Wednesday, November 27, 2013

excuse me while I go burn my bra

The holidays are upon on us, and you know what that means!

And endless stream of mothereffing gift baskets and boxes of junk food.

This is officially the first of the season, it arrived today. So you can fully appreciate its size, here's a pic of the box with my hand in it:

That there, my friends, is a 20-minute decision-making process every time you want a piece of chocolate.

Nasimiyu posted a link to this article a few days ago, and even though I knew I shouldn't because it would just make me angry, I started browsing through the rest of that website. Everything they post is in a similar vein, with them hiding behind "oh we didn't mean it, it's satire, we're just being funny" whenever people get pissed off.

(I apologize in advance for the swearing.)

Now I am probably not what anyone would call a Feminist, mostly because I am too lazy to properly care. I believe in equality between the sexes, but I also do acknowledge that ladies are very different from gentlemen.

....not that anyone on is a gentleman, but that's besides the point...

......also it really REALLY pisses me off that they have called their site "Return of Kings," because that makes me think of The Return of the King, and NO FRACKING WAY IN HELL should any of the douchebags responsible for that website EVER try to have anything in common with Aragorn. Because they don't. So from this point on, I shall re-name them Remaining Men Together.

....ok getting back to these idiots over at remaining men together dot com....

Women are different than men. Biologically speaking, we are hard-wired to play the mother/nurturer while the lads do the hunting/protecting thing. Does that mean that all women should become Susie-homemakers? Hell no. That's the beauty of the society we live in. While it is far from perfect, most of us do have a choice in what we want to do with our lives.

And then you get cretins like these people.

Let's take a closer look at this massive work of bullshit.

click to embiggen if the writing is too small

Or the list of things women shouldn't be allowed to do.

Or this article about how we all secretly love "pretend" rape.

Or this one, a How-To guide for guys who want to turn themselves and their friends into walking talking septic tanks of venereal disease. 

I believe in freedom of speech, and what better place to exercise that than the internet? But I do not believe in this level of stupidity. There is nothing wrong with being a man, and enjoying your manliness to the fullest. (Please do, because I also very much enjoy manliness.) But the standards these idiots are supporting make the lives of women in the Old Testament look like a fucking picnic. With pony rides and prizes.

uughhh I can't even talk about this anymore.

Let's look at my cats instead.

Harley and Ivy are not amused.


  1. wow thats a lot of chocolate

    HOLY CRAP are those guys for real? LOL remaining men together I got that ;D

    If those women are fat, then I am morbidly obese.

    oh yeah I totes love getting my hair pulled and my face smashed into the mattress thanks guys

    awww kitties


  2. I am against the feminization of American men, but I don't think it is really a very big issue. This is just a big Little Rascals "Heman woman's hater club" They are in a minority and much of this is tongue in cheek, don't let it upset you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Oh, and anyone of those "fat" ladies would float my boat!! Especially Candice Joy...I'm just sayin!

    1. Isn't tongue in cheek physically impossible? Unless you had a friend. Then it's another thing altogether. ;-)

  3. I am seriously impressed with that box of chocolates Mich, I wouldn't know where to start! I hope that you have a great holiday season. The guys on the Return of the "Kings" blog are absolute morons, the worst is that it's okay for men to sleep around, that is the biggest load of nonsense I have ever read.

  4. Men are different? Well, that explains a lot of things.
    On behalf of my gender, I apologize. We're not all like that.

  5. I don't see how sleeping around promotes family values, but there you go!

    Anyway, when are you going to share those chocolates?

  6. I want the chocolates. However, I do not want to go to the link. If I did, I'd be so pissed I'd eat the whole box at one sitting.

  7. What a lovely pair of kitties! Good job on the macho-man website, BTW. It should be renamed 'Return of the Retards with Small Penises".

  8. Tongue in cheek? Sarcasm? Satire? Don't be so sensitive, eh?

    Here's the problem: if you are a decent human being, where do you get the idea to degrade other human beings for amusement? How is it funny if it isn't also truth to you?

  9. Oh. My. God. It makes me think of the Little Rascals "He-Man Woman Haters Club". But waaay less cute and funny. Don't burn your bra; burn their clubhouse.

  10. We have those boxes of chocolate at work. They're fucking massive, I have no idea how they fit them on the aisle ends!

    MRAs always drive me right up the wall. Incoherent frothing rage like you wouldn't believe.

    Ah, biology-based sexism. Nothing funnier to make me coffee-spit in the mornings. (You should see some of the neurology-based sexism making the rounds. I'm not sure whether to facedesk or laugh)

    There is a difference between free speech and hate speech, and these guys are only staying online because they are pulling that 'it's all a joke' nonsense. The whole website is hate speech, through and through.


  11. Hahahaha! After seeing the female-equivalent of these guys for so long it's nice to know that there are the male versions mucking about right along side them.

    And trust me, there are women that are just as bad as these guys, I've seen what Tumblr holds.


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