Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The bullet is enormous, there is no escaping!

A couple people have inquired about the boy on whom I was crushing a while back, and since there were so many crush-posts, I suppose I owe an explanation.

Nothing happened with the boy. I presume I scared him off after that horrific first date. I guess he just wasn't interested. That's why the last shore trip wasn't as fun as it could have been--the boy was there the whole week. And he was totally nice and fun to hang out with and everything, but he definitely does not seem interested in pursuing any kind of relationship.

So yeah I was really really kind of upset about the boy, because I really really liked him.

I don't know what to do with those kinds of emotions. My brain gets all befuddled.
 So what do you do when you find a new weird thing and don't know what it is? What anyone who never matured emotionally past the preoperational stage would do.
My neurons poke it with a stick.
 That kind of hurts.

But I still don't understand it.

So it gets poked some more.

But I think I'm done wallowing. I don't hold with that sort of thing anyway. Softness in the head and whatnot. WEAK.

...In the end, though, if he was frightened by just one falling episode, I suppose it's good he stopped calling. Because I tend to fall down A LOT. Vertigo is the official diagnosis, mainly because Doc doesn't know what else it could be without a barrage of tests that my health insurance will not cover. 

At least once a day, I will be walking or just going about my merry way, and all of a sudden it feels like the ground just tipped sideways. 

You try remaining upright. It's impossible. 

Which is why it makes me giggle whenever I hear someone use that cliche of "getting back on the horse." Because it was getting back on a literal horse that resulted in me getting thrown off again and sustaining the head injury that I'm pretty sure is responsible for nearly all of my medical complaints, chiefly the vertigo. 

Airplanes and carnival rides intensify the ground-instability by like 300%. Trains and buses, too. I cannot walk around while the train is moving. The vertigo now reaches the point of extreme motion sickness and blinding headache.

But for some reason, the vertigo is completely cured on boats. 

Therefore, I must find me a rich man with a nice yacht. Or even better, a schooner. There's some delicious ones on ebay. I find this one to be to my liking:

This one's even better!!!

and it's only like $4 million. 

My Little Pony giveaway coming in the next post!! I'm gonna go back to trawling round the Amazon discussion forums. People are cray-cray!!!



  1. what the hell kind of man was this guy?? when you fall down, guys should be knocking each other over to try and help you up. not never calling you again.

  2. I had wondered about the boy. Sorry it didn't work out, though.

    Love the neuron drawings. : )

  3. totally understand the falling over issue; i'm the same! i'm sorry it didnt work out with the boy :/ hope you're ok! xo.

  4. Oh, Mich, i love you!

    Feel better, 'K?

  5. Totally been there before, rough times.

  6. I always have visions/sharp daydreams about tripping over and unexpectedly finding my death. It is on the list of incredibly not-but-also-normal things on a day to day basis that I see.

    I hope you feel okay. You'll find a nicer boy some other time. Take care xxxx

  7. Jumping...is useless. ha ha

    Sorry to hear about Boy. His loss. Glad you're done wallowing though. Whenever I has a sad, I poke at it unnecessarily. And frequently. There's something morbidly comforting about wallowing in one's own sadness. But i've been told it's pointless and unhealthy. (Then again, so am i!)

    I don't know any rich men who own yachts, but if i meet one, I will send him your way. If that means a trophy wife gets thrown overboard and drowns in international waters, so be it.


  8. His loss definatly!! Your a strong woman though :) Yes go find a lovely guy who owns a boat!!...And i don't mean some crazy old man with a beard who owns a tiny fishing boat either ;) x

  9. "I think it's a Sad...let's poke it!" I'm sorry it didn't work out between you two, I bet you're going to find someone much better soon, and he'll end up being crazy about you! Oh, I saw this blog button and thought of you! http://lh4.ggpht.com/_YepnTrx-v5c/TAQU4_l0VhI/AAAAAAAAE-I/aCymeVtMhsU/You%20say....jpg

  10. Lame. Or maybe he was just intimidated by your beauty ;]

    Good luck with the whole yacht thing!!

  11. i second clytie. boy defs just couldnt handle you. you are a beautiful wild horse and he is probs just after a fat, tame little pony who he can feed sugarlumps to as it sits passively and appreciatively. i have the same problem with guys when they find out who i really am!

    and thanks for your comment! (this is barbie btw, blogger is being a dick and will only let me post anonymously for some reason atm). but yeah, it is my natural hair colour, im mixed race so my skin is quite pale but my eyes and hair are dark!

    also, the boat looks amazing. defs should be top on your list when you get shit-rich from your writing ;)

    x x x x

  12. Anonymous definitely said it best. He is probably a fat, tame little pony. I'm sorry to hear about it though! But promise one day you'll find the wild black stallion of your dreams... (assuming that's your thing)

    Love the neuron pics by the way; the nerd in me giggled hysterically... Also about the boats on ebay, just a word of caution a friend of mine's dad once bought a beautiful boat off ebay. Turns out he got jipped and the boat never actually existed :S

    Just warning you!
    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  13. First off, excellent illustrations today. To notch, some of your best.

    That boy is super lame if he couldn't handle a bit of vertigo. I didn't know you had such a problem. My mom's friend has some that is linked with Lyme disease and some days she legitimately cant even get out of bed. I hope that never happens to you and I hope that an intelligent doctor can sometime in the near future fix your fight with gravity.

  14. Well, he was a twat then wasn't he?

    OMG yes yes yes schooner. You'll be a pirate captain, yes?

    MLP!!!! I can't wait XD Princess Tiffany is totally lording it over everyone here, but Phosphorescent Flash (Modded Rainbow Dash) ignores her. I don't think she can hear too well out of water o.O

    Love you xoxo

  15. o love u mich
    and ur write im just gonna write how i want to if they dont like it then they dont have to read it i get manaic when i write they will deal

  16. Awwwsorry about the boy. Def his loss. You go get that rich guy..
    Or become a famous author, get rich and buy your own boat. That works too :)
    Sounds like vertigo really sucks. I get annoyed at the short term dizziness from low blood sugar or that time of the month. Can't imagine what vertigo must be like.
    You're like the Ellen of the ED world to turn it into a joke tho.
    And love the neurons. I'm gonna have those pics in my head forever now. Poke the sad!
    <3 u

  17. OK Mich, i will give you a step by step plan to get back at him (it doesn't matter he didn't do anything bad to you, you will still get revenge)

    1- Sneak into his house
    2- Put a tomato in his pillow
    3- ????
    4- Profit

    It's a genius plan, because it doesn't matter if you can't stand straight or if you are constantly tripping. It's straight forward, go in, put tomato (hide somewhere) wait till he sleeps and finds out about this unpleasant surprise, laugh like a freaking maniac, run and hide from the cops.

  18. oh! your neurons are ADORABLE! omg! so is the 'sad'... and the 'poke it with a stick' part, sooooo cute!

    boy... AAARGH! sooo stupid! we've had this discussion before, yes? Hmph, let's be done with them! I'm still wallowing but I'll be over it soon! I've finally limited myself to facebook stalking him only once a day. And it's the silent kind of stalking where I don't actually communicate with him! Progress!



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