Friday, April 22, 2016

Clutch it like a cornerstone, otherwise it all comes down.

I did not get the apartment. I'm seeing another one this Sunday in Unionville, which is one of my dream spots, so I'm going to presume I won't get this one either.

In other news, I have quit quitting smoking.

To quote Bridget Jones's father, I take great comfort in the fact that they might kill me before things actually get worse.


now that they want me singing regularly at church, I'm thinking about quitting smoking again.

Mumsy was out last night, so I took the opportunity to practice Sunday's songs (mostly because they're all permanently stuck in my head now). After nearly an hour of belting out Christian songs, I discovered that Mumsy had left all of the windows open. My neighbours have been thoroughly evangelized.

I've been in a weird mood this week. 

Art production has slowed, but still plodding along. I have a list of everyone who has requested art, so I shan't forget any of you.

In general I think I'm just..... tired.

An update later this weekend maybe. Now I have to go help Bossman load several hundred thousand dollars worth of [probably stolen] artwork into a Russian mobster's car.


  1. Russian mobster? Yeah, stolen is probably a good bet.

  2. Don't get discouraged quitting if you fall back just keep on quitting! It is very hard but it gets easier after a couple of days. Beware of smokers, they will be your biggest enemy, they do not want to see you quit.

  3. So, you quit smoking. This is really good news. COPD is a biotch.

    Now that you're singing regularly in church, you're thinking about quitting singing or quitting church? Or both?

    Good to know that you've not forgotten the art (the *important* part of this post, for sure).

    Tired. Yeah, I get that.

    I'd ask where you work, but I don't particularly want to die today. So, I'll just say I hope that whole Russian mobster thing worked out okay.

  4. I quit quitting smoking too, haha. As a vocalist you should definitely quit! Church choir sounds to give peace of mind.
    I'd love to request art, if you're not overloaded...

  5. I get ya on tired. Stress will do that. Sorry you missed out on Apartment #1, but maybe #2 will be better anyway. Hang in there- your quote from Bridget's dad is pretty much why I still drink Pepsi.

  6. Just think, maybe one day Russian mobsters will be loading up YOUR art. Anything worth stealing must be good.

    I know you just quit quitting, but good luck on quitting at quitting quitting. That's always the best option.

  7. House-hunting sucks rocks.

    1. Ahhh, Mich, I'm so very sorry you didn't get the apartment :( I hope things work out better next time.....fingers crossed! Love your picture of being in a "weird mood"...looks like how I feel all the time!
      Sending all my love

    2. I think you must have an amazing
      voice ! Send it to us ssometime, okay? <M3

  8. The fact that cigarettes are harmful is half of why I like them. Alas, it is not so much fun when they do immediate damage. My asthma/bizarre respiratory dryness has gotten to the point where my body won't put up with any more than a cigarette on random occasions. It's a shame, because it was my only real vice and I enjoyed it.

    You will share your arts, yes?

  9. Once I sang at the top of my voice when I was home alone. Then I realized that just because my neighbours can't see me, it doesn't mean that they can't hear me. Well, at least it was Willie Nelson.

  10. "I take great comfort in the fact that they might kill me before things actually get worse."
    I can painfully relate to that quote.

    Love that you accidentally evangelized the neighborhood. If singing is what gives you motivation to quit, grab it by the horns and go with it. God knows they're hard to get off, and if something gives you that push, take the opportunity.

    Loading artwork into a mobsters car? Never a dull moment! You should sneak one of your artworks in there...


  11. If you're tired then you take all the rest you can get. Which sadly isn't a lot from the sounds of it. It'd be great if you didn't get the apartment you wanted so you could get the one you really wanted. I'm hoping you can get the one in Unionville.

  12. Totally with you with the quitting quitting smoking thing :( I don't get why I can't do it, totally psychological with me... I didn't like having crap skin, dodgy stomach, weird taste in my mouth, and not being able to go outside for five minutes when things were getting too much. I know you move past that, but I've always struggled... One day!


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