Monday, May 16, 2016

kitten overload and some other things that happened

Friday afternoon, Lil Sis graduated from the Rutgers business school with so many honors she could barely stand up.

Saturday morning, Lil bro#2 graduated from Houghton college.

A photo of him in his ruff was Houghton College's facebook profile pic for most of the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, Mumsy effectively ruined my weekend (again) via text messages, telling me I'm a horrible person because I should have gone back to Lil Sis's apartment after the graduation to hang out with them instead of leaving for the 5+ hour drive up to Houghton.

Had I left Rutgers much later than I did (4.45 PM), Lil Bro#1 would have been asleep and therefore unable to guide me to the camper when I got to the campsite, which would then have resulted in me sleeping in my car. But noooooooooooo because I posted a pic of Lil Bro#2 in his ruff on facebook before I posted any photos of Lil Sis, OBVIOUSLY I'm a shite sister and I love Lil Bro#2 more, which means I love Dad more than Mumsy, which means Mumsy loses the game only she has ever been playing since their custody battle started in 1986.

(I drank quite a bit on Saturday night.)

We played this for like 3 hours, and most rounds resulted in us laughing until we cried. Then me and Lil Bro#2 tried to teach the 16-year-old German exchange student (she's staying with the cousins who came up for the graduation) how to play baseball, because she wanted to learn*.

When I woke up Sunday morning, it was snowing.

The snow persisted for most of the drive home, then turned to rain when I left Pennsylvania and crossed back into New Jersey. Because I was still pissed off at my mother, I took a detour.

Laur was doing some spring cleaning, so she basically just put me in the kitten room and left me there for like an hour.

They played for little while. Tyrese went into their bed after a few minutes to nap. 

Nugget and Niblets eventually joined Tyrese for a nap. I let Lord Byron chew on my hand.

He got very cute and snuggly.

Then he fell asleep purring.

I want to steal all of them.

June 1st I can move into the apartment. I am counting the days.

*Lil Bro#2 and I do not know how to play baseball. A very bastardized version of it will be returning to Germany.


  1. politics is nearly as petty and childish as political politics. Sorry your mumsy ruined what should have been a joyous occasion. I'm sure your sister understands the logistics and all.

    Those little kitties are too adorable. Best stress relief ever amirite? And I was all excited that you knew baseball well enough to teach a German girl...but then I saw the asterisk and LOLed.

    Shameless plug: I have finally decided to blog again. I promise I wont delete again unless I'm really really super duper wrist cuttingly depressed. :/

  2. Your little sis is so pretty! Good luck with your move!!

  3. Aren't those kittens just the cutest things ever. Are you going to be able to take one to your apartment?
    Good for you for making both sibs graduation. It's unfortunate there was drama involved, but you were there for both of them. And I'm sure they appreciated it.

  4. Your note at the end holds true for me, too. I had family from Pakistan come over once and they were watching American football, asking me how it was played. They might have been better off just googling it. I hope they're never in a real game. Everyone back in pakistan is going to be playing something not at all like our game after this.

    The kittens are wonderful and Lord Byron is amazing!

    1. Oh, there can never be enough kittens, believe me! Lil' Sis reminds me of nephew, but I am sure she is cooler (sorry Nephew!), loved the baseball story! And Lil' Bro in his "Percy Ruff"!

      I want you life so much, can I join you, I have a bit of money........xoxo

  5. The important thing is, can she say "squirrel"?

    Mumsy can go cough up a hairball.

    Lord Byron was already my favorite; this confirms that I should trust my instincts. Forgot about mailing package (that feeling that I was forgetting something? yeah, it was right today) so I should be able to get cthu out on Wednesday.

  6. Goodness, you worked it out, forget Mum, My X mil hated me. I just smiled and plotted my revenge.
    Love the Ruff !

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  7. Big congratulations to your brother and sister
    And to you for surviving the family politics
    You did the right thing
    Sometimes family members are just looking for things to pull us up on

    Aw the kittens are so adorable
    You really can't beat some time with animals
    They truly feed our souls

    Best of luck with the new apartment
    Can't wait to see photos

    Take care Chica x

  8. I like the idea of teaching a German exchange student your version of baseball. :) May the game spread like wildfire in her native land!

  9. Oh my on all the cute kitties. I love kitties.

    I linked this post to my Awww Mondays post.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺


    Mumsy could almost be entertaining if it weren't so sad. Her and my dad after five beers would have made a great couple.

    1. Love you, Mich and the Kittens couldn't be more adorable! Congrats to making it to both graduations, inspite of MUM!

  11. There's nothing like kittens to cheer one up. Sometimes I look at facebook simply for the dog and cat vids for a laugh.

  12. Your lil bro rocks the ruffle collar! I hope it becomes a regular part of his wardrobe :P

    I'm melting at the kitty photos. Never mind equine therapy - I want feline therapy!


  13. I need a kitten room. I need to fill that room with all the kittens I can find. This is the best idea ever and I don't know why I didn't do it before. Sorry to hear that your mumsy was being like that. Remember that you know the truth. Just keep that in mind and it should be easier to deal with her.

  14. If Mumsy is still this needy (and looking for validation in this way), you absolutely must not play this game. I know this is easy to say and hard to do. Is it possible when you're in the moment to see what the truth in what is happening and decide to not play along? To decide to not let this get to you? If the drinking on Saturday night was a result of Mumsy giving you grief, she won (sort of). If it was celebratory, she didn't. Does that sense? You're a grown woman. She's a grown woman. You're siblings just graduated from college and are grown people. Mumsy needs to get over it already. I'm adding Mumsy to the prayer list. Sounds like she needs it.

  15. I remember exquisite corpse as a comic, I believe I still have them?

  16. Congrats to your siblings! You were there for the graduation, that's more than enough. Those kittens are too cute! Lol, you named one Tyrese.

  17. Those kittens are adorable!

    Lol on the graduating with honors. I had a bunch of cords and medals. It was funny.

  18. adorable kitties are good therapy for a bad mum encounter. :)

  19. Adorable kittens and congratulations to your siblings for graduating and to you for being there. The day I grew up was the day I faced my mother and told her I had my own life and that though she was free to have her own thoughts about it, she could not manipulate me with them. Thanks for visiting me in blogland.


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