Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend Recap

Despite having a three day weekend, I feel about as worn out as Frodo did right after throwing Gollum into the fires of Mount Doom.

Remember in the last post, I bemoaned the fact that Mike the band leader was a bit less than organized with choosing the music for Friday's church service? Well, Thursday evening rolls around and lo and behold, when I checked the website we use for organizing services, we were still one song short.

Which meant that if he chose a song in the middle of the night, I would have pretty much zero time to learn it on the bass before the service Friday evening. I was already having trouble learning the three songs he had posted on Wednesday.

We'd been texting back and forth the whole week to come up with songs, so at around 11.00 PM on Thursday, I said hey, one of the songs I suggested has no music, only vocals, so that would save us the trouble of having to learn it on instruments. After thinking about it for a few minutes, Mike said perfect, we'll use that.

And you can lead the vocals.

In a moment of what I can only presume was sleeping pill-induced insanity, I said ok, and then went to bed.

Friday morning

I didn't have much time to stress about it during the day, because I had to do a ton of food shopping and then more baking. But then I had an hour to think about it on my way up to Dad's house.

By the time I got to the church for practice, I had consumed enough sedatives to kill a tyrannosaurus rex. They weren't really working.

But I got up on the stage, we practiced the other three songs, and then I sang this one.

 The other 2 vocalists backed me up after the first verse, so at least I wasn't singing the whole thing alone.

And then somehow, I was not nervous at all. Even when Mike the band leader said, 30 seconds before service started, that he wanted to do that song twice--as the opening and closing song--instead of just once at the end of service.

I mustn't have sounded that awful, because now they want me singing every other week.

I spent three hours on Saturday making the rainbow Spekkoek.

For some reason the top layers went a bit gooey overnight, which was very disappointing, but it tasted really good.

Easter Sunday began, as all holidays with Mumsy do, with fighting. I was shouted at because it is apparently my fault that there was no more vanilla extract, because I should have immediately gone out to the shops after making the Spekkoek to buy more, because apparently I have magical powers and should have known Little Sis needed vanilla extract on Sunday morning. Never mind the fact that Lil Sis had left barely a drop of it in the bottle to begin with and thus I didn't have enough for my baking.

remember the rage scale?
Rather than waiting around in the kitchen for the fighting to escalate, I kept silent, took the cast iron pan and half of the bacon outside (I don't like Irish bacon and we didn't have enough stove space for everything inside), and stayed there for rather a long time cooking the bacon on the barbecue.

During this time, Mumsy managed to sustain a rather severe burn off of the spatula she had left too close to the flame on the stove. (I was shouted at for this when I went inside to get some bread and a plate for the bacon. I went back outside and stayed there for nearly an hour.)

Since bacon grease tends to catch fire when there is too much of it in the pan and it reaches a certain temperature, I used a few slices of bread of soak up the excess grease.

Any of y'all ever eaten rye bread fried in bacon grease? IT IS FREAKING DELICIOUS. But I know my stomach, so I only had a teensy nibble before throwing the rest to the birds.

The backyard looked like a scene from the movie The Birds whilst I cooked the bacon. The grackles must have smelled it and so by the time I was done cooking, there were so many grackles in the nearby trees they were practically blotting out the sun. The noise was tremendous. They ate all of the fried bread with much enthusiasm.

Most of our guests had arrived by the time I went back inside, so the house was extremely crowded. I did not really get to enjoy our Easter fry up, as I spent most of the morning in the bathroom. (Remember the tiny nibble of fried bread? Apparently that's all it takes for my stomach to declare war on me.)

The rest of the day was uneventful, in a good way. I fled Mumsy's as soon as it was socially acceptable for me to do so, and picked up Drummerboy on the way up to Dad's.

Me, both Lil Bros, and Drummerboy all tried out Niecey G's new hoverboard in Dadum's driveway. It was a general fail, although Lil Bro #1 managed to stay upright for nearly a full minute. Niecey G naturally mastered it the second it came out of the box because she is still a child. Then we had a rather unexciting egg hunt, as Niecey G is the only child in the family at the moment. 

I feel bad for her that she has no cousins her age at these family events. The Easter egg hunts of my youth were like exercises in guerrilla warfare. She's totally missing out.

How about all y'all? Any good Easter stories to share?


  1. Our Easter was pretty quiet! Just food and relaxing!! Glad yours was amazing!! Xxoo

  2. No Easter stories. I'm sure you sang beautifully. I love your drawings.


  3. When I was small, my mom started a tradition of egg scavenger hunt. Each egg had a Bible reference on it, and we had to look up the verse and use it as a clue. One year (maybe the first time?) we only had boiled eggs, not candy, because we were Very Poor. Being a small child who already understood that plain egg yolk is evil, I was not thrilled. But it was a lovely tradition during the better years.

  4. Good on you for singing Mich
    You must have been really good
    If they want you to do it again

    Oh no your poor tummy
    My sister is the same
    Has a very delicate digestive system
    Sorry you felt so ill

    My Easter was good as you know
    Quiet and uneventful
    Just the way I like it

    Sending you a huge Easter hug my dear friend x

  5. Great pics! No Easter stories here. No bacon bread, either.

    But next year, anything could happen.

  6. I would have liked to have heard you sing. Your gentle- and not-so-gentle- talents come out in so many different ways.

    And I love that rage-o-meter? Can I copy it and put one by my work station?

  7. "And I love that rage-o-meter?" Good grief, even my exclamation pints are crooked today!

  8. I'm a bit jealous of these guerrilla warfare Easter egg hunts.

    My Easter was pretty boring...really, just another day. *sigh*

  9. "In a moment of what I can only presume was sleeping pill-induced insanity, I said ok, and then went to bed."

    the things that we do. the things that we DO. oh God. Mich's miraculous and angelic singing filling the halls? blasphemy. should be banned. i'm sure they heard your voice and fainted. or they did what they did to Jean-Baptiste in Perfume.

    i could never get my hair to look that good in the morning.

    i love the red in the eyes on the last panel. seriously. i think you do the red eyes thing a few times, usually to depict rage and i never commented on it but hey, i think it's damn amazing.

    "I had consumed enough sedatives to kill a tyrannosaurus rex." *sighs*

    "I mustn't have sounded that awful, because now they want me singing every other week." pretty sure they must've liked it. also, i had a listen to that song and i'm surprised that you're able to do that song. it's very melodic-type.

    go Mich though! go Mich!!!

    seriously though. leave some talents for the rest of the human population. you can't have it all now. *gives pointed look*

    i literally sound like a dying Kneazle when i sing. last time i attempted to sing, someone told me to shut up and that i ruined their fun. truth is i wasn't the last bit sad about it because i know that it's the truth. my singing voice is one of the things that could've killed Voldemort, you know.

    VANILLA EXTRACT. you had a fight about the one thing in my house that barely anyone uses? that we have extensive amount of bottles of? whaaaaaaaaaaat?

    i think i'm consistently on the top of the rage scale. all the time.

    dude. if you fry anything in bacon grease, it's damn delicious. fact. i haven't had rye bread in forever though...

    "as I spent most of the morning in the bathroom." are you by any chance gluten intolerance or have some form of IBS? i mean this in the way that doesn't sound asshole-ish.

    okay. i know this is going to sound so stupid. until i read Thor kitten (Tempest)'s comment i literally thought that all the eggs you were using for hunts were, um, boiled eggs? i know that they sell Easter chocolate eggs and such, but i didn't know that you hunt for the CHOCOLATE eggs. *blushes deeply* or don't you? maybe you don't.

    since Easter is a Christian thing, i had my Easter chocolate on Monday.

    though now i want more Easter chocolate. they still have Valentine's Day candy on sale here so next time i go to the shops i might nip in and get them if they really are on sale.

    comment reply:

    watery omelettes are sins. i wanted to eat it, just for the sake of not wasting food but i could barely look at it without feeling my tummy churn. it was so upset.

    that cake was glorious. and sweet. and delicious.

    aye. Ron is a brat but what can i do? i'd feel a little sorry for her if she didn't irritate me so much.

    -Sam Lupin

  10. My Easter was as uneventful as uneventful could be.
    And that actually is a good thing.
    I had breakfast casserole, so it wasn't a complete waste.

  11. My Easter was as uneventful as uneventful could be.
    And that actually is a good thing.
    I had breakfast casserole, so it wasn't a complete waste.

  12. I'm glad that your singing went well. A little too well perhaps if they've got you singing all the time now. You've discovered a talent you didn't even know you had, and discovered a great new recipe in bacon bread. So overall that sounds like a mix of good and bad.

  13. Family: You can't live with them and there aren't enough places to hide the bodies. Yes, law enforcement if you are reading this, that's just a joke, i never recommend murder.

    Congratulations on how well the church service went!

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  15. No fun stories, bread with bacon grease, hoverboards, or vocal solos over here. Which makes me realize just how boring and uneventful my Easter (and my life, by extension) really is.

  16. like Schmalz?! I always had to save the bacon fat for my mom so she could spread it on her rye bread...blechhhh-lol Your cake looks quite intricate with all those layers and the main thing is it tasted good( not sure this is the right grammar, but, oh w,ell). My Aunt and Uncle with their 3 kids always ca,e for Easter and we would decorate eggs Saturday night with our own artistic styling and then hang them from the chandelier. I have the eggs still including one from my dad with his thumb prints everywhere


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