Friday, May 6, 2016

Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.

Cat hair really sucks. Especially when you get cat hair on your face.

Because when you wipe that one hair away

you get more cat hair on your face, and when you try to wipe that away

you may as well just give up because it's never coming off. It's not coming off the bed either, or the sofa, or your clothes, or out of your cup of tea. 

In fairness, some of that is my fault. I probably shouldn't use the Simple Cat as a vanity table every morning. 

Oh the joy of having cats.

I had my DNA tested when had a sale for St. Patrick's Day. Got the results this week:

I'm a lot more English than I thought I was. 

It's been cold and raining for like 10 days; I think my Irish relatives sent me their weather.

Hope y'all are having a nice start to your weekend. Here's a terrifying picture of Winnie the Pooh:


  1. Love your pictures of you trying to shed the kitty hair...once it's there, forget it, it's there to stay. "Simple Cat" in the sink is priceless!

    Thanks for the photo of Pooh...I shall be haunted forever...

    Have a lovely weekend! Sending Love!

  2. Your cat looks so cute, though! I remember Nan's cat used to sleep in the sink too. That's where he relieved himself too, but I digress...

    As always, love your illustrations! Have a great weekend!

  3. Pooh! No! No! My mother made a Winnie the Pooh for me when I was little. I slept with him every night until I wore him out. Then she made another one. I'm surprised I don't still have Pooh in my bed, but I'm satisfied with Penelope cuddles. The vanity table cat is hilarious. I know what you mean about hair, but it isn't cats alone. I get a little tuft of Franklin's hair somewhere on my body or clothes. Then I'm covered in dog hair that won't go away.


  4. It's hard to believe I only have one cat. There seems to be enough cat hair on me and around me at any given time to account for several additional cats.

    The last two times I have gone to the eye doctor, it turned out I had cat hair on my contact lenses. I couldn't tell - she could.

    So I could really relate with that.

  5. A few things: cat-sink, Pooh-teeth, May-rain.

    I ended my feral cat feeding gig today. I'm glad to be moving, but not glad to leave the cats.

  6. Works with doggy hair too ~ especially when you wear black capri's....and your friend sees the white hairs and assumes we have a cat.
    I've always wanted to have my DNA tested, just seems like I don't ever have the extra $$. What do the yellow circles mean?

  7. And apparently you are a Game of Thrones that show.

  8. Omg. That Winnie! I need him lol.

  9. *calms down*

    Chapstick + cat hair = eternal suffering.

  10. sticky tape......when I was out west (the Good old days?) , taking care of my mum, that was the answer.....ever Old Yellow Cat liked to be "sticked taped" :)

  11. I hear you on the cats. I love mine to pieces but it would great if they would sleep anywhere else but on my pillow.

  12. I'm allergic to cats, so I don't own any, touch any, or play with any. But, I still think they're adorable. (Who doesn't love cat videos???) I do have a dog (and have had more than one). Their hair isn't all that fun, either. But they sure are nice to have around.

    Cheers! (Since you're now English and all...)

  13. Dog hair. At the urinal. In the Eye. Wearing glasses.

    I'd like to do one of those ancestry things but I'm cheap and already know it will be French and German.

  14. Bahahaha, that cat vanity is quite classy. I feel you on the accumulation of cat hair while attempting to get a smaller amount off.
    Tried finding info on my paternal grandmother on but found nothing...

  15. I have 2 cats, but those really don't shed much. No, it's the dogs, particularly the Shiba Inu that leaves clouds of hair all around the house.

    I love the cat vanity. I wish either of my cats let me put things on them, but they just aren't the sit still type. Even as I type this, asshole #1 is staring at the blinds, pondering how best to climb them.

  16. when i had my cat, oh God - no matter what you did, Christoph's fur would be forever glued on top of my clothing. grrr. whatever.

    i thought there would be more Irish, like 60% Irish.

    "It's been cold and raining for like 10 days; I think my Irish relatives sent me their weather." AYE TO TELL YOU IT SHOULD BE 60% IRISH

    "the rain gets warmer." i'm going to die.


    also, as a reply to the comments you've left on my tabs, I'LL BE BACK I PROMISE.

    -Sam Lupin

  17. Cat hair is really annoying. I had to wash my writing gloves because they had too much cat hair on them and I ended up losing one of them and having to buy more. I love my cats, but I could do without all the shedding.

  18. A haha kitty vanity. My cats would never let me. They'd run off with the brush. I'd like to do the DNA thing, see how much Scottish is really there.
    And what does it say about me that I'm guessing what makeup you use when I should be focused on how Simple Cat has ears flicked back in the official kitty annoyance pose?
    Maybelline mousse foundation, their mascara, rimmel pressed powder, and the two black lid jars are either bareminerals or bare escentuals, I can't always tell those brands apart.
    Now focus on kitty vanity, geez, Me!

  19. All these years I thought I was all Irish. Then, I found out my maternal great-grandfather was from England.
    Who knew we had a Brit in the woodpile?

    1. Hi Mich, guess what? Our Scottie, Theo, just bit the new Morom Bishop that came to call...I had him(Theo) in my arms, he has never done anything like this in his life, I feel terrible....although, do you think he knew who they were? Aggh, I should just go to bed, obviously Theo has no worries!

  20. As I write this, my keyboard is covered in cat hair. There are nose marks on the screen (the female loves to chase the cursor) and the male is lying on my desk demanding belly rubs. I for one hail our new overlords.


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