Thursday, May 12, 2016

Would you mind telling me then what those four years of college were for? What was the point of all that hard work?

How do families with twins handle college graduation if the kids are at schools on opposite sides of the country and have their college graduations on the same day? Does one parent go to each? And how do you decide? Do you flip a coin? Finally admit that you have a favourite and go to theirs, and send the other parent to the other college?

At least in our family with its multiple sets of parents, no one had to make that decision this weekend.

Except for me and Big Sis#2, who have the good fortune of being related to both graduates.

Lil Sis's graduation ceremony for Rutgers Business School is tomorrow (Friday) morning. Lil Bro#2's graduation from Houghton College is Saturday morning.

Lil Sis also has a second graduation ceremony on Sunday morning, which I had not planned on attending because no. Turns out I couldn't have gone anyway, because President Obama is the speaker for that graduation and now each student may only have 3 family members attend. I'll be staying up at Houghton in the RV because that town has only one motel, and the motel has only 3 rooms.

I bought Lil Bro#2 one of these:

He has agreed to wear it over his graduation robe.

I have packed pretty much every piece of clothing I own because our weather is at that awkward stage where it's freezing in the morning, 80 degrees by the afternoon, and then cold again at night.

I think I may be almost finished writing the YA novel I've been working on for like 5 years. I'll be looking for guinea pigs to read it soon.......


  1. I want to see a photo of Lil Bro #2 at his graduation. I don't have a problem with graduation attendance because I don't go. I didn't go to my own graduations. I attended my kids' high school and college graduations. That's it.


  2. Good luck finally getting that novel finished. Congratulations to both your brother and sister on their graduations. You got your brother a ruffle and convinced him to wear it? You're the best sister ever.

  3. Rutger' the want to se a pic1

    My latest story, besides getting more and More FAT I mean, really FAT, FAT!!!!!!

    Our scottie, Thoe, bit the new (LDS- MOrmon) Bishop that came to visit...we aren't even LDS any more and haven't been for over 34 years (See Bill Maher's interview with an Ex-Mormon, it's funny))....I was at the door holding Theo and theo bit him! I was horrified! Welcome to my world! Hope yours is going better, best with the book and apartment! Love you!

  4. I graduated so many times my dad was a professional graduation attendee! 7 college degrees here! All of the graduations have a funny story too.

    1. 7 degrees? Wow, I was lucky to get one!

  5. I hate sitting through graduations, so I feel for you.

    I mean, all of your people deserve congratulations, but from a safe distance.

  6. President Obama? Well, that's better than the speaker at my daughter's graduation. I had no earthly clue WHO he was.

  7. If you finished a YA novel, I don't care how long it took you to do it. You're adultin' like a pro.

  8. If you finished a YA novel, I don't care how long it took you to do it. You're adultin' like a pro.

  9. "How do families with twins handle college graduation if the kids are at schools on opposite sides of the country and have their college graduations on the same day?" plot twist: go to neither of their graduations.

    you know what's sensible to do in this situation. one person would probably want you to be there more than the other. it's true. that, or ask.

    President Obama. seriously. did he not have anything better to do? i mean sure, it's a cute gesture but still...

    oh, God, Percy from the Black Adder... with his tiny ruffle.

    Cherdo is right. Merlin, it's impressive you've finished (hey, you have a job as well and you have to deal with Mumsy so it's actually pretty brilliant that you've able to get it done.)

    also, i hope you're feeling a better and you're able to move out soon and breathe a little more!

    congrats to your brother and sister xxx

    i love you. like seriously i do.

    -Sam Lupin

    PS. i can't believe you're in your thirties.

  10. PSS. four years of college? my program is seven years. not counting if i happen to fail spectacularly.

  11. I woke up tired and drained. I read this and actually feel more tired and drained (didn't know that was possible, so thanks for that). Your siblings are lucky to have you. It wouldn't be unheard of for siblings to just not go. Come to think of it, my only brother didn't attend my college graduation. Maybe he and I need to chat about that now...

  12. See, here's where if you just didn't get along with your family, you could just skip the one farthest away and nobody would care.

    Okay, not much of a solution. But I'm hungry!

  13. Please take pictures of Lil Bro in his graduation outfit because I need to see this!I giggled with glee when I saw what you gave him!

    Good luck!


  14. The elder twin gets to choose graduation year and the younger must comply or have his ceremony neglected. Half siblings should still submit to the elder, but the younger may challenge a duel if they do not accept the elder's decision. Since (I think? I'm not going back to that family tree lol xD) the parties are not blood relatives of each other in this situation, you and Big Sis must each donate an organ (I recommend trading kidneys to minimize the risk of death if your body rejects) to each other and go to different ceremonies so that you really are each physically present at both.

    I am a marginally functional guinea pig but would gladly attempt a test read!

    And PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Will he wear tights as pants under his robe?

  15. THAT COLLAR! *drool* Pics or it didn't happen!
    (Damn it, I was beaten to it.)


  16. I worked my way through University it was so hard. Excelled and found a great job in a city I did not like then threw it all away to be married, poor and always finding jobs to work at. Raised three children (love them) This was a long time ago. Things have changed.
    But I did love University.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish


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