Monday, January 25, 2016

Is he dead? Good, war's over, steal the rugs.

Happy Monday, friends.

Some things and stuffs:

1. Snow Day
We had a lovely snow day on Saturday.

The only thing that kept my sanity from falling off of the thread upon which it hung was this:

(I don't do well trapped indoors for long periods of time with nothing to do.)

But then Lil Bro#1 got out of work early (and I got lots of exercise shoveling Dad's truck out of the driveway so Dad could go get him), and Drummerboy came over for dinner, as he was also going mental stuck indoors all day. (The roads were pretty clean by then, because we don't mess around in Orange County when it snows.) We watched a movie and worked on the puzzle until like midnight.* 

Oddly enough, even though Drummerboy is closer to my parents' age than mine (He's only 5 years younger than Stepmom...) there was no awkwardness. 

2. Sunday.
Drummerboy and I had a nice lunch after church. Then we took a scenic drive up to New Paltz, where I acquired my newest toy from a poor left-handed art student.

 I'm hoping it will be easier than the mandolin, which is my arch-nemesis and will soon be handed over to someone else for it to torment (I sold it on craigslist).

3. I'm getting nerdier by the minute.
I got another new toy today.
I'm not really sure exactly when or how this started, but since around Thanksgiving, we have had a puzzle in progress at all times at both Mumsy's house and Dad's. At Mumsy's, the cats try to *help* by running off with puzzle pieces that are subsequently lost forever. I presume they do this to make the puzzle assembly more exciting. 

4. Ludovico Einaudi's music is really really good and y'all should go listen to it immediately.

 Hope the rest of you in the region survived the snow! I heard there were ice bergs floating down the flooded streets of some part of New Jersey....

* I know y'all are so jealous of my exciting social life right


  1. Not a lot of words today Mich
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your continued support
    You are kind
    And endlessly quirky
    In short
    I love you to the moon and back.... X

  2. Love your new toy. I am promising myself a Martin 00015sm for my birthday. Just got a banjo from my friend and that is a whole new animal, but I have patience. I love mandolin, what makes it so hard to play, the double string thing? I can't play with a pick, I think the double strings would mess me up.

  3. Love the puzzles! Military Husband and I enjoy doing those as well. :)

  4. That snow was the best! I am glad things are going well with Drummer Boy. ^_^

  5. I love puzzles. I can stay up all night doing them. Missed the snow (yay!)

  6. If you keep insisting that we don't want to read about your life I may have to smack you with a wet autumny leaf the next time we meet.

    Puzzles are of the devil. CAST IT INTO THE FIRE. I have pretty good spatial relations in general but apparently the part of my brain reserved for puzzles operates at about 5% capacity. Puzzles activate the rage, frustration, and ADD centers of my brain.

  7. LOL I LOVE what you did with my Monday Mishmash button! That's just awesome!

    Very cool guitar too!

  8. Lady of Shalott is one of my favorite paintings. I love Pre-raphaelite paintings.
    Sounds like you and Drummerboy are becoming an item:) I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

    1. Hey Sweetness, as usual, can't reply unless I reply Love that you are having fun with Drummer Boy....maybe I should start a puzzle...Hah, my boring fam wouldn't help......Just begging them to keep me out of the "Home for the Bewildered"......wish me you lots...if I never see you know where I am........

  9. It's more of a social life than mine!

  10. I work from home, so the snow let me get ahead on my work (somewhat) so I can take a three-day weekend this week. If not for work, though, I could totally see myself getting bored off my butt by being snowed in for four days!

  11. I'm so jealous of that snow! I've not seen a single snowflake in my life. We had flash floods here yesterday, as deep as four meters - no icebergs, but cars were literally floating down the street!

    I'm glad to hear things are going well with Drummerboy :)


  12. For what it's worth I think you do have a more exciting social life than me. Not that means much. I'm glad things are still going good with Drummer Boy and you're acquiring all these cool new toys.

  13. number three is me. all the time.

    yay for Drummerboy and social life. no cold. cold bad.

    and i love you. just saying. that's what on my mind this Monday - er, Thursday.

    -Sam Lupin

  14. Love that snow! But then, I've never seen "real" snow before. I'm from the South, we get tornados and hurricanes and the ocasional iced streets. Really like that your drummer boy story is progressing :)

  15. Puzzles are addicting I think. Love the guitar. It looks like mine, but I still can't play. Sigh.


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