Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself.


There's a new pony in town...

 His name is Tex. And he thinks he's pretty tough. 

But WigWam is not easily intimidated. (as we learned last time.)

Tex showed up with his own herd of back-up.

 But he didn't count on the largeness of WigWam's tribe.

 Obvs, WigWam won the showdown. And he and his gang took Tex's women prisoner. Tex is now a part of WigWam's herd. 

He's pretty fab.

 And the women prisoners are up for grabs!!

They are: (from the top)
- So-Soft Sundance
- Caramel Crunch
- Galaxy
- Princess Sapphire
- Bowtie
- Milky Way

To be fair, I'm offering 1st choice to the 5 people who sent me emails in response to the sociopath riddle post (Peri, Clytie, Nessa, Amber, and Neverfit). Since that only leaves one pony left over...

I've been cleaning out my junk drawers. I'm making 5 "goodie" bags from the most interesting items I find. The 5 gals in the last paragraph may choose a pony or a goodie bag. After that, the first 6 commenters who want something fun (pony or goodies) need only ask, and ye shall receive. :D



  1. monthly munchies... i get those too! Twice a month actually, mid cycle and end cycle, I want to eat everything in sight, and my tummy becomes a bottomless pit.

    also: gooodies! please? :) <3

  2. Ooh, the monthlies. Dreadful beasts, aren't they? Mine's been taunting me and royally effing up my emotions. As well as making me uber hungry, which is absolutely infuriating. So...I feel your pain, truly.

    And if you're givin' out goodies... : ) I'd love a little Mich in my house!

  3. speaking of goodie bags.. i still need to post my pic of Underwood and claim my Goblin Market goodie bag! Pic is on my phone and ofc i usually blog from my phone so i can't upload it aaarrrgh!
    Right then.. off to do that! Hopefully it'll keep me busy enough to stop this damn cookie binge. and i don't even have the monthlies to blame it on this time!
    For this post's offer I would choose the goodie bag here too... I like being surprised ^_^
    But between this post and buying Underwood.. i feel greedy! is this ok?
    Anyway off to get computer and cables and transfer said photo. I <3 Underwood!

  4. Goodness. I'd love a year hiatus from the monthelies. I always eat my weight in junk food. haha

    I love your posts. hahaha. The ponies crack me up. And thanks for the support you've provided in my post. Much a appreciated, love. :)

  5. lol WIGWAM IS A HOSS!

    Consider having your monthlies as uterus house cleaning? Like the jerky maid who comes every month to fuck up your bed. SAME SAME.


  6. Hmmmm. I think I'd like to call Dibs on Princess Saphire! I'd be oh so honored to have one of your ponies<3!!!

    Ugh, monthlies :[ Mine are actually late least your metabilism is keeping up with you. I know mine are suppossed to be coming, so I had a binge yesterday :[ I feel ya, girl.

    I love your my little pony posts!!!

  7. I, too, have been binge-ing uncontrollably lately. And now that I think about it, I think Aunt Flo is due into town... Your graphic perfectly encapsulates how I feel.

  8. At first I was like ugh bad period times I can rela-

    fuuuck you.

    I was generation 2 of MLP, so your ponies and the generation after look a bit odd to me. I still enjoy Friendship Is Magic. I try not to, but its just too good.

  9. also... I love the reference to hyperbole and a half... clean all the things..
    Her "why I'll never be mature" cartoon is probably my fave.

  10. I hope you understand me if i say this was like the girliest nightmare i've ever had hahahah there was menstrual talk and little was awful...awful i say...*sobs*

  11. Woah, you sure have a lot of MLP's! I love the country/western theme! I have a new fav:

    One guess why! Hope you feel better soon. :)

  12. Oh, pre-monthly binge fest- that's usually how I know I'm going to start (since I don't bother keeping up with it anymore) is when I start eating everything sweet in my home like an insane person! Luckily you don't have a metabolism that hates you!

    Well, as you probably know, I'd be absolutely happy to receive anything from you! So you can pick! Since you mentioned goodie bag in your last comment, I would love that :). Also, you mentioned a scarf- I would love to make one for you! What color would you like and/or would you like it with fuzzy yarn or regular yarn. (I personally think you can never go wrong with fuzzy!). I'm doing a Slytherin scarf for a friend and eventually a Hufflepuff scarf for myself, so if you want HP colors I could do that!

    Final question: I go to thrift shops a lot (best deals for college students!) and sometimes I come across a pony- are there any pony's you don't have? That way when I fine one I can snag him/her for you, clean them up, and mail them to you!

  13. i hate the monthlies! WHYYYYY do we have to get the monthlies?!?! i didnt have them for about 3 years, but now i am a healthy weight so i have them again and they are HORRID.

    the first few times, i used to eat chocolate ALL DAY, but then i realised...blood loss means weight loss! so now when i see im on, i get happy as well as sad - i starve myself and by the time they have finished, ive lost a tonne of weight! horah! :D

    love you, and thanks for your comments - it gave me a flood of relief to hear you say that you dont think im too abnormal XD haha

    x x x x x

  14. Holy crap, I think I might be number six, I'm not completely sure if I missed something or not, but if I managed to be number six, I can has? If there's a pony available I'd love to give her a home, but if not I'd be very happy with a Mich-Baggie too! <3<3 (I still wear that little rainbow heart necklace you sent pretty often, lol people like to assume my bf gave it to me)

  15. My Little Pony posts....what rocks more...? Except your epic drawings, of course!

    Hassidic Plumber.....Your comment is halarious! Can i think i love you? Ummmmm, ah, probably not.....

    "Tappy" is still happy in her little stall, i have moved her to my bed table, so i see her more often and think of you. With the cold weather comimg on, she needs some warm bedding. She i s real, is she not?

    Had a horrendous nightmare mysef last night...maybe a post?

    Lots 'O Love,

  16. PS i am soooooooooo OLD....could i actually MISS the "monthlies"....ugh.

  17. ! I moved, and I sent you my new address to :]

    That Tex is really somethin'.....

  18. even on the pill my monhtly just kill me but thats part of the lovely fibromylagia diagnois i got ugh hate it
    mines coming next week not lookng forward to it at all

  19. OMG the eat all the things is me during my time of the month.

  20. BIG BOOBS!!! is about the only good thing about periods XD It is very hard to resist cravings....go on the injection! They have stopped my periods :) And the pony story made me LOL :L xx

  21. I still want to know why it was a sociopath riddle! o:

  22. HI there,
    Let me know if you still have bowtie, I would love that one!!!

  23. Would very much like Galaxy or SS Sundance please :D Very good of you to do this <3

    Zoundz@MLPArena :)


  24. Greetings from mlparena! Trying to figure out how you want people to go about the free ponies.

    I would love Milky Way or Galaxy, if anything is possible.

    Totally gonna go check out that riddle.. XD

    ambermarie @mlparena

  25. Oh damn, Princess Sapphire and Milkyway are already claimed. Lol, I really don't mind who you decide to send Down Under :)

    I'm planning to do a MLP-Modding spree between October 21st and November 1st. You're still up for a deep-sea mutant with mutant baby, right?

    OMFG the monthlies blow. The only thing I like about them is watching how fast the bloat weight drops away again -.-

    I have no idea what the kitty was thinking, ay. Bloody special little snowflake! She has managed to kill mice before, but I think when this one leapt out of a box at her it put her off a little bit.

    Lol, is Munk-Munk still around? You think she'd be able to give Dral some mousing lessons?

    Back to kanji study. Love you!


  26. Hi! It's Neverfit. YAY PRIZES! <3
    My email and blog were hacked, and you can ask Starving Artist to vouch for my identity since we started texting before it happened. My new email is

    I'd like Milky Way or Bowtie if it's possible, and if not, let me know and send me a goodie bag! My cell is available if you want it. :)

    Btw, I know that you and Cinnamon Brown used to talk before she deleted her blog. Let her know that we miss her and she's amazing! <333

  27. Another thing: I saw that whoever hacked me posted something on the blog. It was NOT ME. If they try to respond to you using that account, it's NOT ME.

    Whoever posted that crap is making me sick. I'm being harassed, it's happened before... I have a plan though, at least.

  28. OMG... I'm torn between getting a pony and putting it on display in my living room... and waiting for questions... or a mystery goodie bag.... That's a genius idea though. I should do that the next time I clean something out rather than just tossing it. I'm voting for any pony leftover... unless they're all spoken for, then I'll take a goodie bag. I'm chill like that :) Well, chill and nosey :P


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