Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The devil's in the details, and your reverend's into retail.

I had something of a hectic weekend, although in a good way.

Friday, Mum and me and Lil Sis went to dinner at place I vowed I would never visit again. But you know, free food.

Saturday night, M., C., and both Lil Bros and I drove an hour down to Roxy & Dukes to see The Legendary Shack Shakers, where I somehow managed to take 1,874 photos. It will probably take me the next decade to go through them all.

I did manage to get the video up. While taking that video, I was sitting right beside a speaker, and as a result I still cannot hear properly out of my right ear.

I also managed to make a colossal fool of myself, for a change*.

After the Shack Shakers finished, I bought a shirt at the merch table and inquired unto the bass player, where the heck is J.D.?

He said J.D.'s in the back, in that little private room behind the bar. I said I didn't want to disturb him. Bassist said just go for it and disturb him.

So your drunken narrator went barging into the private band space

I added the door for dramatic effect. There wasn't actually a door.
(I probably resembled the Joker from that scene in the hospital where he visits Harvey Dent.)

and I proceeded to bother poor J.D. with..... I don't even remember.

Lil Bro#2 insisted I was only gone for like 5 or 10 minutes, so hopefully said harassment of J.D. was minimal.

We got home at about 3:00 AM.

I got up at 9:00 AM Sunday and arrived only ten minutes late to see the apartment.


It's amaaaaaaaaaazing.

The bedroom is kind of tiny, but holy crap is the kitchen huge. Living room is huge too. Plus it's in a location I absolutely adore. I put in an application, so fingers crossed I'll get it.

Also on Sunday, the Lil Bros and I completed another 1,500 piece puzzle.

In other news...

My orchid wasn't sick. Turns out the flowers just have spots.

I completed some more art.

Window Number One

Mushroom Cottage

As I have now had a few requests for art, would any of y'all like a picture? I don't claim to be incredibly talented, but I do enjoy coluring, and I'd be glad to give some pieces away for free. 

Just imagine, one day I'll be a famous author/musician/artist and eventually overdose on something, and after that you can tell people LOOK AT THAT, IT'S A MICH ORIGINAL AND IT'S MINE.



  1. Omg. Yes, I've worn that same look before to a bar when I was drunk! Scary! Hahaha.
    Love the puzzle and the art!

  2. You're giving away free art???? Why didn't you lead with that?????????????? Ha! Well, yes, I'll take some free art by someone "as yet unknown." I'd like something with blues and greens and purples. I'm a primary colors sort of girl. Something with whimsy. Surprise me.

    I've NEVER gotten drunk at a bar and blathered on to someone on a subject of which they had ZERO interest. Never.*

    *I've been known to stretch the truth on occasion.

  3. I can never think of anything to say to famous people or guys in the band or whatever.

    I ran into infamous novelist Salman Rushdie one time at a small concert and had almost nothing to say. I tried to talk to him about magic realism authors, since that's kind of his genre, and ended up just saying that because I'm Muslim and he has a fatwa on his head, I'm not sure I'm allowed to shake his hand.

    By which time, I think he was afraid I was going to murder him.

    I don't try to talk to famous people anymore.

  4. OMG yes!!!!
    I would be super honoured and excited to have a pieces by you my lovely
    I'm in love with the mushroom cottage
    When can I move in? X

  5. I will be praying for your apartment acquisition!

    In the mean time, if you feel like doing a portrait of Scrappy and I, I will treasure it forever!

  6. I hope you get the apt. It sounds wicked cool :)

    1. That's so cool you got to see your fav band member...you rock!...I know you get it! I would love any art by my Mich! I so hope you get the apartment, you deserve good things to come to you! <3 Love you bunches!

  7. Will you consider giving up the kitty in the window art? My sister-in-law has dementia. She's in an assisted living facility. She adores cats. Her son could put up your art for her. If it's okay, please email me at dumpedfirstwife@gmail.com. I'm glad to pay shipping and handling.

    Best wishes with the apartment. Your puzzle is great, and so are you.


  8. "Mum and me and Lil Sis went to dinner at place I vowed I would never visit again." i think this statement summarises my entire life.

    what? when did you have time to take that many photos??!

    i took a glimpse of that vid and i could immediately tell you must've had a brilliant night that night. it looks brilliant at the very least.

    aye. that drawing, man. it definitely mimics the actual guy. must appreciate Mich's cartoons.

    *fingers crossed for you that you get the flat*

    how do you even do puzzles?? my attention span is too short for them

    "My orchid wasn't sick. Turns out the flowers just have spots." that's one spotty flower indeed.


    i remember you said that you wouldn't excel at one thing because you're very good at a lot of different thing but in my opinion, i think you excel in all your talents. ;)

    free art??? what? but making you ship to Bahrain... *snickers* you should SO do a Percy one and you don't have to send it or anything, but post it on this bloggity blog blog so i can have a look. ;)

    -Sam Lupin

  9. oh my gosh yes Harry Potter Percy ��. I can believe that this will look absolutely banging by the time you're done! Can't believe you're actually considering this xxx

    Excited for the outcome!

    -Sam Lupin

  10. Oh, I've been acting the fool for over fifty years.
    You get used to it.

    1. Me too Al. I use this reply because I can't reply the usual way. Big surprise! I tried to see the apartment, but "It" wouldn't let me. Oh, well, here's hoping you get it anyway. Here's hoping for the best and yrs, Al, I have been acting the Fool!

  11. I love the artwork, especially the little kitty in the window. It'd be great to own a Mich original. I hope you do get the apartment. A small room isn't so bad. If it annoys you that much you could always rearrange and turn the kitchen into a bedroom. Which would just be living the dream.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. love the window box art. good luck on the apt!

  13. I love your artwork! ^_^

    I doubt you made a fool of yourself. JD is probably used to it from others. I would be paranoid too, though.

  14. I love your artwork! Good luck with the apartment, too.

  15. Fingers crossed you get the apartment. We just moved last week so I feel sorry for anyone moving but still sending good luck. Moving sucks!

    1. Mich, love you bunches, hope everything is okay, Thinking of you, love tracy

  16. Window Number One and Mushroom Cottage are pieces I'd proudly display above my imaginary fireplace. And like the hipster that I am, I'd brag, "Yeah, I got this art BEFORE the artist overdosed." That's way better.

    Here's hoping you get that sweet ass apartment!


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