Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body.

Perhaps y'all remember me mentioning a couple posts ago my bout with the plague, and the subsequent update about going on a second round of antibiotics.

Two days after I finished the second round of antibiotics, all my symptoms came back, growing progressively worse by the hour. If the pain in my throat and head had not gotten so severe, I probably would have just done like I always do and ignored the illness until either it went away by itself or it killed me. But when you have difficulty swallowing and breathing because your throat is so sore and swollen, that's kind of a problem.

I went back to the doctor. After not much of an examination, Doc (the THIRD doctor I had seen at this new place) was like "oh you just have allergies," and sent me on my merry way.

I know I am not allergic to the outdoors because the congestion actually gets a lot better if I am outside. I also know I am not allergic to my cats. With an allergy to something like spring or animals, the symptoms tend to improve a bit when you are nowhere near the source of said allergies.

My symptoms did not go away. Ever. They just got worse and worse every day that I continued to be ill. (it's been a f**king month like seriously)

As I contemplated that, a light bulb appeared in my increasingly fuzzy thoughts.

What causes allergy/severe cold-like symptoms that get progressively worse as time goes on, and symptoms that do not improve if you are away from the cause of those symptoms? You'd think I would have come to this conclusion earlier, as I have suffered this before.


I did a thorough search of the apartment. Lo and behold, the very back of the fireplace was pretty well covered in mold.

As of last Friday, I have been staying at Mum's because my health had deteriorated to the point where I needed to be within easy driving distance of a hospital, and also needed to be around people with access to vehicles in case I needed to get to said hospital. 

As of now (Wednesday) I am gradually getting better. I still spend most mornings having coughing fits and hacking up the mushroom colony that is likely growing in my lungs. Landlord has not only fixed the mold situation, they are also doing some kind of renovations to the side of the house to try and prevent that side of the house from getting so damp. I am hoping my symptoms will have fecked off by the weekend so I can move back home.

On the plus side, my proper doctor has given me vitamins* in both pill form and cough syrup form. It's good craic.

On the down side, since I am a walking biohazard, I have to miss the LGBTQ parade on Sunday. Our church is handing out cold beverages and snacks for free because it is hellishly hot out and anyone parading around in the sun is going to need it. Also we want to be an example of what Christianity SHOULD be about--love and acceptance for all, and not judging others. So if any of y'all happen to be in the Warwick, NY area this Sunday, there will be free food and drink at the Warwick Assembly of God.

Until next time.............


  1. Wow, Mich I'm so sorry you have been so sick.....way to diagnose yourself put those doc's to shame! Hope you get to go home soon, staying at Mum's can't be a whole lot of fun.

    Love, love, love your "Self Portrait" (sp)? !!!

  2. PS Your church sounds amazing! I want to come!

  3. I can't picture you going to a pentecostal church that just blew my mind

    hope they take care of the mold, I know how much you love your new place!

  4. Never heard how nasty mold could be until recently. I wonder how many people suffered in the past and never knew why?

    One month is a long time, good for you to figure it out.

  5. At paragraph 5 I predicted mold. Feel better.

  6. How awesome that your landlord didn't futz around avoiding fixing the problem! You must have been well and truly I'll to take such precautions - I remember other Mich's Near-Death related to avoiding medical care...

  7. Ahhh sorry you're ill, that's shitty! I also found mould in my living room of the shitty shitty flat I rent, no wonder I've had flu for the last 4 months. Urgh! Hope you feel better! xx

  8. Hope you're feeling better now that you're away from the mould. That sounds like the plot of some sort of B movie. Be afraid of The Mould!

  9. If your name was Mary... they would call you Thypoid Mary. (...spelling?)

    P.s can you draw more dragon/dinosaurs? Theyre vair vair cute.

  10. Yay for you on figuring it out! Feel free to go brag to the newplace docs who clearly didn't bother to examine your case properly.
    Yay for truly accepting churches! I shall think of you very often if I do get stuck with alleged kidpron unccle (and homophobe) staying his house arrest at my place. Feels like I'm the one being punished!

    Hope you're all better and back in that adorable apartment soon!

  11. Yikes, that sounds miserable. Have you considered harnessing those internal spores and regurgitating them on any homophobes at this parade? Then you can still attend.

    1. Yay, A Beer for the Shower....great idea! :) Heh!

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  13. Take II (with fewer typos, hopefully)
    Hi, there.
    I like your artwork at the beer guys' spot, so I dropped by. Sounds like you've been miserable, but now - based on the comments above - you have an energizing plan. Isn't our health "care" system wonderful, when things boil down to: how many doctors will tell me nothing's clearly wrong with me (except that perhaps I have hypochondriasis) before I get frustrated enough to diagnose myself. At any rate, I'm glad your landlord was so quick acting and that you're a better doctor than the doctors you visited.
    Feel better.

  14. I diagnosed myself once with web MD. I had a chance of either having a cold, the flu or testicular cancer.... I'm sure it was the third one. :)


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