Thursday, June 21, 2012

away with me they run

I'm not sure who's running the Department of Public Works in my town, but all of them need to be tossed into a deep river in a sack filled with big rocks.

This is where I live:

 Despite the fact that the rest of the town's roads are pitted with epic tire-destroying potholes because they haven't bothered to repair any of them in 3 years, my street and its surrounds aren't too bad.

So, naturally, the town should tear up and repave my street and the entire network of streets surrounding it.

I realize that it must take lots of planning to do road works and stuff. You've got to map out which roads you're going to repair and when and how you're going to shut them down without disrupting the residents too much.

But I'd really like to know what kind of demented cretin decided, "Hey let's have the construction guys roll into a neighbourhood made up entirely of 9 - 5 office workers at around 8.00 in the morning on a weekday.......

......and that way they can have all access to the main roads completely blocked by 8.30, just in time for everyone leaving for work."

Makes total sense.


I actually left for work early today. I still got to work late. Last week, getting to work was like an obstacle course of trying to avoid road works on the main roads (there was actually NO POSSIBLE WAY to get to work without getting stuck in giant traffic jams caused by road works). This morning, it was an obstacle course trying to get off my street. And all the upper-middle-class twats on my street were also trying to get out, so it was BEDLAM.

Ummmmmm here's an idea, folks. Why not start the road works at 9.00, when all the residents have already gone off to their jobs??


I dread to think what will await me when I get home at 5.30. Since these are the same people who, in winter,  like to plow my street [3 days after the snow storm] so that there's a two-foot pile of snow across the bottom of my driveway (and my driveway is like a vertical drop), I'm sure it will be something fantastic.


  1. You have my sincerest sympathy. Here, where I work, there is one section of street that the power company digs up about once every ten days. They've been doing this for a couple of years now. I have no idea what they're doing, but then, it seems, neither do they or else they would have dug it up ONCE and done it right.

  2. I sincerely believe some construction crews just tear up shit 'cause they don't know what else to do. (My apologies to anyone actually working in construction.)

    Anyway, been thinking of you.

  3. There is road work being done near my place and it is a fucking life takes me 3x as long to get out of my neighborhood now. T_T and that's with light traffic.

    Construction blows.

  4. Are you expecting intellegence from a city worker? um...

    Best advice, park far away and walk to your car every morning!

    Good luck getting to work! (whats between your dead end and the dead end next to you? You ever thought about driving a car through someones yard?)

  5. While the blokes who work on the roads are generally awesome people, it's the higher-ups who tell them when and where to work that are total fuckwads.

    Apart from when the got my Brother and his workmates to re-do all the cobbles in the Octagon at 3am to get rid of the "Occupy" people who weren't actually the Occupy protesters, more like pseudo-science goons and fluffy bunnies. . . They sorta moved in as the actual Occupy people moved out and set up camp where they didn't have to pay rent and had free wireless access. 3am roadworks made them move out pretty quick!

    I hope your roads are smooth and obstacle-free within the week <3

  6. This is why we need hover boots.

  7. This is actually really quite stupid of them. My guess is they figured that they weren't blocking the main road, from the main road itself. They should have given you some access to the main road, but that would imply they actually thought something through.

  8. i fucking hate construction sometimes. especially during traffic hours. <3

  9. As we say in Wisconsin, we have two seasons; winter and road construction! I feel your pain, sista, and logic is not found during many construction projects :[

  10. Sigh. As if you don't have enough frustration already.

    Love the Bambi deers though. And do i spy a fox or am i just crazy like one?

    Love ya,


  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they did indeed leave us a fun surprise--their tearing up of the road has left a 1-foot drop from my driveway, which makes it impossible for us to drive into the driveway. And they've covered the entire street in "NO PARKING TEMPORARY POLICE ORDER" signs.

    Apparently, we are expected to turn our cars into hovercrafts and park in mid-air.

  12. Holy shitballs, WTFF???! It sounds as bloody bad as here! Our lot pitch early and do bugger all for the better part of the day so they can claim overtime for working into the night! Major inconvenience! Clearly, they don't like going home! Joke time...

    A guy walks down the street and sees two roadside workers, one digging holes and the other filling them. He watches them carry this out over and over, digging and filling, digging and filling. Eventually, he can't stand it anymore, so he goes over and asks them: "Why are you digging and you filling? What's the point of that?" So the guy who's digging says: "Oh, the guy who puts the trees in the holes is off sick today, hey!" Only in Africa!

    I hope those sods get your driveway sorted and the holes fixed so they can all just bog off already and fast, too! Hang in there, sweet pea. Love you. :) ♥♥♥

  13. your little self-caricature looks strangely similar to Allie Brosh's from Hyperbole and a Half.

    1. I love her comics, so I'm hugely flattered. :) Not sure my MS Paint skills are quite up to her level tho...

  14. they sound like right old gits!


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