Friday, July 15, 2016

Listen, Big Deal. You got another problem. Women always figure out the truth. Always.

I have discovered that if I wear my glasses while taking photos, the pictures actually come out perfectly in focus.

Literally nothing to report, but thought I'd check in since I've been trolling around blogger most of the day and finding new blogs to read. Y'all gotta check out Bob's birb photos, they put mine to shame.

I'm becoming a regular at the birb sanctuary. Update:

incoming egrets
I got some really good photos last night hanging out there with Lil Bro#2. 

So many birbs.

 The other night, there were like 40 herons hanging out. I couldn't get great photos because they were too far away, but the lady I got to chatting to had one of those giant zoom lenses that looks like a rocket launcher, and she counted about 40. I keep on stopping there whenever I pass it hoping to get a shot of the Cedar Waxwings. I honestly never knew we had them around here, but one of my fellow bird nerds spotted one in his scope and let me and M. take a look. They are super fancy.

stolen from the Cornell Ornithology Lab's website
Any of y'all remember that time I complained about how frustrating it gets having the same conversation with Mumsy over and over and over and over? In case you forgot, here's an example:

It's been the same since they invented the internet.

like is she kidding

You guys

I can't

I other news, I've been watching The Force Awakens every night for like a week. I can probably recite it at this point.

Harleyquinn says hi.

I don't know how she does these things. I can only guess. 


  1. That's some trick, getting up there on the door. Definitely magic of some sort.

    I had a conversation with a student about passwords. He thought using "password" was so clever. When I pointed out it was so overused it was like not having a password at all, he replied that it was so obvious that no hacker would bother trying it.

    After a long conversation about why that assumption was wrong, I'm just going to wait until he gets hacked and laugh at him.

  2. Cedar Waxwings are my favorites. Used to see them every spring feasting on some kind of berry bush we had. Seems like they stayed for just a few days and then migrated south. Haven't seen them for years, probably need to get one of those berry bushes.

  3. Re your comment. Yeah I have the same with other people with eating disorders, I even have to be careful on here sometimes because I can get into the unhealthy habit of comparing myself and being all 'well, so and so weighs X stone and has a BMI of XX. I only weigh X stone and have a BMI of X so I can't be that bad!' I used to be awful with the whole competitive thing and having to be the thinnest/ sickest there. There's an eating disorders support group running, but I just refuse to go because my head goes into the comparison trap. There was loads of competition when I was in group therapy for BPD, so it's not just an eating disorder thing. Looking back it is odd though, I mean, who wants to be the best at their eating disorder or mental health problems? The only way you can 'win' is by ending up dead, or at best, doing some serious irreparable damage to yourself.

    I'm not able to go to AA meetings here annoyingly, because horrible ex attends AA and running into him would be really really bad for my mental health. It's annoying, because I used to attend AA, I even stopped drinking. I like the fact you can go to a meeting anywhere and they're all sort of the same, and they're so friendly and welcoming. Slightly culty, but then I love that shit. The problem is York is a small place, and so I know all the AA people, and yeah, it's pretty cliquey and bitchy. The only option I have would be to travel to Leeds, the next city along, and I'm reliant on public transport/ nice friends doing favours, and travel is hard anyway. I hope this doesn't come across as me making excuses, it's just I'm really not wanting to run into horrible ex/ people who he's made up crap about me to. Maybe one day if I feel stronger?

    I do go to a support group on a Wednesday evening, which is more general, although I'm not attending that often, but that's helpful, and I keep in contact with all those people too. I also make sure I keep being honest with my friends and family, because eating disorders thrive on secrecy.

    I've seen the force awakens so many times now (we have it on dvd and my son loves it and watches it every day!) I love it, they just got it so right!

    Also password :D haha! My grandfolks are like that, either that or they'll tell me exactly the same story about something that they've told me about 20 times before when they see me!


  4. If I lived next to a birb sanctuuary I would most likely be a regular myself. I go to the seal sanctuary every year after all. Both of my cats have now gotten onto the garage. I have no idea how. I also assume witchcraft.

  5. Cats are good at levitating, obviously. One of mine makes it to the top of the wardrobe, from the floor apparently, and that can't be right. Can cats jump that high?

    We, the kids, had to write down mum's password for the ipad, on a A4-sized paper attached to the ipad.

  6. I'm in the exact same situation with my mother. Only she asks me for her passwords for email, or Facebook. And as much as I try not to get angry I'm bubbling up on the inside.
    Your cat is amazing!

    Hope you're having a good week :)

  7. It's a shame you're not wearing a band t-shirt in the current sketch. I'd like to know what comes after Marilyn Manson ---> David Bowie ---> ?

    Our old accountant at work used the word "password," but mixed it up so it was like p@$$w0rd or something. It still didn't give me much confidence in that accountant.

  8. Ahaha, your ma and the password dilemma.
    My ma's caught on somewhat with technology.

  9. Password! Lmao! Your mom is great!

  10. Your mom is funny and I can see my mom doing that. The picture of the Cedar Waxwings are beautiful. They look like velvet to me. My ex takes great pics and has a rocket launcher for a lens

  11. i still can't imagine you're my friend. and that you drew for me. you're sort of a big deal to me tbh.

    "I have discovered that if I wear my glasses while taking photos, the pictures actually come out perfectly in focus." this... i love you.

    those little buggers look so precious!

    oh my God, i guffawed when i saw the Marilyn Manson pic of yours.


    HARLEYQUINN IS BABE. oh my God, i want to be able to learn how to do that

    comment reply:

    i have to admit something: i have never bought a Christmas Cadbury selection box. mostly because when it's Christmas, there's usually more treats to saturate myself with. i know they sell it here and i looked it up. there are Curly Wurlies in that box apparently. THAT would be the first thing i'd ever trade (if i had someone to trade it with). i'd take your Crunchie if you'd take my Curly Wurly.

    i've had a cheese toastie, quark and cottage cheese today. how can you not eat cheese?? what about pizza? oh God.

    "You picture is almost done, just have to finish the fence and the windows. Then you can give me an address if you want. The original belongs to you." what asdfghjkl; you'll actually send it?? if you do, how will i do this? email? do you want to add me on Facebook??

    -Sam Lupin

  12. Neither of my cats are smart enough to go door surfing. I hope it stays that way.

    My mom is the exact same way. I setup her password to be her cat's name. That's it. But she'll still call me when she gets accidentally signed out to ask what the password is. At one point, she even wrote it down, but then she lost it. And it's her same password for every single account she's ever had. Maybe she should just have it tattooed on the back of her hand.

  13. Agile kitty! And oh yeah, those cedar waxwings are extra pretty. We have them here, too, though I'm too blind to ever get a good look.

  14. That is an amazing kitty. Super cute as well.

    I teach computer classes and it never ceases to amaze me how obvious people are in picking passwords. Besides the over use of the actual word "password" people often use their child's name or street name. While those might be a tad harder for a hacker to figure out, certainly not impossible.

  15. We got the occasional Waxwing out here, back when I was laid off a few years back and could blow off sleep from 2-4 AM while Scrappy barked at the raccoon going after the suet cake. Nowadays, not so much.

  16. I had the same thought as Liz, re: using "password" as a password...but then I thought that maybe it's just an example of a really easy-to-remember password and the point is, your mum cannot remember the password. Even if it is "password" she really ought to write it down.

    2004 Mich is awesome. Love the purple hair and glam boots.

    Hi Harleyquinn...or more like highHarleyquinn. Cause she's up high. Ha ha...
    I'll let myself out. Great pic btw.

  17. Uh oh. I think I now know how the kids are starting to feel about talking to me. I'm slowly creeping my way up to fifty and I am beginning to ask those kinds of questions too. Crap. Where'd I put my keys?

  18. I laughed out loud with the password. I knew someone that actually did that. I laughed then too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  19. Oh my god, yes. Why can parents never remember passwords?!


  20. I got the House Bolton thing.
    I may watch too much TV.

  21. I got the House Bolton thing.
    I may watch too much TV.

    1. Ahhhhh, Mich, I love you. Wish I could ask for advice, but that is so selfish Much love,t

  22. I love birbs so much! We left a talking budgie in the U.S. and I miss him so much! When we settle down more, I have my heart set on a budgie with a trio of button quails that will be named The Fluffnuggets Three. I haven't named the hypothetical budgie yet.


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