Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yes, I smile and I agree it is a good night to shiver.

Time has gotten away from me again. I wish I had more time for Blogger. I feel like I know you all better than I know most of the people in real life, and I like most of you more. Thus I feel like a bad friend when I can't devote the time I want to your blogs. Shall try and catch up with all of you tomorrow and Friday...

I've spent the last week struggling with writer's block (a common occurrence after finishing writing a book and then trying to work on the next one), which led to digging through some older projects to try and get the creative gears turning again. 

I've written about 20 pages of a YA novel I started last year. I might make a page for it on here.... Idk yet. (I'm still hovering in the maybe-I-should-just-cast-it-into-the-fire phase.) Anyone interested in giving it a read? It's kind of dark and violent in parts, and it's taken a huge turn from its original direction. I'm not sure where the plot is headed yet. 

The rest of my time is spent watching the Walking Dead (again), and--speaking of the walking dead--dreading the return of Stepdad tomorrow. T.T He's been in a nursing home for like a month and has somehow recovered enough to darken our doorstep once more.

I know this probably makes me sound like a horrible person, but I wish he would just die already. There are good and decent people in this world with fewer bodily ailments than he has, and yet they seem to get snatched up without enough time to spend with their families and friends. People I've known have gotten diagnosed with cancer and died within one or two months--people who deserved more from life, a little more time. And yet Stepdad--a liar and an a-hole and the scum of the earth--defies all the laws of science and medicine and just keeps on living. 


In other news...

Cousin N has fully recovered. We know this because, two days after returning to England, she demanded that Loud Auntie let her move back in to their house and then buy her a Range Rover, and then Cousin N had a fit and declared that she hates her mother because Loud Auntie refused to buy said Range Rover. Cousin N is like 35, and has never had a real job. Her personality worries Mum and me quite a bit, as Cousin N and Little Sis have almost the exact same demeanor, which leads Mum and me to believe that Mum will be stuck with Lil' Sis's spoiled-brat-ness forever. 

Funny how much of your personality is genetic. Like it gets weird and creepy sometimes. I get told constantly by Cousin F and Cousin Patrick that I'm exactly like their brother, Aa. We even have the same nervous ticks, and the same songs on the playlists in our ipods, despite the fact that we grew up in different countries, seeing each other only twice a year. We're also both equally old school badass--we both have a fondness for swords. And Cuz Aa took up karate around the same time I took up archery. 

Fun stuff time!!
My Cousin Aa/apparently lost lost twin is in this pic (click to enlarge I think...):

The first person who picks him out of the crowd gets a prize. A real prize, in the post.

Here's a fun photo of me for reference, because apparently we look sort of a little bit (I don't think so, but hey whatevs...) alike:

(Don't be distracted by hair colour, because mine isn't natural. If you're stumped, you can find more/better photos here, and here, and lots here.) 

More news.... Only a week left until I head to Colorado!! I haven't had a proper holiday in over two years, and this is like a double super awesome holiday because I GET TO HANG OUT WITH KAZEHANA. :D
Prepare yourself for epic spastification. And Wild West madness. (Y'all can try and convince me Colorado is not Wild West-ish as much you want; it won't make a difference. I'm Irish--anything west of Pennsylvania is the Wild West.)

Hopefully I'll get a proper post up before I leave. I'm working on one, but the ms paint pics take more time than I have at my disposal. Especially since I get so easily distracted by shiny objects, and digging through my old writings, and tumblr, and crushee, and Norman Reedus....

Any of you fellow potheads on Pottermore? If you're not, you should be!! It is at long last open to the general public. Be my friend: username is RainDragon6592. I'm in Gryffindor, according to the Sorting Hat. 

OMG the Devils are actually in the playoffs again!!!! I'm really REALLY hoping it comes down to the Devils v. Coyotes, as the the Coyotes are Cousin F's fav team. And if the Rangers somehow defeat the Devils in the next rounds, I may have to destroy all of New York. 

Have a good night, my preciouses! Or a good day, if you're on the other side.


  1. Why do you have a baby hand in that picture? It keeps making me smile so I'm not complaining.
    Your cousin sounds just like my aunt. She is 41 and lives with her dad, but she is a suprising un-self diagnosed hypochondriac who is never actually sick.
    And I'm gonna say the guy behind & to the right of the guy in black, with lightish hair. Because why not?!!
    Also, karate reminds me of my precalculus teacher, who is a black belt. She told us she often considers keeping a baton and nunchuks in her room in case she has to defend her students. Also then she broke a board, sat down, and focused solely on ignoring everyone in the room.
    I got sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore :P I threw a fit at it and I got put in Slytherin. Ah, well, better than not--Hufflepuff. I wish they had more books on there, I got so excited until I finished the first one.
    Damb Horny Pothead--I mean Harry Potter. Ya know.

  2. Yeah Devils vs. Coyotes! I'm rooting for that, too...but I'm less than optimistic. Actually, now that you mentioned it...I'd kinda like to see the total destruction of New York City, so...let's go Rangers?!?

    I feel the same way about my Blogger peeps...I talk about them like they're lifelong friends. And my wife is always like "Who's that? How do you know them?" else? You think I have any friends? Pssh.

    Hope you get to post again before your Wild West expedition...but mostly I'm looking forward to your stories about Colorado and Kazehana. Can't wait to see what kind of shennanigans you two will get into haha.

    Also, I'd be happy to read your dark and violent YA novel. Don't throw it in the fire yet! :)

  3. I kinda agree w josie, I can see a slight similarity in the nose and mouth. I can't steal her guess tho soo....
    I'm gonna point at the guy 2nd from left, behind a girl (?) because his weird smile reminds me of the "are you kidding me?" grin you're wearing in your pic on this post.
    Yay for cousin's recovery, I'm sending hugs your way over stepdad. Huzzah for vacations! Especially vacations with friends! Go have fun! Anything beyond the borders of my hometown is wild territory to me. Adventure!
    And i need to rest my eyes now o_0 will try to remember to check Pottermore later. I remember the previews and it sounded so fun!

  4. Here's hoping you have a lot of fun on that holiday Mich, two years without a holiday is criminal so here's hoping you have a lot of fun! I'd definitely read your book by the way, I love your writing style and I'm sure it would be no different in a novel sense anyway.

  5. Sorry to hear about your stepdad and his continued existence. I think people like that confirm God really. He doesn't want to meet them any time soon, so they keep living. Well done on finishing the book too. I couldn't pick out in the crowd. People say I look like my sister, and we have different dads, but my dad says I really took after my mother in looks, so eh, it's possible. She hates the comparison though. Have a good day yourself, and try not to just sleep until it's holiday time :)

  6. Sorry about the step dad issues and I'd like to say the guy in the back row with the big ears:D

  7. I feel for you with your stepdad- I feel the exact same way about cancer. Family drama is always so interesting...I think you should put your YA book up, I'd give it a read!!!

  8. I say it's the kid of in front to the right of the expert-looking men. I don't know if I agree completely with your personality theory, but I'm sure there is some truth. However, I do believe that people can grow out of certain traits, they just need to be given time and more experience. So hopefully your sister will not be the same as your cousin.

  9. Is it weird and/or creepy that I think I spotted your cousin immediately? The eyes gave it away. Third dude from the right.

    And omg I lol'ed SO HARD at that pic of you with the creepy doll hand!!!!!

  10. I don't think my neighborhood looks anything like the wild west. Well, the neighbors are racist against Messicans, so that's a small similarity, but that's about it.

    Also, my grandpa defies all logic. He's an asshole, he gambled away everything my grandma ever had, and he still always begs her for money... and he just won't die. I don't get it. Maybe spite keeps people living longer?

  11. I'm with Sam, I'm going with shorty in front, to viewer's right of the guy in in the black shirt. Though honestly it's more from what I think I remember in other photos than the one you put in this post. The baby hand is making me think of SNL's Lawrence Welk spoof. I may have to post it to my blog if it's still up on Hulu..

    I know what you mean about not being happy when awful people linger... :/

    It's ok if you don't post before you leave as long as you and Kazehana do plenty of writing about your twisted adventures together.

  12. Your stepdad probably got out of the nursing home cause he is an asshole and they didn't want to deal with him anymore. I don't know him, but I hope he dies. (If I could have one super power I'd have the ability to choose who lives and who dies.)

    It is obvious who your cousins twin is in that pic! He's the Asian gentleman in the black shirt (or the blonde haird guy to the back right of him.)

    Have fun in the wild west! (or as I call it: Way south and east of me!... just kidding I call it South Park land.)

  13. I feel the same about people here - everyone is so open and lovely :)
    I'd definitely read if you posted it :)
    Don't worry, you only sound a little heartless and in sure it's well deserved! Glad N is better - I hope you don't mind me saying, but what a brat!
    Third from the left at the back?
    I'm on pottermore! It's ace, but it crashes my iPod, so I didn't even get to being sorted! All my friends are in slytherin though :(
    Have a great trip! It's definitely wild west in my oppinion :P
    Lottie x

  14. you need to blog more dammit :P You don't sound a horrible person at all, some people just aren't worthy of a life! xxx

  15. I, too, am having a disastrous time trying to keep up with things! I'm glad your cousin is doing better. Sorry to hear that the old codger is still kicking, he really is shameless, isn't he?! How rude!

    I'd love to read more of anthing you've written, you know me! The shortest guy in the back row looks cheeky enough to be your cousin! Same grin! It's hard to tell with you, though, any of them could be your cousin, even the Asian chaps!

    Hope you and Kazehana get up to heaps of mischief! :) ♥♥♥

  16. Buh. . . Third from the left? I'm saying that because he looks halfway shaggable :p

    There's never enough time to do anything unless you're on holiday, and then you always run out of time to do stuff!

    I hope you have an absolute blast with Kazahana. Man do I miss our arguments. There has been a dearth of decent philosophical conversation since Blondie left the Deli to go to Oz.

    I'm on Pottermore too, but I don't remember my username. It put me in Gryffindor too, but it was a neck-and-neck with Huffelpuff. (I'm honestly very surprised I didn't end up in Huffelpuff!)

    Take care and have fun wrangling cowpokes and shooting up saloons or whatever it is that cowboys do :p


  17. I wrote a book once and have never gotten over the writer's block since! Which si sad, because I would love to be a writer. To have storytelling be my job. I'd LOVE that! Alas my brain refuses to unfreeze.

    Looking forward to reading that! Don't take it down please?

    Soz about the stepdad. :( But I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

    OK making a pottermore account like right now, Right now! Done and added :) I'm ThestralFlight29543

  18. Ok nm then I was bad.


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