Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Set me up and watch me unwind.

I felt like I had something to say earlier, but it seems to have escaped me. Therefore this post is going to be a sort of stream-of-consciousness ramble.

Right at this moment (15.15 on Tuesday afternoon), my biggest dilemma is currently whether or not to have another cup of coffee.

I think I will. Hold on while I go next door and steal the kettle....


Why does the second cup of coffee of the day never taste as good as the first?

I need the coffee to resist the little box of horrors we received from the office supply people today.

So I had a lovely weekend upstate with Lil Bro#2. We didn't do much--some antique shopping, finding places to eat (there is very little up there in the way of culinary experiences), and walking around Letchworth State Park. Check out the photos, that place is amazing.

The white & red house at the end of the photo album is apparently haunted, so let me know if you spot any ghosts hanging about.

When I returned to the office yesterday (after taking only one day off), I had to sort my way through this:

I also had a surprise waiting for me from one of our nicer clients ("Broken Lots of Mirrors" category)

This thing is the size of a football. And in total contains about 4,000 calories of Brazilian chocolate.

I've had a very small piece so far, but in all honesty I'm still feeling kind of struggly with food. Some family members and friends have made comments about weight loss, and over the weekend Dadum and Stepmom kept trying to make me eat without commenting on the fact that I don't eat.

I don't know. It's not about losing weight. It's about dealing with stress, I guess. I try to eat, but most of the time I just ..............can't. Coffee with cream for breakfast. Maybe a second coffee for lunch. Some grilled chicken and a beer for dinner. That's usually it on weekdays.

I am now on so much medication you can hear my purse rattling from like 100 yards away.

Antidepressants, mood stabilizers, sedatives, tummy pills. If you're crazy and you know it, shake your meds.

 In other more positive news, Westley & the Witches has been reviewed by the lovely Janie Junebug.

And Elk's little book of illustrations also has its first review from Holly Hearts Art.

I think that's all I've got.


  1. Great pictures, is that milk chocolate? and I make it through the workday on a diet root beer and a pop- tart. However, all bets are off at home...

  2. What a nice client!! Isn't it great when one of them actually appreciates you (as opposed to thinking you are the enemy)? I had a few of those. Alas, they were hidden underneath all the ones that were horrible. LOL.

  3. The park picture is amazing!

    I didn't look at the picture of the house with the ghost. I don't know how those things are transported to new places and didn't want any images getting into my head.

  4. That choco-egg looks amazing! Your purse could double as a maraca!;)

  5. That choco-egg looks amazing! Your purse could double as a maraca!;)

  6. "I felt like I had something to say earlier, but it seems to have escaped me." aye, i know what you mean. i've taken to writing down whatever i want to say on blogger on a separate sheet in my Excel spreadsheet so i can remember what to write when i want to write it. oi. sad, isn't it? it's also next to my to-do list, which is increasingly large by the day.

    i seem to find this the opposite. see, i drink the first cup when i'm still regaining consciousness, so the second cup, my mind is able to come to terms what what i've drunken.

    "I need the coffee to resist the little box of horrors we received from the office supply people today." story of my life.

    i nearly spat out my Diet Pepsi (yes, it isn't even six in the morning yet). what is that mystical world of wonder!?

    think i see Fred somewhere.

    what are all these papers? oh God.

    i saved my rant for how long it took me to realise that football there is soccer (which sounds weird, so i'll keep it to my head).

    4,000 calories, you say? but they're gift calories. calories from things that people give you, don't count? didn't you know this?

    aw, love. i'm so sorry that you're struggling with food right now. i think we all tend to fall into these lapses at times, but do not let it get to you. it's easier to break out of it now than it is to break out of it later. just a word of advice. you know that's not enough for a toddler (i don't know what toddler subsists on coffee). if it's a stress thing, i suggest you find something else to cope. i mean i have my Zumba to vent out my frustrations. not saying it has to be exercise-based, but something to look forward to at the end of the day that evapourates your worries (not saying sex either).

    you do not deserve this. you deserve more.

    "I am now on so much medication you can hear my purse rattling from like 100 yards away." i'd love to know how that /sounds/ like.

    "If you're crazy and you know it, shake your meds." this is perfect.

    congratulations. that's my Mich.

    -Sam Lupin

    1. Awwww, Mich, my Mich, I'm sure it would sound really horrible if I said I wish I were eating like you....but I wish I were. So happy you had a good visit with Little Bro Love you!

  7. Oh. My. God. That chocolate egg is... it's like a piece of Heaven. I'd give it five minutes or less.

  8. That egg is fantastic. I'd totally eat it. I'd die afterwards but it would be so worth it. At least there was some good along with that pile of paperwork.

  9. That egg looks like a small baby itself. I can't imagine the amount of sweetness, belly ache and potential diabetes from it.

  10. Have beer with the chocolate. Works for me.

  11. That candy egg looks amazingly good!

    Lechwood State Park also looks beautiful! I might have to go some time. :)

    1. I'm so sorry sweetness that you are sad.......right there with you....I love you new header pics!

  12. "If you're crazy and you know it, shake your meds" LOL! I'm on that manic med shit too. Today my man and I were just talking about how much weight loss and depression go hand in hand. Along with stress. While some "eat their feels". When people notice my weight loss and try over feeding me it's overwhelming (I'm sure you know). Sounds like you had a nice vacation time with the brother. Too much in the office to return to!

  13. Hey hon thanks for your comment. Its nice to know people can relate. Also your photos look gorgeous. I'm glad you had a good time

  14. Coffee for breakfast and lunch, beer for dinner. My kind of meal plan. Throw in that 4,000 calories of chocolate for substance. Yeah, so I take crazy pills that also make me not hungry. I make a lot of protein shakes. Drinking - much easier than eating.

  15. I want that egg!!! And I must add Letchworth State Park to my bucket list :) amazing waterfall

    1. Love you so much. Mich.....I wish I knew what to say......please try to feel better.....and I will too...lol.

      If only I could have your symtomns, I knoe that is a terrible thing to say, you can see the atate I am in...

      Love you sooooo much Dear!


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