Saturday, May 19, 2012


The story is now up on a page. ^ I shall now sit back in terror and consider taking it down again because I always have that fear in the back of my mind that everything I write is total rubbish. 

Congrats to Pogo--you are correct, the third from the right is Cousin Aa. I make no promises about how soon you'll get your prize... I think I still owe a few people some lovely packages. You know who you are. (::AHEMperi&tracyCOUGHCOUGH::)

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!! My stepsister Grendel is down for the weekend. I shall do my best not to kill her and make it look and accident. 



  1. I'm pretty busy right now but I'm definitely going to check this out when I'm back later Mich, I reckon it's going to be great, you're a seriously awesome writer as it is. Have fun with your stepsister, well as much time as you can possibly have by the sounds of it haha.

  2. OH, OH, OH! That ending came as a complete and utter surprise!
    Just when I thought the story was going to go one way, it changed direction completely.

    I have to tell you that once I started reading, I just couldn't stop. (much to the annoyance of my spawn and his rumbling tummy)
    Well done Mich, I absolutely loved it!


    omfg really? I win?! I never win! xD

  4. Well do try to avoid killing your stepsister. Though it might not be hard to make it look like an accident.

  5. Oooh which page is the story on!??! I've gotttaaa check it out.

    PS: booooo Devils! :)

    - bitter fairweather Flyers fan

  6. Hey now I said that it was that kid too...I think...and I said it right before pogo. I don't need a package or anything but just some recognition of my

    Ps bad spelling I realize

    1. I thought you meant the blonde kid in the front? I had Pogo clarify her answer to make sure she meant the guy behind that kid--third from the right if you're counting heads. But if you meant him too, then yes you guessed it first and you DO get a prize!! :D

  7. Oo I'll definitely be reading it after I get back from work!
    Haha try not to kill her! Grendel though, that made me laugh :P
    Lottie x

  8. Don't worry about sending packages to me.

    Yikes, Grendel? She must be a real troll. If you need to flee the country John Key seems pretty slack about anything that isn't associated with making him look wonderful, so extradition would take a while.

    Take care <3

  9. I read. I liked. Moar please.

    I really hope grad school is worth it. So far it's lots of pain & a self-confidence killer. I guess we'll see though--I'm much too stubborn to quit.

  10. Awh, i need more! I cant survive on just that.. especially after the ending, goddammit!

  11. If you do end up killing her, make sure you make it look like an accident... or like someone else did it.

  12. Your story is beyound amazinding and i left commments you hon.....


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