Monday, January 11, 2016

How My Dates Went

First and foremost, I have discovered this band:

Give them a listen. Seriously. 

Secondly--Sam Lupin and Tempest, you are just going to have to learn to live with each other because I have no intention of stopping at only two wives.

And now, as I am sure all 558 of you have been positively DYING to hear*, I shall tell you about my dates (yes, DATES) over the weekend. **

Mike the band leader told me to just go for it, so on Saturday after band practice, I asked Drummerboy out. 

A truly enormous amount of xanax was consumed that day. 

while I checked my text messages every 30 seconds

Mike, Drummerboy, and most of the other church band members were playing for open mic night at the Gather Inn, which is a local AA meeting house, so Drummerboy and I had dinner at the Goshen Diner before open mic night started.

Drummerboy is 21 years older than I am (52). He has 2 kids--a 19-year-old who refuses to speak to him (I did not ask why), and a 30-year-old who is currently in prison for drug-related issues. We talked about our similar [horrible] childhoods and our issues with mental health and various addictions. He has been a recovered addict for 20 years. I had to draw a chart on a napkin to explain my immediate family.

Aside from being the drummer for the church band and a couple other bands with Mike, he is an electrical contractor and basically works for himself. (He the first boy with whom I have gone on a date who is gainfully employed, has his own car, has his own home, and just generally has his sh*t together.)

After that we went to open mic night, which was a lot of fun. Lil Bro#2 ended up coming, and he and I and Mike's 6-year-old daughter sat at the fireplace and kept the fire going the whole night because no one else seemed to be assigned to do it.

............I may or may not be singing the above song at an open mic night there in the near future. At that time, we shall find out just how much xanax I can consume before I am rendered unconscious.

On Sunday after church, Drummerboy and I walked into town and had lunch. Then we went on a long and aimless drive and listened to music and talked about ...........I don't even remember. Lots of stuff. We hung out for a total of like 4 hours. 

^Took that along the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway.

So yeah I like him a lot. But I don't want to rush into a relationship (and I don't think he does either). I know myself well enough at this point that I know I need to be friends with someone before I can be anything else. So we'll see how it goes.

How 'bout the rest of you, did y'all have a good weekend?

* sarcasm

** can you you tell I haven't been on a date in like a million years


  1. Except for needing a root canal it went OK.

  2. So glad it went well Mich
    Feck the age difference
    It's only a number
    He sounds like a cool guy
    Does he have any brothers....?

    Ps can I join the club and be your third wife
    I'm a good cook
    And an excellent time keeper......x

  3. I did absolutely nothing.
    At my age, that means I had a good weekend.

  4. That scenery tho!! #beautiful I hope it works out! Taking it slow is always a good idea!

  5. I'm beginning to like your taste in music- you ARE the one that got me digging into 16 HP. I like this one, too. Glad you had a great time (or 2) with Drummer Boy, and I sincerely hope you can continue without being unconscious.

  6. I like the song a lot. It sounds like my kind of music, kind of dark and mystical. I had a horrible weekend. I wished I had extra Xanax. It takes a huge amount of Xanax to render me unconscious. If you ever have some you want to get rid of, then let me know. I'll get rid of it for you. tee-hee


    1. I thought I should mention that I have two children. One is ten and one is eight. They are both smack addicts. I'm trying to get them on a methadone program, but every time I sign them up, they manage to get other drugs, too. They saw too much Nurse Jackie.

      Okay the truth is that they are adults. One does not speak to me, and I don't know why. I have my suspicions. She lives far away. The other lives about two minutes away from me. I see him when he wants something.

  7. My weekend was pretty good. I watched some terrible movies on Netflix. It sounds like you got off to a good start. If you have to be friends with someone first (which is a good idea) it sounds like it won't take long until you become friends.

  8. Now that you've posted about the band online they can no longer be considered good and must be properly shunned, regardless of how good they actually are.


    And cheers to meeting a guy who has his shit together! I like how at his age you still call him a boy. And no, I'm not hating. At 32 I still consider myself a boy, and I figure if at this age I haven't yet made the journey to manhood, well, it's just never gonna happen.

  9. Yay:) Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  10. I was pondering saying something along the lines of "Maybe you both could use a friend," but clearly you beat me to the punch :D I don't know how people make relationships work that aren't built on friendship first, to be honest. But I'm 30 and single, so don't come to me for relationship advice.

    I am agreeable to this Blogger polygamy, but only because we are not wife to the same one person, we are all each other's wives.

  11. Everything has to start somewhere.....
    My stellar advice, ha ha.

  12. My mind got stuck on your having to draw a napkin diagram to explain your immediate family. All I can say is: been there, done that.

    Good dates are good, so good for you!

  13. this. this is the post that everyone cares about.

    /shoves all other posts away/

    did you know your video is not available in this country? now, you know.

    "Secondly--Sam Lupin and Tempest, you are just going to have to learn to live with each other because I have no intention of stopping at only two wives." that's alright. that means i can have Bella as well.


    dear God, Mich, i hope this doesn't end up being the ever-so-popular Arabic joke of saying: "look at all the dates i've had last night! "

    "A truly enormous amount of xanax was consumed that day." most people use alcohol.

    what do you mean you're 11 years older than me? psh, Mich.

    "I had to draw a chart on a napkin to explain my immediate family." this is why i love you.

    "At that time, we shall find out just how much xanax I can consume before I am rendered unconscious." i will say this again: most people use alcohol.

    "^Took that along the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway." i shit you not. i thought that was something out of a sci-fi film for a second. it's glorious.

    that's not fair. you can't write sarcasm on the internet. it's hard.

    if it helps, i believed that you went out on several dates, Mich. though i'm glad you didn't. i wouldn't want to know what's happened with you and that xanax bottle if you did.

    "How 'bout the rest of you, did y'all have a good weekend?" Percy went to Zumba. he ate. he refused to take off his- er, bra before going to bed because he doesn't understand why people do such things.

    -Sam Lupin

  14. comment reply:

    "I'm amazed they have lab coats that small. When I worked at a doctor's office years ago, the only available sizes were XL, XXL, and Dragon."

    no matter how many times i read this comment, i laugh.

    -Sam Lupin

  15. comment comment reply:

    "The date joke shouldn't even be funny, but I'm half British so I laughed quite a bit." i think this says a lot about you (all good things).

    okay. that song. i had to dig through God knows where to find it. and when i started to listen to it, i was like "this isn't the kind of thing i'd listen to but it's nice." and then i repeated it. and even more. and even more. it definitely is brilliant. but now i feel a little wonky in the noggin.

    oh my gosh an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting house? aye... i see why you've abstained from the alcohol lass.

    -Sam Lupin

  16. I'm glad you had a good time. I played Minecraft at my brother's on Sunday. It was more fun than I thought it would be.

    1. I loved the music...have to find the album! Glad you had a fun weekend and where in the world do you get Xanax????????????????? Can I buy some?

    2. my doctor gives me xanax every now and then and I hoard it for emergencies

  17. ... I have never been on a date, much less two. Jealous!

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  19. I just listened to the Palodine trailer. What an amazing sound. Love it.

  20. Beautiful picture! Sounds like the dates went well, but yes, I agree: take things slow! I've been trying to teach myself that as well. Good luck, Mich!

    My weekend was uneventful except for Sunday dinner when I cooked.

  21. So glad the dates went well. I love your outfit! Drummerboy sounds sweet. It's strange how age gaps mean less and less as time goes on (reminds me of the scene in Big Fish, with the little girl talking about how a 10 year age gap is a lot at 8 & 18, but less at 18 & 28, and even less at 28 & 38).
    And hey. At least that means he's taking you on proper dates. I cannot count the times I've been asked out, and ended up with Netflix & chill.


  22. The dates sounded like they went great! I hope it's still going well.


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