Monday, October 31, 2011

A dark age, indeed. Age of inconvenience! No plumbing, no electricity, no nothing! Oh, hang it all!!!

Happy Halloween, kids!

I apologize for my absence. No, I have not died (although with the temperature in my house, that may be up for some debate). 

It snowed on Saturday. 

I'm at work now and taking advantage of the power outlets to charge my mobile, ipod, and laptop. And before I leave early to go to Halloween festivities at Big Sis #2's house, I shall go in search of firewood and fill the back of my car with as much of it as I can fit. 

I think I may have previously bemoaned the lack of practical architecture that went into the designing of my house. The fireplace is in the Big TV Room (as opposed to the small one; why do we need two??). The Big TV Room has no upstairs rooms over it, and therefore has a really high ceiling, so that it could have floor-to-ceiling windows that are poorly insulated, and skylights that are also poorly insulated, so that when we attempt to make a fire in the fireplace, most of the heat is sucked right up and out through the windows. 

Basically like the original designers of the house were saying, "Hey we're so totally sure we will NEVER be without central heating in the winter that we don't care if this room is sucking the warmth right out through the badly constructed insulation. The fireplace just looks so nice right here in the pointless giant room!"


You'd think that, growing up with Mum, I would have inherited her love of money and material things and status symbols, instead of turning out the total opposite. When we went looking at new houses when I was 16, I took one look at the big room in this house and said "This is going to be a B*TCH to heat in the winter."

And Mum was like, "Oh but it's so nice and spacious!"

And PSE&G has opined that power may not be back until Wednesday. So until then we'll be stumbling around the house in the dark, feeding logs into the fire that only warms the house up about 2 degrees, and listening to the constant hum of our neighbor's generator. 


Ah well. 

So until my power is restored, or until Boss decides to disappear long enough for me to properly catch up on blogs, I shall bid you adieu. I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!!


  1. Oh, no, a freezing Mich, that's no good! So very sorry! Wish a cute boy were there to warm you up! i know what it's like, one Christmas Holiday, we were without power for 6 days....i sat by the fireplace and pouted!

    i received a most lovely package, tried to e-mail you and it came internet! Anyway, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! Shall try snail.
    Beautiful picture!

    Find someplace warm!


  2. Oh god, that sucks so much! I hope you have a good Halloween too!

  3. frikkin hate coldness! im suffering here as well :( my nose was frikkin BLUE a moment ago x x x x

  4. Ah, so you were one of the ones who got hit by the Nor'easter? that's rough, hang in there and stay warm!

  5. Sorry to hear about your power problems. It's really sucky that snow's came already but I guess there's nothing we can do about it but wait. Good post as usual, welcome back and have a happy Halloween!

  6. oh yeah, heard parts of new jersey got like 16 inches... we only got 3, and no outages up here either! condolences on the lack of power (and warmth)! Happy halloween! x

  7. I'm so glad I checked the mail just now, I got your package! I'm absolutely in love with the little stars and the little glass jar, I kind of want to open it but I feel like I shouldn't for some reason. I think I'll leave it closed, if nothing else I've got captured air from another part of the country! =D I can't wait to try out the camera, I don't know what to use it for! I've never had a camera that's not digital, this is so cool! I'm about to start reading Underwood now! Thank you so much!!

  8. Gahhh!! Being cold is possibly one of the worst feelings ever!!! And lack of power :( Try to stay warm!! xx

  9. What a terrible time to be without power. I sincerely hope the problem is sorted soon, so you can be warm and go about life as normal again.

    Hope you have fun at your sister's. Happy Halloween, Babe! :)

  10. Earthquakes, hurricanes, 108* temperatures, snow in October, non-stop snow from Christmas to March, an arrogant bully governor, insane taxes, a never-ending parade of traffic, PSE&G, Comcast, swamps, toxic odors, and apparitions galore.

    God, I love it here.

  11. Ugh, I HATE being without power. Though, once I was without running water for a couple days, and I think I liked that even less.

    Hope they get everything up and running for you soon!

    Happy Halloween! Post pics!

  12. Happy halloween :)

    When you first described the room i thought to myself "damn that sounds like a really nice room" then realised I sound exactly like your mom :( oh well...I find hibernating in my room in a scarf, socks and security blanket draped over my entire body does wonders for warmth!

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  13. Eeeks I've been without power too, though rarely for more than a day. it DOES suck ass! Remembering that is why I'm still wanting the solar chargers for my cellphone so at least that works. Thinkgeek has them.. and there i go justifying my shopping problem again!

    Being cold sucks! Hope you get power back sooner than you were told. You did point out the stupid design of that room before.. in that fun Christmas video you did wearing that big pretty dress. And i had the same thought as you.. well ok a similar thought... why do pretty rooms tend to be so damn inconvenient? Because it is a pretty room.. and pretty useless too.

  14. I'm far too excited about all this, I got to the goblin market in the book awhile ago but didn't connect the little green goblin goodie bag in the big goodie bag till just now and I wanted to let you know how hard I'm squeeeing over this =DDD I love you SO FREAKING MUCH YOU AMAZINGLY AMAZING PERSON YOU

  15. B's new album might be delayed because of the east coast snow/power outage problem. Wiggedy Whack!

    It snowed here and blew out a transformer on wednesday, but the power was back on by nightfall. I don't think I've ever endured more than 2 days of power being out. Your state needs to get it's shit together. *cracks the whip*

  16. I feel your pain Mich. My home in the States is a huge Victorian with 12 foot ceilings and 6 foot windows. But it was built when there was no central heat so it has interior doors that allow us to close most of the house in the winter. Which we do. I spend verrrrry little heating this bastard. Like you, I'm tight fisted with money (my hubby says "My wife can squeeze a dollar till the eagle screams). Anyway, I hope you get your electricity back on soon. Heat I can do without, a stove no effin way.

  17. Da crap? Was it a super-massive snowdump or a totally unexpected one so the infrastructure can't handle it?

    I'm doing you some serious knitting, then going into my grocery budget to get it to you.

    It's summer here, I need fewer calories to make body heat.

    I'm teaching myself how to read lace charts. Do you like the idea of penis-patterned lace or should I stick to classy traditionals?


  18. I must finish your scarf this week! I forget it's already the North Pole up where you live! It's chilly here, but odds are we'll never see much snow. I really hope your electricity comes on soon and your house becomes toasty warm!

  19. *gasp*! You're one of the people stuck without power?? Oh no! I hope you guys get power soon! I've got my fingers crossed for you. <3

  20. Okay that was me, I clicked the "booo you whore!" button. But only because I noticed you have that button, and am so proud of the reference. So just to be clear, was not booing you. was saying "yayyy someone else is obsessed with mean girls!"

    I still read you, often. I would read more but my computer is broken. :( I hope you don't turn into a popsicle. Try putting on all of your clothes and sitting in the living room until someone asks you what's up. Then say, "Just preparing."


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