Friday, December 27, 2013

They tried sodium amytal on him three years ago trying to find out where he buried a Princeton student. He gave them a recipe for dip.

Just a quick post to let y'all know I'm still here and ok, 'cause I got a couple emails inquiring as to my well-being. 

Not much to report. Christmas was not nearly as exciting as last year

Got some excellent booty from Mum Santa.

Mum and Lil Sis, in their attempts to drag me into the 21st century, also surprised me with a Kindle Fire, the screen of which I have been compulsively cleaning ever since. (And also re-reading Red Dragon).

 I feel like my old college roommate when he got his Mac laptop--he rarely let anyone touch it, and if you were allowed to touch it, you had to go wash your hands first with the most dehydrating soap that we had in the bathroom.

Pretty sure I also gained back all the weight I may have lost the last month or so, as I have been compulsively over-eating since Tuesday. ...A good thing?

Hope the rest of you had a lovely Christmas!

::slithers back into corner to polish kindle::


  1. Haha. i get like that with new electronics too... in fact, i'm still like that with my ipod, which i got 6 years ago. pretty sad, huh? but it should make you feel better about your kindle polishing.

  2. A few extra pounds is a good thing, I may have a bit of excess.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Well, if you said you got booty from Mum, that would be disturbing, indeed.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Whatever Kwanzaa.

  4. Oh, one other thing which rattled around the cobwebs of what I call a brain. Amazing what proper capitalization can do. Consider the significant difference between "polish kindle" and "Polish kindle."

  5. And gaining weight bothers me not because 1. Extra weight makes me self-conscious (a concern when I was a young man) or 2. Being overweight is unhealthy (a concern of adulthood when I had young kids). Now, I just don't want to buy new clothes.
    In an unrelated vein, I REALLY should consider consolidating all my comments into one, instead of three.

  6. "I feel like my old college roommate when he got his Mac laptop--he rarely let anyone touch it, and if you were allowed to touch it, you had to go wash your hands first with the most dehydrating soap that we had in the bathroom." i love this dude
    i hope you've enjoyed all your food, my dear! food wins all x
    i hope you're enjoying your yum kindle yum delicious delish

    -Sam Lupin

  7. I was like that with my tablet. I wish I knew where it was. I should probably look for it more seriously. It's good to hear you're overeating actually. Just make sure you stop at the right time and regulate yourself again.

  8. merry christmas mich!
    haha i am always the same with my things, especially my phone and laptop. no one in my house is allowed to use/touch my laptop in particular because i'm just so afraid of them breaking it/making it dirty/scratching it, etc. anyway hope you're having a lovely christmas break x

  9. i do hope you are okay Mich, as i think of you as the Best friend "Bestie" i have never met. Seriously, i think about you so much and want you to be happy, please try to be okay for me, okay?

    Love you bunches, tracy

  10. I bummed my bro's original Kindle off him when he upgraded - it is not backlit and makes my screwy eyes that don't like backlit screens VERY happy. And I can take a truckload of books with me when I travel *cackle*

    I hear ya on the compulsive eating. I have Issues with Christmas cookies but there has been insane cooking and family stressy and... well, it's bad. My script is up if you don't think it would be troubling to read.

    The compulsive eating isn't emotionally healthy, but you're probably replenishing nutrition your body has been sorely missing lately. Try not to be rough on yourself over it.

  11. And......i am trying to write on an absurdly SLOW STUPID computer, so, anyway, i want you to know i think about you all the time and hope you are okay and anytime "Amy" on" Big Bang" says "Bestie", i think of you....annnnnnnnnd , when is "Coven coming back? Sheesh....... be well, my dear.

  12. I'm going to draw you as Smaug sitting on a pile of kindles.

    Because I bloody well can.


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