Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shield wall!!!

This weekend is the Big Family Camping Trip. Tomorrow we all set off for the campgrounds for three days, and I am currently procrastinating in the packing department and trying not to be super-anxious about leaving my kiiiikiiiiiiiiiiis with their babysitter (a lady from church who loves cats). 

We have three sites at the campground. Lil Bro#2 and I will be hard-core-man-camping in a tent. Stepmom, Dadum, Lil Bro#1, and his weird girlfriend will be glamping in the camper. And Big Sis#2, Useless-in-Law, and Niecey G will be not-quite-camping in a cabin with running water, bathrooms, and air conditioning. 

I think it's safe to presume that Lil Bro#2 and I got the highest concentration of viking blood out of everyone. 

I received my first electric bill of the high summer today and nearly fell over.  Running the air conditioning all day multiple times a week is effing expensive. However, I would rather have cold air than eat regular meals, so I shall be cutting down on groceries in order to pay for the continued running of the air conditioning. 

The next person who tells me this weather is better than bitter winds and -20 degrees F will have my heat rashes RUBBED ALL OVER THEIR EFFING FACE. 

I HATE the summer when it gets this hot. Absolutely fecking hate it. I would rather it snowed every day of the year. I would rather sit outside in temperatures of such extreme cold your skin actually hurts. My body can't take this heat. I am covered in one giant heat rash. I have a headache that never goes away, just varies in its severity depending on how hot it gets. And my appetite has plummeted to the point where I have apparently lost enough weight to cause my family to voice concerns about an ED relapse. 

If I ever make enough money, I'm moving to Svalbard

Hope the rest of you are handling the weather better than I am. I'm going back to my Pokemon stalking.....


  1. You will have fun!

    I hate it when it gets this hot, too, but I'm in Houston and we know it is coming every year.

  2. And so, with the heat being so oppressive, and rashes blooming all over ya, why oh why are you going camping??????? Maybe you should sleep in the air conditioned cabin, eh?

  3. I feel you. A few years ago when the AC was out in my car, I would end up dizzy and nauseated for hours after a short drive in the unrelieved heat. I can't walk Xander - even at 6:30 am - without returning with my clothes clinging to me with sweat. Fortunately, no rashes yet this year, but heat rash is in my skill set, too. I have turned the apartment up to 76 for maybe the first time in my life, but my kneejerk reaction is to keep it at 72 on the hottest days so at least I don't feel like death while I'm indoors.

    Summer is evil. It can die already.

  4. Afraid we don't have that problem here in Ireland
    But you know that already
    We mainly get lots of rain
    Followed by more rain

    Sorry I have been AWOL recently my dear
    Work has prevented me being so present on blogger
    But I am here
    I am reading
    And sending you much love x

  5. camping? in the heat? i know camping is a summer thing for some people, but here, it is strictly a winter thing.

    we camp in tents with air conditioning, just not bathrooms. and electricity (i know). but we have a tent there that is ALWAYS up like always. it's just there's this place here were everyone camps.


    i do love how ironic it is that on one hand, you're camping in man tent and on other hand YOU NEED AIR CONDITIONING MORE THAN REGULAR MEALS. bad Mich.

    HEAT RASHES? that's a thing??? what?

    oh my god. i hope that you feel better soon (i.e. the weather is better) and i've never had heat do this to someone before. that's bloody awful. i honestly would rather with the constant heat than the cold, but i CANNOT stand it when it gets hot, humid and hazy. i NEED GLASSES TO SEE. it is hard to see when you are busy trying to wipe your glasses, put them back on only for them to fog up in 3 seconds. and this weather? i pity anyone that has allergies. or bloody asthma.

    speaking of feeling better, i do hope that with the new apartment that you're doing better mentally. xxx i believe there was a breakdown post at some point, and i do remember that. and i do think of you (deeply).

    what the hell is that weather i would die there


    -Sam Lupin

  6. I'm with the family in the cabin. I hate camping. Love the wilderness, but not sleeping on the ground. I'm weak that way.

    I understand completely the whole a/c thing. I turn into a whiny little girl when it gets hot. And I get very cranky when kiddos tell me the classroom is too cold. Seriously! It's like 90+ outside, and they want me to turn off the a/c. Not. Happening.

  7. If I had the reactions to heat you did, I'd like winter too. But I don't so I'll enjoy the AC and wait for darkness.

  8. I left a comment earlier that promptly vanished when I hit the publish button so please excuse any duplicates from me.

    I am not a huge fan of tent camping and think you are to be commended for your bravado to "rough" it. I, on the other hand, am a wuss (times infinity). Which brings me to the fact it's hotter than the surface of the sun right now and me even going out into nature is not making the "to do' list any time soon.

    Give me a foot of snow any day of the week over 115 degree heat index that seems to be inclined to hang over Kansas. I actually went to a doctor last week because my heat rash got so bad, I thought maybe it was shingles. (it wasn't)

    1. Yes! Give mw winter over summer any day1 My husband keeps the AC ay between 68 and 66 all day long....I go outside to get to get w a r m in the humindity of Virginia! Take care of yourself, my dear!

  9. I'm not great with the sun either so I feel your pain. My desk is next to an open window but even then I need the fan on. Plus I'm going outside more often. I even have a hat now to keep my hair in place because it's a nightmare when I sweat. I hope you enjoy your camping trip. That's definitely three levels of camping but you are all living out in the wilderness at least. That's the main point.

  10. Sorry the heat affects you so. I'm just the opposite. The cold makes me want to shrivel up and die and I'd rather be sweltering on any day than freezing which is what usually happens all winter since the only place that's warm enough for me is my house and, assuming I want to work and make $, I can't stay there all day every day all winter long. Hope you have a blast camping :)

  11. The town in which I grew up had the most temperate climate I have ever experienced. -50F, maybe a bit colder, in winter & max. 75F in summer. Most of the time the temps hovered between 62F to 68F, with little exception. Things have 'spiced up' over the past 10 years, or so it seems, and we regularly see high 70s in spring & fall. Summer, in the hometown as well as in SF, is mostly cool with temps in the 60s. I freaking LOVE it. I have lived in other places where it gets hot in summer and cold in winter, and I didn't dig it.

  12. Hope you had a good trip. Electric bills are the worst. Winter is the killer for me. I have the aircon on heating pretty much 24/7, but am about to buy a new electric throw blanket to take around the house with me instead. I can deal with summer in light clothes without the aircon most of the time (not that either extreme is better or worse).


  13. So...I'm going to have to side with the family in the cabin. I need running water, a shower, oh and hey, can we also get some A/C thrown in for good measure along with a hotel room on the beach? That's how I'll camp :) I hear ya on the headache front. I've been a hot mess, pun intended. It's been tough! Hope it gets better soon and have fun being a viking!

  14. I absolutely hate this summer weather too. I burn, I get heat rashes, and I feel so weak, as if I was dying of consumption. I can't wait for autumn, with crisp air, and a bit of a chill.

    1. Love you Mich and the beautiful painting! A card soon!

  15. Mich, I am worried about you. I hope you are okay! Sending love!


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