Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Another ramble because I just don't have any ideas/energy for a real post.

We did Easter eggs this past weekend with Niecey G. Lil Bro#1 definitely won with the Donald Trump Egg.

My egg, which took roughly 2 hours to paint with a tiny brush, was the ugliest of the lot and has been dubbed the Smallpox Egg.

Hopefully before Easter, I can get some good photos of all the eggs from Easters past. Stepmom always hollows them out so we can save them; we have like 5 boxes of coloured eggs up in the attic.

This week feels like it's speeding by too fast. I have to make 3 egg-and-bacon pies (one for Dad, one for Guitar Teacher, and one for Mumsy), bake a rainbow spekkoek,

and I also need to learn whatever songs we're playing at Friday's church service. Today is Wednesday, and Mike the band leader has yet to choose the songs.

Drummerboy is coming to Easter dinner/dessert at Dad's. (He can't come to the morning fry up at Mum's because he's playing in the Sunday church service.) I think the entire family is thoroughly confused as to the nature of our relationship and they're all too afraid to ask. I have no complaints, to be honest. We still hang out just as much, and we still have just as much fun together. If something more happens later, fine. If not, also fine.

What are the rest of you doing for Easter? Anything exciting?


  1. My mother has decided that now that she has grand kids, her own children won't get any Easter eggs. Wt-actual-f?! I want my Easter egg! Damn kids :(

  2. The Trump egg would have been classic if the expression on its "face" was one of outraged shouting and little bits of egg were spewing from its "piehole" (excuse the mixed metaphor).
    Me for Easter? Meh. Nothing.
    I may sleep all weekend and then rise at dawn on Sunday. Oooh, don't think the nuns would find that very funny.

    1. I am very happy to report...
      HALLELUJAH! I have risen.
      Meh. I'm going to spend 1,000 years in Purgatory anyway. What's another couple hundred for blasphemy?

    2. Yay, you have risen and can be funny some more1

  3. Your egg is great and not at all infectious disease-y.

  4. Donald Trump egg.

    i think this is the best thing i've ever seen in my life.

    i second the smallpox egg. simply for the medical reference but to me, it looks like a panel of white blood cells and different types of them suspended in some kind of histopathological media. but smallpox works too.

    wait, Easter happened? and i didn't know about it? i didn't use it as an excuse to eat chocolate?


    i love how your backgrounds change with the season. i mean i don't always appreciate it but it's so nice. it really is.

    egg and bacon pie you say? i wonder if it'll fair any better if it was a cheese and bacon pie. or an egg, cheese and bacon pie?

    i'm glad you're still able to have a good relationship together! i really like that, especially since he sounds like a decent enough fellow.

    i love you.

    -Sam Lupin

  5. If that is smallpox, then I want a dress made of smallpox.

    I thought I commented on the pie post but it disappeared. Do you cook the bacon first?

  6. Those eggs are great! I haven't decorated eggs in forever. Haha. I should make some Marvel infinity stone eggs.

  7. No plans. Old people don't need plans.

  8. The Trump egg is a hoot. I love yours! It's not ugly. It's gorgeous!

    1. I think your egg is lovely! I could never make one that pretty! Good luck with all the Easter plans....ours? Maybe eat a pig, er, ham....we are so exciting! :(

  9. I think your egg is beautiful.

  10. I really like your egg. You just lost out to comedy, which sometimes does trump (pardon the pun) artistic value. I don't really have any plans for easter. There's a small carnival I may take one of the niece beasts to but if that falls through I got nothing.

  11. 'Ugliest'?! Babe, that is stunning! Even if it wasn't running against Trump, it couldn't be the ugliest. The versatility of your talents never ceases to amaze.


  12. comment reply:

    "CHEESE in egg and bacon pie?!?!?!? NEVER!! Cheese is foul and not allowed in my kitchen." i'm laughing so hard my arse cheeks must've fallen off at some point.

    i'm not normally a cheese person when it comes to eggs. definitely not, but then i remember feta cheese makes everything beautiful. feta cheese, egg and bacon? no?

    alright, i'll stand down.

    "I thought Lil Sis was the only lunatic who skips classes to study for 192 hours straight." come down to my med school. we do this like clockwork.

    -Sam Lupin

  13. I love your egg! It's not ugly at all!



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