Tuesday, June 10, 2014

People incapable of guilt usually do have a good time.

Several years ago, it was customary in my group of friends to throw a surprise party whenever it was someone's birthday. (Something that always perplexed me, since everyone would then know for certain that their birthday would result in a surprise party, thus rendering said party not much of a surprise.)

My bff M's personality is such that when he gets it in his head to do something, or when he is annoyed about something, absolutely nothing can stop him from being as contrary as humanly possible.*

On his birthday this one year, for whatever reason, M felt like being extra contrary.

As I was his BFF, our friends decided it was my job to make sure he arrived at his sister's house at a certain time for his surprise party. M. and I hung out during the day, and then when evening came, I suggested we head over to his sister's place to meet up with a few other peeps and decide where to go for dinner.

M decided no, he did not like that plan, and instead he wanted to just go straight to Pizza Hut for dinner without anyone else. Since M was the one driving, I could do nothing but sit in the passenger seat and grow increasingly anxious about the fact that we would not be arriving at his sister's house when we were supposed to so everyone could surprise him for his birthday party.**

He knew that a surprise party awaited him. I tried. I really tried. I never said a word about it, but he knew. Five minutes after we were supposed to have been at his sister's house, she called him. He answered, and from what I gathered she told him he should come over so we could all go out to dinner together, but M. wasn't having any of it.

Then his sister's BFF called me and told me off for ruining everything, at which point I said you know there's really nothing I can do--M is driving.

We eventually met up with everyone else at his sister's house later on, although by then they were all less than enthusiastic about celebrating M.'s birthday. M. later admitted to me that he purposely did all of that to piss everyone off. For no reason other than he felt like it.

In other, sadder news, Rik Mayall has died. I'm very upset.

*Side story: I had a dream once that my friends and I went antique shop hopping out in the country somewhere, and all of a sudden the world turned apocalyptic. The apocalypse was headed straight for us (zombies, planes with bombs, etc.), and we all panicked and were like we need to run somewhere safe LIKE NOW. But M was admiring something in the antique shop, and could not be persuaded to leave. Like for reals, planes were bombing everything around us and we were all like WE NEED TO GET IN THE CAR AND FLOOR IT OUTTA HERE ASAP, but M would not abandon his shopping. This sums up his personality far better than any other description I could possibly give.

**In New Jersey, back when I was in high school, we took drivers' ed sophomore year and if you passed the written test at the end, you got your driving permit. I did not get my permit until several months after I turned 17 (my senior year) because I failed the written test twice. As a result, M was usually the one driving when we hung out. And as a result of his nature, I was late home 9 times out of 10 and would thus be grounded for the next month.


  1. Geez, what a dick :P Just kidding. If surprise parties were that regular a thing, I'd probably do the same, hah.
    Your drawings always make me giggle.


  2. Have the mermaids been your banner a while, or do you just update your blog background for seasonal funsies? Regardless, like them. Regardless, wish you wrote more so I would have some more entertaining work reading.

  3. M sounds like a cool guy. I might adopt his philosophies. Can I subscribe to his newsletter?

    Also, yes it sad that the people's poet is dead. RIP Rik.

  4. Sometimes I feel like I can get into moods like M. Its hard to surprise people who know each other well.

  5. i loathe them damn surprise parties. really. i do. can we just get over it.
    i snorted when i saw the decision-making diagram.
    oh man. *shakes head* M.
    "M. later admitted to me that he purposely did all of that to piss everyone off. For no reason other than he felt like it." he'll hate my mother. you try to do that and she'll eat your finger off, boy.
    another death has gone by of someone i have never heard of.
    i know you as the girl that always thinks of the apocalypse btw.

    "Sometimes we need some days of staying in bed and doing absolutely nothing. It's recharging when the world has sucked you dry." i liked this. the world has sucked me dry even though i do nothing.
    and thank you. i'm glad you think that nothing about my writing is annoying or shrill. <3 you're quite a cutie, miss Mich now.

    -Sam Lupin

  6. Oh, Mich, i am so sorry about Rik......was he on "The Young Ones"? i loved that show.

    Anyhow, this blog was beyond greatness, i loved the pictures especially! You rock, young miss and i love you always!

  7. i am currently taking care of mum and never know when the "baby" monitor will go off, so i especially appreciate your humor!

  8. ha! "m" sounds like an ass! i have tons of friends like that but still love them and wouldn't trade them for anything.

  9. Being contrary just to piss people off? I see why you're BFFs. Sounds like a keeper to me.


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