Friday, July 29, 2016

Where's my boyfriend? I like that wookie...

Despite the unholy temperatures, camping was pretty fun. It cooled down at night, so at least Lil Bro#2 and I did not have to bail on our tent and flee for air conditioning.

It's funny how many little quirks and weird personality traits are already there in your brain, rather than being the product of your life experiences. This can be evidenced from Tuesday's campsite crafting hour, wherein Lil Bro#2 and I--without consulting each other--both felt the need to choose little ceramic monsters to paint, and we also felt it necessary that monsters should always have blood on their teeth.

 Aside from reading and drinking, most of us spent the camping trip playing Pokemon Go. Even Big Sis#2 is playing. All of us are completely inept at it, although I must say I am proud of my collection so far.

Eevee will have a better name later; apparently calling it "Rainer" is the only way to guarantee it turns into the Mermaid Dog, which is the only reason I'm playing this.

Because the Mermaid Dog is the best thing ever

next to the Pink Flying Kitten, who I'm not even sure you can catch in this game.

All ridiculousness aside, Pokemon has actually gotten me motivated to get of my lazy arse and do some exercise. You have to walk certain distances if you want to hatch the eggs you pick up (2 km, 5 km, or 10 km depending on the egg). I've got 8 eggs waiting to be hatched, so I need to walk 34 km to hatch all of them.

This game has also had some positive effects on the kids in town. The post office across the street from my apartment is a Pokestop, and it seems that all the village children have thrown aside cliques and differences in age in favor of hanging out together over there most evenings to catch Pokemon.

Also, the Wit's End Tavern is a Pokemon gym, which amuses me to no end.

Any of you guys playing? It's good craic.


  1. I don't get the P-man thing, but at least it is having some beneficial affects and getting people outdoors.

    When will they come out with "Hotbabes Go?"

  2. I don't play games (I'm horribly boring) but I'm glad you made it through camping and even got a cool little bloody-toothed monster out of it!

  3. I want to play the game just around my home (I don't get out too much with the walk and it it so hot here) Just to see if there are any Pokemons outside with the mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, javelines and other critters that hang around my home.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  4. I don't play, but recently a teenage boy and his girlfriend were arrested because #1 they were out in a park at 1am and #2 there was a report of a burglary and the boy's vehicle matched the description. I really don't get being out in the middle of the night to "capture" a cartoon. But then, I'm old and grumpy. Humph.

  5. I don't play this! Lol I can't get into Pokemon.

  6. I like the blood on the teeth. It's a good look. Maybe I can imitate it with lipstick.


  7. Camping...drinking and monsters with blood on their teeth. Life doesn't get much better.

  8. Camping...drinking and monsters with blood on their teeth. Life doesn't get much better.

  9. I remember Pokemon from my days working at the toy store. I did crochet a Pokeball, but other than that, I'm ignoring the game.

  10. I'm not playing, but it did create a new semi-regular post for me, and there is a Poke-stop just across from our bark park...

  11. oh my God. how did you lads even manage to paint that? it's bloody incredible.

    there's no Pokemon Go to download here yet. though the last time i checked had to be a few days ago. i bet we'll get it 3 years from now. oops.

    though everyone and their grandmother is obsessed with this game now. makes me wonder how bloody good it must be.

    i remember nothing of my Pokemon days. funny thing because i did grow up on it, and i did watch the TV show and whatever films they'd pounded out obsessively. it is a blur in my childhood. and i watched Digimon too. and i used to play video games around it. do i remember any of it? none of it.

    34km? for eggs? oh wow.

    God, i bet you that everyone will be tight and toned from all that walking and here i am sitting with my wobbly arse.

    as most HP fans have said, i'm now genuinely waiting for Harry Potter Go. should be released with Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them (better be).

    comment reply:

    ("wind chill" and "118.4 Fahrenheit" cannot exist in the same sentence.) <-aye, this weather is awful. i can't go outside at night without my glasses being fogged up. and i feel like i'm suffocating. and i can't even feel the air conditioning when i blast it on full. i just go from "dying" to "dying slightly less."

    i've watched Bottom. i think it's good fun. it makes no sense at all, but it's funny. and i do have a few screencaps. i think my life is just 90% loving these Brit sitcoms. Only Fools and Horses literally made me weep 4 times. after each character death and each pregnancy related scene. now that it's fading from my memory, i have to watch a few eps just to feel good about myself again.

    i would've gone for a full stretch, having have made it to 30 without going to the dentist since i was a wee lad, but people made me believe that my teeth were going to rot overnight. (thankfully it didn't. and they're still intact.)

    speaking of camping (Percy forgot), he'd wandered about the official campsite yesterday. just to drive the car round for the first time! he can't wait to take the car out later. he's going to be driving himself to Zumba. ;) (with his father chaperoning of course)

    -Sam Lupin

  12. Love the ceramic crafts you and your bro did.

    I don't understand Pokemon at all. The thing about today's technology seems to be that the things that my 8 year old grandson can master in a minute is totally beyond my grasp.

  13. "Grumpypod","weird thing", "Bong hit" I'M DYING

    I've not played it (I'll stick to my Gameboy, thank you very much) but I'm a huge Pokefan. Still have my series 1 trading cards and first gen games. My brother is though. On the way home from visiting mum in hospital on Saturday night, he drove past the waterfront and there were like 100+ people with their heads in their phones. It's nuts.


  14. Thanks to that bloody game I've walked about 60 miles in the past two weeks and have left my house every single day.

    It's bloody terrible. This is the exact opposite of who I'm supposed to be. Also yes "Rainer" does get you the Mermaid Dog. I don't know if the flying pink kitten is in the game but apparently its bigger mutant brother is and some people in Japan caught it. Hell if I know. All I know is I'm getting up, I'm getting out, and I'm having fun doing it.

    At least until the servers crash.

  15. comment reply:

    had to consult the internet, but i'll get a Tesla if you come over here. ;)

    hope you're doing alright, princess xxxx

    -Sam Lupin

  16. I do like your monsters...they are cute in a gory way. It sounds like you had a great time camping. I remember my niece collecting those Pokemon cards and now kids and adults are looking for these things everywhere. I don't have a newer cell phone( I have a flip phone that is about 9 years old..yup I am archaic) so I can't get into the action. This actually is getting kids and adults off their butts!

    1. Mich, Thank you soooooooooo much, card to follow! love you tons!

    2. Mich, I miss you soooo much, I hope everything is okay! Sending Love!

  17. Whoa, you have a 310 CP Ratatabanana? Dayum!

    (I just wanted to look cool. I have no idea what any of that means)

    I kind of want to play this, but I also kind of want to accomplish things. Can we assume that you not posting in 2 weeks is a direct result of Pokemoning*?

    *totally a verb

    1. LOL
      They need to team up with Google maps permanently. Show what's private property, cemetery's, and apparently Pokepeople need to know location of the edge of cliffs and rivers.

  18. I love the ceramic paintings! Of course they need bloody teeth. Hehe.'s more entertaining watching the news about dudes falling into the Detroit River, and the guy who was locked into the U of M parking lot. The chick I'm cat sitting for almost got arrested for going onto private property to get a squirtle. Kids are walking all over my dads farm...and he's not too happy. Ahaha.
    I can't even. Love that they made it for the reason of secluded gamers getting out. Meeting others who are actually active in the world.
    Some guy caught them all by traveling the world. Google it!!


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