Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I clap my dirty hands, given over to self and left to own devices; a quaking in the person.

I have achieved something truly epic.

The birds usually start up outside between 4.30 and 5.00 AM. Sure that's kind of early, but I suppose there are worse ways to wake up than by a gradual awakening to bird songs.

You know how when noises gradually wake you up, they can find their way into your dreams, and then into your semi-conscious thoughts before you're properly awake?

This morning:

This, my friends, is the Northern Mockingbird:

We get the same family of them in the tall tree in my front yard every spring and summer. Since they returned in early spring, I have spent hours using my phone to play them Star Wars sound effects. Specifically, the sounds of R2D2 flipping out.

The mockingbirds started incorporating R2D2 noises into their repertoire a while back, but they still weren't quite perfect. Funny enough, one of them added it to his imitation of the wood thrush song, which I taught to last year's babies. Then this morning, one of the grown up mockingbirds perched hisself on the gutter directly outside my open window, and R2D2'ed his little heart out.

Made my whole year. I'm trying to get a good video of him doing it, but of course every time I whip out the camera, he starts singing something else.

I have writer's block.

Like seriously. I got nothing. All projects are currently at a standstill. I feel lost. Adrift in a dark ocean that contains nothing but Tumblr, Walking Dead reruns, and David Eugene Edwards.

I broke a nail. It kind of hurts. I think it might be infected or something. It's gross.


  1. Don't forget to train another group of birds to imitate C-3PO!

    I find having no creative thoughts a good time to relax and get ready for the next big push of creative thoughts! (most likely your subconscious is processing information now for it and doesn't wanna be disturbed.)

    So what does R2-D2 do in your dreams?

  2. ...or imitate the Wookie, the juices will flow again Mich!

  3. If I was adrift in a dark ocean I wouldn't mind being stuck on a raft with Daryl and DEE. xD The ideas will start flowing again. Your boyfriend is right, your brain is probably just taking a break.

    I wish we had mockingbirds here, so I could try to be super awesome as you!

  4. I would love to see a mockingbird! They don't see to have them where I live. :-(

    Writers block is a pain in the ass, but it will pass. Hopefully.

  5. Writer's block :[ And tumblr wastes waaaay to much of my day too, don't worry! That's so cool about teaching the birds! I like that!

  6. I'm on blog block too. My bloggy mojo fucked off somewhere without telling me, Skanky Bitch that she is.

  7. It really made me laugh to read about the birds making R2D2 sounds haha, here's hoping that your Blogging vibes come back as quickly as possible because as you know Mich, I love what you do!

  8. You got birds to R2D2? You are my idol. You really are. That is too amazing for words.

  9. You got birds to sing R2D2? I got Into The Woods in my head now...the part where Little Red askes Cinderella "you can talk to birds?" XD
    That is sooooooo cool. I think "birdbrain maybe shouldn't be such an insult as clearly some birds aare smarter than others.
    I think your birdy knows he's being recorded and wants to sing somethin he's had a lot of practice on ^_^
    Also.....*love* the new header pics. Bwahahahaha! The sun likes to burn me and laugh about it too!

  10. We just have ravens around here, which makes waking up in the morning literally sound like death itself.

    Ideas come and go. If you have a bit of a dry spell, don't sweat it. Just let it come naturally. Overthinking things and trying too hard will only make matters worse.

  11. That is so great that you taught the Mocking Bird...we shall now have to call you "Scout"!
    Absolutely love the pic's and your new header!

    We have what husband calls "The cast of Bambi" on our back deck 'cause we feed them all the time....numerous bird species, squirrels and my favorites, chipmunks. Radley (Scottie) loves the wildlife show.

  12. PS Hope your nail is okay...DON'T put Neosporin on it...use something like Bacitracin.

    Son has another toe infection. It's been like that for a month and he just bothered to tell me a couple of days ago. Off to the Doctor tomrrow. Did i mention he LOVES going to the Doctor....? that episode of "Kramer"...TMI, yes?

  13. i havent been here in a while, but you, my dear, are still as funny as ever! i missed you! <3 stay absolutely lovely.

  14. That is some Katniss shit, right there. lol Why are you the best nerd ever? <3

  15. Oh, that's brilliant! I want an R2D2 mockingbird!

    We have some fork tailed drongos that immitate other sounds and now and then the crows give it a try, too, but it's just dead annoying, really! Over the road, someone has a parrot and everytime their phone rings, the parrot immitates it. That's extremely annoying! Thankfully, none of these shinanigans happen around early morning. Poor M.! Silly mockingbirds!

    All the best with the writer's block. Nothing lasts forever, thank feck! :)

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  17. You are the bird training QUEEN! Damn I wish we had birds near my house that could do that! They're all deep in the bush, though. Fantails are cute and all, but all they do is 'pi pi pi' (Hence "Piwakawaka")

    Ummmmmm, spider kinda got deaded. I couldn't sleep knowing that it was in the house and I couldn't get within 2m of it while it was still moving. No words to describe the terrors spiders give me. Spiders+Cockroaches+Lake weeds=Kevin Bacon.

    Have you tried stumble to beat writers block? I use the stumble+someone randomly coming in to deliver a message formula during NaNo, which means it may not be at all applicable to real writing.

    Take care and stay cool <3

  18. Replies
    1. I've never watched either, so you totally would have gotten away with that. ;)

  19. omg haha why are you SO AWESOME


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