Monday, January 18, 2016

Manic Monday

In an effort to post a bit more regularly*, I have stolen Kelly Hashway's Monday Mishmash idea.

I think the basic idea is that you just list some of things that are on your mind. So here goes.

1. My dates went very well. Open mic night was fun. I was unaware that Caffe A La Mode does that every Friday. Saturday I exposed my epic nerdness by taking Drummerboy geocaching. Then we had dinner and went to see that Dad vs. Stepdad movie, which was pretty funny. I installed Spotify on Drummerboy's phone and have been sending him playlists of mostly gothic country music

2. Everything in the office is electrocuting me. Everything. This is a problem. 


3. Westley and the Witches is one of the best pieces of middle grade fiction IN THE WORLD.*** 

And yet somehow, no one has reviewed it yet. Therefore, I have declared that the first person to review it on Amazon or Goodreads will receive a REAL LIFE PRIZE. 
You may also have a free hard copy of the book if you so desire. I will send it to you. You will, however, need to read the first two books as well. I will also send you those if you don't have them. Your prize will be commensurate with the quality of your book review.

4. Triple Town. This game is taking over my life. Like I need a 12 step program at this point. 

That's all I got. Hope y'all are having a good Monday, especially those of you who actually got the day off. 

* because I'm sure you readers are all desperate for me to post more**

*** this may be slightly inaccurate

** sarcasm


  1. 1- I had to look up geocaching and I like your gothic country.

    2- Fricking plants. They never tell you about the tasers...

    3- Haven't read the books, but the intro on the link sounds interesting...

    4-And that's why I avoid playing games at all costs. I have other addictions that take precedence.

  2. Get it girl!! That's awesome about your date!!!

  3. Great! I'm so glad the date(s) went well.
    Static electricity is a total bitch. I was shocked by the metal handle on the ^$#@*& microwave at lunch today.
    Have not read the book, but will give it a go...k?
    I have already successfully undergone Tripletown de-programming. ha ha ha Seriously, Candy Crush is worse. Will be getting treatment soon.

  4. I've always wanted to go geocaching. Westley and the Witches looks like the kind of book I'd enjoy. Did you enjoy the first two books as much?

  5. How long are the books? If they aren't too long, I'll read and review them. I write pretty good reviews, according to people. I can't afford the books, though, so you or someone else would have to give them to me. If you want to give the books to me in exchange for an honest review, then you can email me at


  6. Gothic country music? Had no idea that was a thing! Haha! Pretty cool :D

    Glad the dates went well :)

    I'm terrible with games, just easily addicted to everything like that. Helps my brain shut up for a bit!


  7. I just shocked the fax machine so badly it shorted out and will no longer turn back on. Apparently I fried its insides, or so says the IT guy....

  8. that's a brilliant way of starting the week. but my week starts Sunday. Sunday Sex- ok, calm down Sam.

    "I was unaware that Caffe A La Mode does that every Friday." that's so cute.

    omg gothic country i can't

    "Everything in the office is electrocuting me." oi hold on thar take care u

    your physics is off that's why you're not grounded (

    i haven't read your books. le gasp.

    i love that you're in love with that game. that makes me happy. i don't know.

    i love you.

    -Sam Lupin

  9. I'm retired so I'm off everyday and in more ways than one.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. Wait, how do you define "quality"?
    I do reviews by request. Though you might want to look at some of my reviews before requesting.

  11. Awesome to hear the date went well! I'll have to look into Gothic country music. Currently I listen to murder rap, but love almost all genres. Besides country. I like folk and even bluegrass. So I'm interested in this Gothic country you speak of...
    My electrical issues consist of outlets popping for the dryer, had to get an extension cord out. Plants electrocuting people!?

    - Harlynn

  12. Glad you had a good time. Sounds like you guys are having all sorts of fun.

    Ordered Underwood.

  13. That's awesome about your date or dates? Keep us posted, I am currently living vicariously through your dating life. Oh and? The teams I posted about a few weeks ago are our professional football and baseball teams. Sorry, I realizeed after the fact that I had not explained who they were.

  14. comment reply:

    you are too too cute.

    the idea behind it is that everything around you has a negative or positive charges. when you are not grounded, electrons flow from the object to you or vice versa (the whole positive to negative of electrons). when you are grounded, there is no transfer from positive to negative or negative to positive.

    so let's say you're touching an object that has a +ve charge and you have a -ve charge, then the negative electrons will flow through you, escape, and go down to the Earth. that's why you get a 'shock' sensation when you touch certain objects. because of the +ve and -ve transfer.

    some of this may be off. this is just something i had to study 3-4 years ago.

    -Sam Lupin

  15. Gothic country music? This world is better than I expected. I hear you on those book reviews. I'm not sure anyone has reviewed my stuff either. I think I have two whole reviews. People don't realise how important they are I guess.

  16. Love triple town!

    I keep meaning to read those books (plus the one you sent me ages ago to proof read - you probably already forgot - it was so long ago - but I still plan on finishing the proof read!!!!!) but work (and neuroses) has taken over my life. I do promise that when I read them I will leave a review!
    Glad dates went well :) x

  17. PS - I think theres tips and tricks to grounding yourself so that things don't electrocute you but I can never remember them - I could swear that "science girl" or "physics girl" or something like that on youtube had a video on this

  18. Gothic country? I might have to check that out! Sounds like things are going well with Drummerboy. YAY! :D

    Oh, I love the image of the snowman at the top. It makes me smile. :)

    1. Hello dear, I can't reply unless I reply to another's, anyway, I have been in the Home for the Bewiwderwered for 7 days and I missed do much I am so sorry.......... I hope you are well and happy!

  19. I always shock my cats. Or maybe they shock me. Either way, not pleasant for any of us.

    I'll add your book to my mile long reading list, but when I get there I'll give it a proper review. A real one. None of this "Book was great! You should buy it!" and nothing else nonsense.

  20. I can't deal with the static. Every time I move, I shock something. They say a humidifier will help it, but I don't want to buy one for every room!


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