Friday, March 4, 2016

accidental gardener

A few years ago, someone gave us an orchid as a thank you gift for doing a good job on their case. When the flowers withered and fell off, Bosslady presumed the plant was dead and was going to throw it out. 

I've never been much for gardening (right now for example, I am totally failing at mini roses), but I know enough about plants to know that flowers are not immortal. Circle of life and whatnot. 

So I confiscated Bosslady's orchid, cut off the dead bits, and kept it on my windowsill. Sometime later, I confiscated a second orchid. Both of them have bloomed twice since then. This past Christmas, when Mumsy was certain that her new orchid was dead because the flowers had wilted, I took that as well. 

All three orchid plants are currently sprouting new flowers under my care. I feel like a wizard.

^this one's sick I think, but I'm researching how to try and fix it. 

I got myself a mini orchid this week, as a prize for being a wizard. 

I'm getting sick of pink, though. I might go out later and buy a blue one.*

*This is why I'm poor.


  1. That's so cool!

    I have a few plants, and even though I know nothing about plants, I occasionally experiment by throwing a random leaf or branch of one into some water and/or dirt to see what happens. I'm amazed how often I get a new plant.

    I suppose I could google it ahead of time, but where's the fun in that?

    1. They are beautiful Mich
      You have the magic touch to grow things
      My family love gardening and growing things
      Our house is bursting with them during the summer
      It's great that you have these flowers a second chance
      Everything and everyone deserves a second chance


  2. You are the Orchid Whisperer.

  3. You've got the magic touch! So pretty. I hope none of the original owners want their's back. I've never been one for gardening, personally, but even I know a plant losing it's flowers isn't a death sentence.


  4. That's kind of like chopping down your apple tree because it doesn't bear apples in winter o.O

    On the other hand, you most definitely ARE a wizard orchids require specific temperatures and hours of daylight to bloom. I have kept orchids alive for several years at a stretch, but I've never gotten any to bloom again.

  5. Stupid question of the day: Are you the one who sent me the three books to read and review? If you are, then I want you to know I haven't given up. It has been hard times lately in Junebugland. If you aren't the one, then what the fuck.

    Janie, who hopes her language offends everyone

  6. I kill orchids and mini-roses but everything else seems to do juuuuuust fine.

  7. I chuckled at "This is why I'm poor." Yep, this pretty much sums up why I'm poor as well... except not with flowers, but other things.

    I think mumsy got rid of the orchid she bought last year when we went to the SEPOS's Orchid Show because the flowers fell off. She just said, "I don't have the patience to bother with such fickle plants." That made me sad because orchids are beautiful. I'm glad you're a wizard with orchids!

  8. That is fantastic. So you're more than just a pretty face. You're a "Giver of Life," too.

    1. you think I'm pretty?? ::blushes:: ^_^
      you probably need better glasses

    2. I do.
      Uh, oh. Cue "Creepy Old Guy" music.
      I have bifocals. They make everything look bigger. Why do you think I spend so much time at the urinal?
      This makes me sad.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Okay, just so you know, I deleted the same comment. For some reason, Blogger duplicates my comments sometimes. It wasn't some icky stalker thing. If you'll excuse me now, I need to go to the bathroom. Hope I can find my glasses.

  9. Orchids are so beautiful. I wish I could grow them. I have to stick to simple things like geraniums and spider plants (and I've even failed keeping the latter alive before). I do have some kind of succulent that's doing well, tho. I think that's a first.

    A white orchid might look quite pretty with the pinks.

  10. It wasn't until my man got me flowers that I cared for them. By care, I mean taking care of them. It blew my mind how they'd bloom and smell so much more after watering the top of them. Especially roses. Your flowers of choice are gorgeous! Congrats on the free flower garden from those who throw out beautiful drooping ones. Haha.
    One mans trash is another mans treasure.
    I love the color! Would love to see blue ones too!

  11. I am known as the green thumb killer around here. Everything in my care in a flower pot dies (sometimes because CATS) but my orchids have always thrived. When they hibernate I just hide them behind the curtains, and then, one day, flowers.

  12. Those orchids are beautiful. A blue one might fit in quite well. I'm no good with flowers myself. Everything I touch dies :(

  13. Teach me oh wizard. My wife has three (which means I have three, because she invariably forgets to water them and they become my plants) and they never look that happy and healthy (minus the sick one. I know that look well).

  14. Bravo!

    I too acquired a little baby orchid last year and somehow it is managing to bloom again, desire my horrendous track record with plants.

    When the flowers finally died, and cut the stem with a sterilized razor blade and then dipped the cut bit in cinnamon.... apparently orchids are susceptible to fungal infections and the cinnamon is a good natural treatment for that. Lo and behold, it shot up another stem and I have six buds growing! Hooray for horticulture!


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