Wednesday, July 6, 2016

You know how much I love watching you work, but I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it; I'm swamped.

I missed Monday's mishmash (stolen from Kelly Hashway), so we'll do a Wednesday one instead. 

Both bosses are away this week and the office is DEAD. Bossman actually left a decent amount of stuff to do, but alas I managed to get everything done except the filing by noon yesterday. 

I'm thinking about paying someone $20 to come and do the filing for me. 

Currently reading 2 really good books. I'm sharing in case anyone is looking for something to read, as I cannot put either of them down. 

I don't usually like the supermarket murder-mysteries, but

It is very dark and extremely violent, and I'm pretty sure I already know the ending, but I still can't stop reading. 

I've also been on a sci-fi/apocalypse kick. I'm currently like halfway through the third book in the Breakers series. 

I think the first one is still free on Kindle. 

I went on a slight shopping spree on Saturday.  I was on a mission to acquire a rug. 

I was successful. And spent way too much money on new shoes (in fairness, I did actually need new shoes for work), a memory foam mattress cover (IT IS GLORIOUS), a doormat, 2 new skirts, some nice coasters, and a bed for the cats.

I've been visiting the birb sanctuary. 

That pond has been full of herons every day for like the last week. I also got some photos of a killdeer with her chicks, but I haven't put them on the computer yet. Baby birbs coming soon. 

M. stayed over on Sunday night. We visited our favourite winery on Monday. We also visited Sugar Loaf, where we found this on the ground next to M.'s car when we returned to our parking spot. 

It has to be at least 15 years old, but it's in amazing condition. And it definitely wasn't next to the car when we parked. It is now hanging up in my living room. 

Monday night, pretty much all of my neighbours were setting off fireworks. And not the dinky little "fireworks" you get at Walmart. Legit fireworks that you fire out of a cannon. Which are illegal in New York State, but since my town does not actually have any police, I guess laws do not apply. 


  1. We have police in my big city, but people set off fireworks frequently. They started the first of July and will probably continue through the next weekend. Cats stoned on catnip are hilarious. I love The Big Lebowski. The dude abides. I hate filing. I was responsible for filing, in addition to providing medical care, in an acute care clinic. I kept setting out the papers for filing in alphabetical order. Every day I'd file one or two out of a hundred or so pages. I also put some through the shredder. When I left, they had a huge stack of papers to file. I was so happy I had successfully avoided the filing.


  2. My wing is broken. SO BROKEN.

  3. Everyone has been mentioning that book! I gotta check it out!

  4. Ah, you should have heard the fireworks around here. It was like five shows were going at once.

    Nice score with the pennant. It's like the universe wanted you to have it.

    1. Not to copy Tempest, but I am broken, so broken. love you1

  5. "I'm thinking about paying someone $20 to come and do the filing for me." i'd say i'd do it but your currency has an awful exchange rate compared to me. i'd ask for 20BD instead of the $, but that's paying me $53 to do filing... which i'm sure your reaction to should be "piss off."

    i read the whole murder mystery thing, but not since i was... 16? 17?

    "a bed for the cats". a bed for me you mean? we kick the cats out of their bed, and take refuge together. we are both hobbit-sized. it should work.

    I WILL LET THE POLICE KNOW, but then again... pretty fireworks?

    i don't think we have any holiday that requires people firing fireworks. i do know that when i was a kid, there were like 2 or 3 events in the year, but now, i don't even bother with them.

    -Sam Lupin

  6. I'd love a memory foam mattress but I don't quite have enough for that yet. I could get those books at least. They look pretty interesting. You could always slip someone 20 bukcs to do the filing for you but make sure they know what they're doing or you'll have to clean up their mess, and it'll probably take longer.

  7. I've been wanting to read Pretty Girls and that sanctuary looks like a wonderful place :)

  8. comment reply:

    Outstanding? who said anything about an Outstanding!

    i will continue to doubt myself religiously unless i somehow leave med school with marks so high that my grade paper would be submitted to the police to investigate it for possession of cannabis.

    "unless you have perfect grades and do your last year of high in a school in England." aye, that sounds just about right. "but she had an advantage as she had originally been schooled in England until our parents brought them out here when she was like 10." i'm glad that turned out well for her! if there's anyone that beats the odds, i have no doubt they'd be coming from your family! ;)

    sister Ginny also has her own advantage towards studying abroad. i believe that many universities have a "first, we take in people from this country THEN we take in consideration all the other twats". Gin has an Irish passport so that puts her on a priority. unfortunately, i hope she never leaves the GCC otherwise she'll do stupid things and i refuse her to do it. her moral code is so questionable that i would've hesitated taking her down abroad in the first place, if not for the fact that in Sharjah (where she's studying now), the policy is so strict that when they see a man and woman talking together, the guards intrude.

    her recent plans are of getting away to Europe, getting into one of the universities there (what university would she get into with her 81% high school overall i don't know), getting a job (because unemployment is an issue because people are lazy) to support herself, and get brilliant grades whilst somehow balancing daily living, a mystical job in a country she doesn't know about and a university. by the way, in her current uni, she's failed the same module twice, and she has a 2,8 GPA that she's trying to hide from mum and dad (successfully thus far).

    my younger sister, known as Ron on blog, (Grade 7 going on Grade 8 in an American school) is already getting back report cards with 70%'s on them. she got a C- in PE. this is /after/ Mum took matters into her own hands and forced her to study for her examinations.

    our family is a hit and miss. either we achieve nothing or we achieve everything. usually "achieve everything" is the standard. one of my cousins, he'd be about 15-16 at the moment, has already achieved a grant from the government (aye, his grades are that pukka) and has a guaranteed job after he's finished studying.

    "....and speaking of doped up uni students, I promise you no college student will ever consume as many substances as an animation major. Also all animators are insane. ALL OF THEM." oh my God, this is 100%.

    -Sam Lupin

  9. Our main office moved to a new location a couple weeks ago and it is almost like a bird sanctuary. I heard a kookaburra today, saw a weird chicken-y looking thing running around (which piles tons of yard waste on it's eggs so the composting action will warm them), and there are two birds by the corner of the building that cry like human babies. Birds is good. I like birds.

  10. Where on earth is it that you live where there's no police!?
    I need a rug myself. Love that big lebowski meme. Karin Slaughter...I dig her writers name. Also love morbid books. Comedy will suck me in too. Currently reading The Missing Link by the writers of A beer for the shower blog. About the Internet going out and the world becoming chaos. It's humorous the way people handle the first "404 error" pages LOL
    Don't murder your wife. Take her to a farm up north.
    No I'm totally kidding. The day you read this I want you to go buy her flowers. If it's late at night when you read this...GET HER SOME TOMORROW MORNING! Do it for Harlynn. Besides your wife of course!

    1. Seriously. You better get her flowers. >.>

  11. We live within the city limits and have police, my neigbors plead amnesia every holiday! :)

  12. Ooo, I want a memory foam mattress too! I have a pillow and it is like Heaven. Why haven't I bought a mattress too?

    Every night when I've gone to bed I read true crime books to relax myself. The gorier the better. That's how I roll.

    Maybe that's why I have nightmares. Nah.


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