Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Save your breath for breathin' girl, I'm talkin' from black lung

So the other night my mother made me watch The Following with her. 

You guys already know why I ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT want to watch The Following, EVER.

I lasted 15 whole minutes. 15 PAINFUL minutes of close ups and him in the shower and AARRRRGGGHHH 

and then they found the dude torturing puppies and my will to live just shriveled up and died.

Speaking of dying....

Last week, I had a dream that my humidifier was trying to kill me.

Like an evil robot. And it could turn into my cat at will, so as to confuse me and prevent me from destroying it.

Funny how your subconscious finds ways to tell you things that are actually happening.

I need a humidifier all winter, otherwise I wake up every day with nose bleeds because of the central heating. I am a PSYCHO about keeping the humidifier clean, and with all the necessary clean filters replaced as they need to be.

But I noticed not long after my bout with the plague that my humidifier was not relieving the dryness issues with my nose, throat, and sinuses. I woke up every morning with my throat and airways feeling dryer than Death Valley, and this other awful feeling like someone had jammed an entire box of tissues into my sinuses. So last Saturday, I gave the humidifier a thorough cleaning, but then thought hey it's over a year old, maybe it's just packing it in because these things never seem to last more than a year.

I almost just tossed it then and there, but thought again and decided to instead take that b*tch apart and see if I could identify a fixable problem.

Problem, yes. 

Fixable? Hell no.

The whole inside of the humidifier was infested with black mold.

I happened to get a look at my tongue that day as well. (I'd post a photo, but it's gross). The back of my tongue was (and still is) black.

So Lord knows what the heck my insides look like.

Serious googlage made me aware of the symptoms of toxic black mold poisoning. Many symptoms that I've had for a while, and which have gotten steadily worse since I brought the humidifier out in October:
- nausea
- headaches
- memory loss
- excessive tiredness

and loads of others that, just like the above symptoms, could be attributed to any number of things

but when added to the black tongue and discovery in the humidifier, may be signs of something problematic.


I feel like my batteries are dying. I feel my sanity is this fragile tiny glass thing hanging from the thread of a spiderweb. I'm never happy anymore and most of the time I don't even know why. I'm this tense ball of anxiety and depression and because of that, I don't want to do anything about the possible black mold poisoning.

Of course knowing my luck, it will go away on its own. :/

In more positive news, the fairy book is finally out on Amazon. Read it NOW.


  1. Oh, Mich, Black Tongue, Black Lung, whatever, it all sounds soooo horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

    Life sounds so horrible...i am really sorry, my sweeet faeiry Queen, you deserve so much better in life!

    Please know how much you are loved and adored, and even if you only have that tiny thread, hold it dearly.

    Oh, crap....i never know the right thing to say..........damn me!

    i should cower in bed longer than noon!

    Love you lots!!!!!!!!!

  2. damn! black mold?! thats crazy! im glad you took it apart before more damage was done!
    i sympathize when you say you feel drained and such, ive been feeling that way too. :/ but get rid of the damn black mold! youre too pretty for that shit!
    and congratulations on the book. (:

    stay lovely. <3

  3. OMG, the video, the video! It's my life, if i just dared to start throwing things and brealing them.....yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

    That stupid f@cking ornament with my stupid name on it is the first to go!


    1. blaaaaaaaaaack!! We should go painting together and throw fits. :D

    2. Oh, Mich, i am definately in! Blaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hope the problem does get fixed. At least now you know what it is you can do something about it. Don't forget to thank your subconscious for warning you that your humidifier was actually slowly killing you with kindness.

    Or black tar.

  5. That's such a weird dream in all honesty. It's terrible that the humidifier has been making you sick though, kind of scary when I really think about it. Great post Mich.

  6. Oh my GAWD Cutie Pie!!! Gross! and scary. Can't you um, go to the doctor??

  7. Ok, get a new humidifier and go to the bloody doctor. THAT IS AN ORDER.

    Feeling like shit from being sick and the black mould will be making your headstate worse. GO GET THE POTENTIAL POISONING LOOKED AT SO YOU DON'T HAVE PHYSICAL FEELING-LIKE-SHIT-NESS MAKING THE HEAD-FEELING-LIKE-SHIT-NESS WORSE.

    Can I ask an Expert:
    In the world of MLP modding, is 'Fakie' the term for one of the knockoff/ripoff imitation MLPs you get at the bargain shops? I want to mod a psychedelic rainbow pony for a competition but can't afford a MLP from the shops to use for bait. (The second hand stores here are wise to collectors now. Ouch, just ouch.)

    Overdue Comment replies:
    Lol I guess so long as you're fully clothed and acting like the state of said clothing doesn't matter to you, then people have no right to complain!

    Holy hell that's cold. I've got both hats finished and I'm working on some super-quick armwarmer/fingerless glove thingies so I can get them to you before winter ends. (You know me, easily distracted with a mountain of UFOs -.-)

    For the smell/taste, does horseradish work as well as whiskey? Grandad.J loves to force-feed me a shot of his medicinal scotch when I lose my voice so he can laugh at me swearing. (It's NOT the good stuff)


    Canadians are so much fun to hassle, they're generally good-natured about it. The ones that take themselves too seriously generally fume instead of getting abusive since they can see it's not meant maliciously.

    Fuck I wish there was something constructive I could do to help you feel a bit better.
    Did that help, or was it just disturbing?
    How about that? o.O

    Please look after yourself as much as you can.

    I miss you like hell <3

  8. Torturing puppies? SICK!!!!! Can they even do that on tv, even if it's fake, of course? i knew any show with HIM would suck big tine!!!!!!!!!

    1. I feel like it could have been an awesome show--cop/murder mystery series, but darker and almost horror movie-ish--if KB was not in it... They should have cast Lance Henriksen instead!!

  9. I just found black mold around the window sill in my baby's nursery. NOT COOL. I totally lost my mind and flipped on the land lord- who had been told repeatedly about the leaking windows.

  10. Like a Dalek (... if it could turn into a cat) ? That's terrifying!!

    Sweet baby Jesus!! Black mould! (sorry, I'm commenting as I read lol) That shit is growing inside my walls. i wouldn't know but the paint has completely peeled off the drywall in my room in a big patch right above my bed. Don't worry I've heard it's good for healing the bed in which my tonsils once lay, as well as dry respiratory systems and persistent nose bleeds. Peri's right. You should go to the doctor. Seriously... a black tongue? I would have cried if I saw that on my tongue. Even if there's nothing wrong with you, better safe than sorry.

    Hope you find some sunshine ... actually. if you email me your address (which I know I had at one point but can't seem to find now) I will try to find something Flin Flon-esque to make you smile, and send it to you.

    XOXO Nessa

  11. Oh my god, that mold shit is scary. I REALLY hope you're okay! It would have shocked the hell out of me to see my tongue was black! I really hope you don't die :/

    And winter is SHIT. I know that on top of you feeling so ill and tired, the weather can't be helping with the depression. We all need spring so bad. Honestly though, I can not blame you at all for how shitty you feel, but someone in Wisconsin LOVES YOU<3

  12. Oh god. I had a ton of black mold in my bathroom under the sink for a while too.

    Not a good surprise...

  13. HEY GENIUS maybe the black mold has lodged itself in your brain and is CAUSING the being unhappy all the time.

    If you won't go to the doctor, at least try some alternative hippie treatments?

  14. oh and also since DEE has decided not to tour anywhere near where I live, I'm moving into your house for the weekend he's in NYC and Philly, Kk??

    1. seriously those shows coming up in April are the only thing keeping me going at the mo'.....

  15. Ooh, thays scary, babe. I have a horrific fear of black mold. Throw that bitch OUT! And see a doc for the black tongue, kpleasethnx.


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