Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What? First you smash it, then you cut the head off.

This past week, the mice have made an appearance in my apartment. I knew they lived in the walls and the vents, but before now they always stayed out of the actual living space. I presumed this was because they have common sense enough to realize that 2 cats probably = death.

Saturday morning, Ivy began her usual ritual of playing fetch while I tried to do my makeup. I had gotten into a rhythm of pick up the toy, throw it, continue with makeup, hear Ivy making weird noises, pick up the toy, throw it, etc. etc., and so I almost picked up the dead mouse and threw it. Thankfully, I was paying just enough attention to realize that instead of the piece of plastic from the milk carton, Ivy had brought me a dead animal.

She sat there looking very proud of herself, as if I would actually believe for a second that she was the one who killed it and not Harleyquinn.

I disposed of the mouse, figuring it just got unlucky and wandered out of its usual route from one end of the house to the other, accidentally running into my cat instead.

Then last night, there was another mouse.

I heard Harley and Ivy stampeding into the bedroom while I was booting up the computer to watch TV.

Then I heard something squeak.

Harleyquinn was in full murder mode, in hot pursuit of a mouse. Ivy was trying to imitate her, but kept getting distracted by the cat toys on the floor. Harley chased the mouse into the closet and lost it.

I keep a lot of crap in the closet, and I really didn't want a mouse getting lost and possibly dying in it, so I decided to intervene. Harley attempted to stay involved, staking out the closet and waiting to pounce. Ivy was just confused. 

I removed stuff from the closet one thing at a time until

The mouse ran straight past BOTH cats.

The cats continued to stake out the closet. For hours. When I shut the door, Harley tried to beat it down, so I had to open it again.

They are still convinced that the mouse is in the closet.


  1. I have just lost a bit of the respect I once gave to cats!

  2. Hahahaha I like this a lot!! My cat brought me a dead mouse last week and my dog ate half of it. I won't go into how ill he was but it wasn't a nice evening for anyone. Except the cat, who thought it was hilarious x

  3. Ha, ha, thank you sooooo much, Mich. This post is the best thing that has happened to me in DAYS!!!!!!

    Love your drawings and your kitties and you!!!

  4. God, that could be Scrappy, with the cats running by...

  5. Count yourself lucky. Pip has brought several onto my bed whilst still very much alive. Yes, madam, tis an American Elm sprig tattooed on my ankle :)

  6. Dralion does the SAME FUCKING THING when I trap a mouse to murder it for her (Lazy bitch. Or is this a team-bonding exercise/help the humans learn to hunt thing?). So long as she can smell the mouse wherever it was last she will stake the area out and meow when she gets impatient.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the mail situation. I'll send thoughts of gentle warm snow-melting breezes :p

  7. So, it must know Jedi Mouse Mind Tricks.

  8. the cat let me down. :( ha, what a quirky story!


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