Monday, May 2, 2016


Howdy, friends. 

I had a pretty good weekend. I rounded it off by taking a *sick* day today, and slept until 2.00 PM. 

Saturday, Lil Bro#1 and I went to visit the kittens. Their eyes are open and they're walking now--albeit a bit drunkely--and we managed to spend over two hours playing with them without realizing how much time had passed. 

Lord Byron is the biggest and most active:

To get an idea of their size, here's me with Nugget:

Nugget is super adorable, with big bug-eyes that make her look permanently surprised.

Niblets is almost identical to Nugget, except she doesn't have the bug-eyes:

Tyrese is the second largest and second most active:

Here's a cuter photo of him:

There is really nothing like a bunch of tiny kittens to make you feel better. 

Sunday, Stepmom and I went to visit the apartment again. 

She loved it. 

I'm just waiting for the landlord to send me the lease now. I'll probably move in around June 1st. Stepmom wants to paint and have the bedroom closet redesigned for maximum storage space. The landlord said to send him the receipts for any and all things we do as far as painting and redesigning the closet space, and he'll take it off the next month's rent. 

And in case you haven't met your quota for feeling adequately disturbed for the day, here's some music Lil Bro#2 sent me:

In his words, "It's good music if you want to blow your brains out but also still get work done."


  1. Those kittens are more than adorable, I can see how they make you feel better! I wish I could have a cat, however, husband is nor a cat person. happy to hear you took a day off, yay for you, sleeping in late, you so dsereve it! I hope you get the apartment!

    1. Haha, Fatty Boom, Boom, should be my song, I have never been this FAT! I disgust me!

    2. Hey, thanks lil Bro #2, maybe that's what's wrong with me./....that's inside me!

  2. There is definitely nothing better than kittens to put a smile on your face - unless it's puppies.

  3. I'm kinda in love with Tyrese....he looks like a squalling little bastard. LOL!

  4. That's cool you're able to make changes to the apt. and be reimbursed by the landlord for it! Congrats are in order, Mich. May the new apt. treat you well! (The kitties rule, btw.)

  5. KITTENS! KITTENS! KITTENS! Okay. I'll try to calm down now. It's quite nice that the landlord will reimburse you for improvements. My son has done a lot of work on his rental house, but he does it at his own expense. The song is a bit much for me.


  6. Ahhhh, so cute! So tiny!
    I nearly spat my coffee out when I scrolled to the picture of Tyrese. Holy shit.
    But awwww, those eyes! He's a devil in disguise.
    Maybe I should go to the shelter and sit with all the kitties.

    Does that mean you're taking the apartment?! Yay! Painting and redesigning is so much fun. I've nearly got my new sewing room finished. It only took me like 5 months to finish painting!


  7. Good luck with the move. Those kittens are so, so cute.


    I need Lord Byron in my life.

  9. I come to you to reply after being the worst blogging friend, pretty much ever, and your page greets me with kittens. Not just one but MANY ADORABLE KITTENS. They remind me so, so much of my Jasmine when she was little (only she was like a ball of floof with eyes). And I now feel even worse about a lack of general 'being aroundness'. However...

    Congratulations seem to be in order!! It's so weird how much changes, but good luck with EVERYTHING. It sounds like the apartment is going very positively. I hope it remains that way. Get alllllll the sleep too. If anyone deserves it, you do.

    As for the book, I guess I am starting to think about really doing it. But coming up with all new material seems very daunting right now. Had such a writing dry spell for the last few months. Blech. I have been in hospital (mystery illness related to hypertension, so unusual for someone of my 'tender young age' -- I have met some very interesting individuals in the health profession in the last few months, to say the least), hence my general absence. Also the writer's block, but mainly the illness thing.

    I am very excited to catch up on all things Mich.
    Muchos loves to you, I have missed you so much. XXX

  10. I don't know what's better; kittens or a new home. Why not both? Those kittens are adorable and you're right; that one does look permanently surprised. Oh the wonders of life you shall see little kitten.

    1. oh, holy moly, is that what's gonna come out of me in a little than less than a momth from no...? Agggggggg!


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