Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Can you see Texas up there on your high horse?

So it's not exactly breaking news that life as a writer is fraught with frustration and disappointment. But there are times when the frustration and disappointment just punch you in the face. Repeatedly.

It was discovered some time ago by Stepmom that an acquaintance of hers is a writer. Said acquaintance is about my age, so *naturally* Stepmom thought we should chat and exchange some writings. So we chatted, and New-Writer-Friend it turns out is working on a science fiction novel. I said that's cool, you should totally send me some of it, I'd love to read it. 

Then New-Writer-Friend goes on to tell me that even though a lot of people have been discouraging as far as following the dream to write a novel, New-Writer-Friend is not going to just give up. Oh no, New-Writer-Friend is going to devote their full time to writing this book.

As in, quitting a paying full time job to take the time to finish writing the novel.

I have heard of other people doing this, and it INFURIATES me. Mainly because I don't understand how they are doing this. Take New-Writer-Friend as a perfect example: the significant other of New-Writer-Friend is neither independently wealthy nor making a ton of money at work. Their parents are not wealthy either, and are also not willing to support them.


As if that isn't frustrating enough to hear, I finally sat down about a week ago and started reading New-Writer-Friend's book.

It's awful.


The characters are ridiculous and not developed at all, the plot is hanging by half a thread, and the whole thing is practically screaming I WATCH WAY TOO MUCH ANIME. And on top of all that, the writing itself is bad.

Now I would never presume to think I am some amazing spectacular writer deserving of all manner of literary awards, but deep down I do know that my writing is pretty good (most of the time; the rest of the time I think it's trash and I want to cast it into the fire, but that's beside the point). So that fact that people like New-Writer-Friend can quit their jobs, not work, and not worry about it in order to "take time off" to write a novel when their writing fecking sucks makes me want to burn whole countries to the ground with dragon fire.

All of the truly talented writers that I know (and many of you are reading this) have to work damn hard to support themselves (and in some cases their families as well), and we count ourselves lucky if we manage to scrape together two pages of writing in a week out of our limited (or sometimes nonexistent) free time. We work jobs we don't even like and pray that one day we will finish something and edit it to perfection and get it published by some major publishing house and maybe just maybe we will make some money off of it and won't have to work quite as much at the jobs we don't like. 

But the odds are that most of us will never see our work published by a major publishing house. We will work at writing our whole lives and it will never pay off, despite our talents. All while people who suck at writing continue to take permanent f*cking vacations to write utter rubbish.

On a side note, my own fiction writing has come to a complete standstill. I need a drink. Or twenty.

......And people wonder why so many of the world's greatest writers turn into completely insane drug addicts and alcoholics who eventually kill themselves.

ALSO speaking of how not-awful my writing is, I have entered Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest. If you leave me spectacular reviews, you shall be rewarded. 
Idk how, but I'll think of something.


  1. can i buy you a drink? or let's say - twenty? i do understand. BUT KEEP WRITING, Mich, ok???? do not let them win!

  2. I was entertained by this. :-)

  3. ok first of all that dragon needs its own franchise of something, with merchandise and maybe a cartoon on Saturday mornings

    That's why I quit the writing group I joined years ago. There was this kid there whose writing was baaaaaad bad bad and I was having panic attcks every time we had to go around and say what we liked about his writing when it was his turn to read and I just couldn't handle it.

  4. Wonder if the quitting is to do more writing, or the writing is an excuse to quit working. And don't you know that's JUST the kind of book that will get published before a good, struggling writer's?

  5. If you know how to play the system and have no self-esteem, there is unemployment, food stamps, earned income tax relief, welfare, and medicaid. All wonderful programs unless you are a crappy writer who chooses to write crap instead of working.

  6. "I have heard of other people doing this, and it INFURIATES me. Mainly because I don't understand how they are doing this." ...when people do this i just laugh and laugh even more because how fucking stupid.
    seriously tho
    i am in medical school. writing is fun. i love it. it's the only thing that keeps me glued together and prevents me from breaking down the universe. i have self-esteem issues which is why all of my writing is fanfiction. but seriously? taking off time to write is just...*shakes head* stupid. that's the only word i can think of it. stupid.

    -Sam Lupin

  7. *links your new writer friend to this page*

    Just kidding. I understand what you mean though. However, if her writing is that bad and she has been getting bad feedback, you would expect nothing to come out of this venture. Hopefully she'll go back to work when she gets hungry and misses having money.

  8. fancy. i like that. i'm very flattered, Miss.
    "If you're a writer and you're not insane, you're doing it wrong. Bask in the madness and love it." i am too lazy to bask in the madness. before being a writer, i am 100% lazy.

    -Sam Lupin

  9. I worked for 5 years and saved up so I could pay everything off and ultimately quit my job to write full time. But mind you, when I quit, we already had 3 novels under our belt making money, and I also still do a bit of IT consulting on the side. Quitting your job point blank to write your first novel is just mindblowingly stupid, even if it happened to be a good novel (which clearly it's not).

    Keep at it. You'll get there - the right way, which is what you've been doing.

    I snagged a copy of your entry and will try to leave a review ASAP.

    1. Left a review. Figured I'd let you know since it's under my pseudonym. Good luck with ABNA!

    2. Thank you kind sir! :D The two of you are currently being artistically rendered in the form of dragons......

  10. I did my review for Underwood a looong time ago. But I was naughty and didn't yet write one for Fairy Queen (and it might always have that title in my head) and I forgot Wesley had been published cuz my memory sucks and in all my squeeing over Sailor Moon stuff. Guess Venus will have some company in her shipping box. She doesn't mind ^_^


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