstairs and had not moved when I returned to my bedroom.....

  7. We do have an awful blob on the ceilings, but I am sure that is mold. Huisband says he thinks this house is "evil",why the Hell doesn't he get us out of here, I know he wants to move!

  8. I remember being young and watching a horror movie where the killer kept appearing from secret passages and slicing people up, spent the next few days checking for secret passages.......even though we lived in a row of 10 newly built council houses!

  9. I'd definitely go back and see if the Blob is still there. I've never had any physical experiences but three different people, including one psychic, have told me my attic is haunted. The only time I've really seen something is when a friend and I were experimenting with iDoser (basically soudns that induce the effects of drugs). I got "high" and saw this demonic thing staring at me. Needless to say I'll never do drugs again and I'll never trust my attic.

  10. I wonder if the blob has gotten any bigger? I bet it's the stuff of legends now.... :)

    And I have to tell you, the idea of using the bathroom and hearing whispering coming from the bathtub totally freaks me out. Even more than the blob. Shudder.

  11. All I can think is that I would love to live in a dorm that used to be an asylum and go to art school, and that y'all art students should probably take fewer vitamins.*

  12. Strange things occasionally happen here. I can explain away most sounds, but when something falls from a flat surface to the ground--like my wristwatch from the vanity did last week--it kinda freaks me out.

  13. Ohmigosh that is SO weird! Now I want to know what it was! I've never lived in a haunted house, but I'm fascinated by ghosts. I've always wanted to spend the night in a haunted house/hotel. I have a feeling it isn't what it's chalked up to be, though. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I was being watched and get all freaked out, I just know it!


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