Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm gonna dance this town to ruins

Obsessive compulsion is not strictly limited to things like washing your hands until they bleed or having to flush a toilet a certain number of times per day (a roommate in college had a father with severe OCD, who had to flush a toilet a certain number of times per day and would thus stay up late flushing the toilet over and over and over again to meet his quota, and the bathroom was on the other side of the wall to roommate's bedroom).

I get random ideas in my head and I must follow them. Weird little fixations that can border on the absurd, but once I get that idea in my head, I MUST follow it to its conclusion.

For example, yesterday I came to the realization that I would like a potted plant in my apartment.

I feel like for normal people, the desire to obtain a house plant would not turn into an epic tale of driving 50 miles in one day and having panic attacks over the possibility of going home without a plant.

For me, it began with a deafening thought of I MUST ACQUIRE A PLANT.

I tried incorporating this into my actual, reasonable errands. Went to Home Depot to get some stuffs to re-insulate the front door and some of the windows, and I got some foamy gap filler stuff for the bathroom.

Home Depot had no plants that struck my fancy. Neither did Wal-Mart's garden section. Or Shop Rite.

During this time, while I had not yet succeeded in the realm of plants, I did acquire the following:
- cat food
- a catnip toy for the kiikiiiiiis (my Kindle autocorrects "kiikiiiiis" to "mountainous" someone please explain that to me)
- insulation stuffs (foam and tape), and some chemical gap sealer thing in a can
- Hair spray
- Tupperware (idk it made sense at the time)
- a case of beer

My last stop was Stop & Shop, where I GOT A PLANT.

It's dying already.

And I have discovered that there is a very nice florist and plant shop literally a 2-minute walk from my house.

You know how sometimes you find a song you can't stop playing over and over and over and over and over and over??

also that show is really really good, and the opening titles are a work of art


  1. I gave up on house plants and gold fish long ago.

  2. Oh my god, I can so relate to this. My mum always used to say I'd get "a bee in my bonnet". If I decided I wanted to paint my room, I *had* to go buy paint and get started that day. If I need fabric or something and there's none in stock at my local store, I can't just order it online, I* need* to travel an hour or two to a shop that does have it in stock so I can have it that day. It's bonkers.
    Beautiful plant, by the way :) You chose well.

  3. Replies
    1. lol I did, I just thought it might like some bright sun to perk it up, for the few hours it actually wasn't that cold today and the sun was almost out...

  4. I totally relate to this, you have no idea!!! lol

  5. If only you could control what ideas get in your head. Productivity would skyrocket.

  6. When I had a roommate, at the start we agreed that he'd do the cooking and I'd look after the plants and pets. That first day I had him cook a lovely plant and pet casserole. Needless to say, you're already doing better than me on the botanical front.

  7. Hyacinth! That smell sends me to a happy place. I would not have thought hyacinths were THAT delicate, but many many plants will get damaged just bringing them store to car and car to home without protection from the cold. At least wrap in a plastic bag for transport, and don't leave outside at all (plants that are not used to direct sunlight get burned, same as people).

  8. My nephew has this sort of OCD. Mine was hand washing and so on. My nephew gets fixated on something and if he doesn't get it, he can get really worked up and anxious about it.

  9. how many times has one of your friends been unfortunate enough to be stuck with you when you get struck with these ocd missions? I bet that's twice as hilarious.

  10. That opening is absolutely amazing...I will probably have to start watching the show now! That has happened several times, starting with "Hill Street Blues"...see how old I am!?

    I have the Obsessions...horrible!!!!!!!

    Love you!


    I hope you can manage to keep it alive after the epic quest to get it ^.^;


  12. I love True Detective.

    I can relate to this post because well, I'm a recovering addict. Once an idea is in my head, it can take some serious undoing to get it back out or to move along to something else. I literally talk to myself at times to stop whatever is bugging me. You're not alone, my friend!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge
    co-host IWSG

  13. I have the "normal" behaviours like things must always be in their right spot, measuring cups must always be stacked when in the drawer" etc but I also have some crazy ones e.g. I have a very particular way in which I extract eggs from the carton. I have thrown out egg cartons before (with perfectly good eggs in them) because Dutchman didn't get the breakfast eggs out in the right order...

    I killed my plants so I won't bother getting new ones, but I hope yours survive! xo

  14. I loooooved True Detective. So sad it's over.

    Good luck keeping your hyacinth alive. I always think it'd be nice to have plants but am quite certain I'd kill it. My thumb is black.

  15. I relate to this so much, I can't even being to tell you.


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