Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love is a burning thing.

BrianSlade the office dog was acting energetic today. Normally he just sleeps, or sneaks up behind me to beg for dog biscuits. I never hear him, I just get a whiff of dog and dog-breath (WHICH ARE BOTH THE MOST DISGUSTING SMELLS EVER BTW), and then turn to see him standing there, a foot away from my chair.

And then he starts chattering his teeth like he's trying out for Hellraiser.

Today though, he started frapping.

But like most dogs, BrianSlade is not very intelligent. Which inevitably leads to

He thinks he's a lot smaller, apparently. The poor dog is constantly walking into things, and bashing his face on walls and furniture when he turns his head.

So, these exist:

I'm tempted to buy them, but I know I'll eat the entire box in one sitting, so I must resist...

Remember when I first moved into my hobbit hole, I talked about my absolutely freaking gorgeous neighbour upstairs

Guess what

He's single now


He's also in a band (second from left, in the hat).

I hung out with him upstairs the other night.



Ok so maybe you guys can help me out with this because my bff M. and his theatrics have got me over-analyzing it to the point of mental illness.

So Thanksgiving night I got home at like 8.00. While I was fumbling with my keys because I forgot to leave an outside light on, delicious neighbour scared the crap out of me (which is nearly impossible; I am ashamed) when he came hurrying down to my door to apologize for his uncle parking in the spot next to mine.

His uncle moved in a couple weeks ago, and usually parks up the other side of the house. There are four parking spaces, two for me and two for them, but none of us really bother with worrying about whose spot is whose. Neighbour's uncle (as well as other friends and relatives) have parked in that spot many times before.

But neighbour came to apologize anyway, even though he has to know full well by now that I hardly ever have visitors.

And then he casually mentions that he and his girlfriend broke up.

(Which was awful, because I had to try really REALLY effing hard to act sympathetic while fireworks and flaming rainbows were dancing around in my head.)

And then he said I should come upstairs and hang out sometimes.

M. believes that delicious neighbour orchestrated this on purpose. I'm not so sure. I mean yeah that is totally something I would do, but I'm a girl. Idk how guys operate. :/

BUT I intend to pursue this. Potential awkward living situation be damned!


  1. lol Brian Slade

    NOOOOO Mich don;t do it he's a ginger!!!!! WOW is he cute though... But NO he's still a ginger

    My guess is he def used the car as an excuse to go talk to you. Youre probs the reason he broke up with his ex in the first place ;)

  2. "...delicious neighbour scared the crap out of me."
    I don't know. THAT may smell worse than dog breath.
    Unless he's licking his butt.
    Which they are wont to do.

  3. He was probably just waiting around at 8:00 because he was sooo concerned about the parking situation...yeah, that's it.

  4. well, it does sound like he was waiting for you, haha! i think you should definitely hang out sometimes ;) and there is nothing wrong with gingers btw! ^ haha x

  5. What more do you want? For the guy to unzip himself in front of you?

    Guys definitely drop things like, "So I broke up with my girlfriend" if they're interested. Believe me, that's not something I'd ever tell to a girl that I found unattractive and had no interest in pursuing.

  6. He's adorable! Annnd a ginger! Go for it, Mich! (My sweet and very handsome Dr. is a ginger and he has 3 ginger boys...all very cute).

    Love that you have your Christmas banner up!

    Definately sounds like he is interested! ;)

  7. This is so adorable Mich! I hope that you and the neighbour hook up big time. I'm sorry that this comment is ridiculously blunt but I've felt this surge of unbelievable sickness and only the fact that this is your blog and that there's no way I'm missing commenting or reading a post of yours kept me going, others will have to go unread, hope things are good.

  8. He's interested. Get stuck in.

  9. Ermagerd! He's really yum! Yeah, he's definitely interested. No guy goes out of his way to talk to a girl unless he's interested. Get him! Lol.

  10. Hah, he's so obviously grooming you to be his next girlfriend. Or his next lay. Better find out which!

  11. Hahaha. I'd normally advise against doing something like this.

    But I know that if my ex and her boyfriend broke up and I was suddenly "invited" to her place, I'd be all over that.

  12. Oh hello! I agree with the above, as long as you don't have a penis attached then who the f** knows! I'm a silly romantic at heart so had you told me this in person I would have probably jumped for joy, made for the confetti and started planning your nuptials. Jokes. Or not. Probably not LOL! Seriously though, it kind of sounds a little suss, considering it's just normal practice to park there and all. There's no said rules about who parks where and stuff so for him to come down and just had to explain and apologise, well... And the mention of no GF. Ok that's weird. Maybe it's innocent and shit, maybe not. Only way tp find out and that is to go upstairs, hang out and have an awesome time. All in the name of investigation hehehe! So put on your Sherlock hat ie push up bra and make for them stairs! :p


  13. Dog, go home. You're drunk.

    Fruit gummies with a unicorn on the box? WHY DO YOU GUYS GET THE BEST LOLLIES?!?

    That does prick my ears a little, yes. SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR!! *Goes to make popcorn* I shall be watching this with interest.



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